How to Export Contacts From Yahoo Mail?

Peter William
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As a powerful mail system, Yahoo becomes an important part of our life. A number of contacts have been added in Yahoo, so you can contact your friends and colleagues more conveniently. Meanwhile, Yahoo mail offers easy to use tools to import and export Yahoo contacts, which will further help you to manage Yahoo contacts. In this article, we are going to tell how to export contacts from Yahoo, also a contact management software will be recommended.

How to Export Contacts in Yahoo Mail?

To backup Yahoo contacts for transferring them into another email service, you can export contacts from Yahoo mail to CSV file. The steps to export contacts from Yahoo are so easy. You can finish them within few clicks. Now let’s check the steps on how to export Yahoo contacts.

  1. Log in to Yahoo account and click contact icon on the upper left corner.How to Export Contacts in Yahoo Mail Step 1
  2. The list of Yahoo contacts will be displayed on the second panel. Click the Actions menu to the right of New Contact, and choose Export.How to Export Contacts in Yahoo Mail Step 2
  3. A new Export contacts window will pop up. Select Yahoo CSV from the list and Click Export Now button to start exporting Yahoo contacts.How to Export Contacts in Yahoo Mail Step 3
  4. Save the exported Yahoo contacts to a suitable location.

Is Exporting Contacts from Yahoo Mail Directly a Perfect Solution?

Actually, exporting contacts from Yahoo mail can only meet your basic needs. There are also many other needs we should think of.

  1. How to manage and group the exported Yahoo contacts?
  2. How to find and fix the errors of contacts?
  3. How to do if you want to export Facebook, Twitter, Outlook, Gmail, etc. contacts as well?
  4. Could the output formats be selectable? I mean if you need the exported contacts to be vCard, Excel, TXT, HTML, Numbers, etc. formats.
  5. How to print the exported Yahoo contacts?

All of these requirements can be solved with one full-featured program- Cisdem ContactsMate for Mac.

How to Export Yahoo Contacts on Mac via Cisdem ContactsMate?

As stated above, Cisdem Contact Management Software owns very formidable functions. It allows you to import, export & sync contacts on Mac. And you can organize, edit, tag, find and delete the contacts in the program like a cork. Next, we will show you how to export Yahoo contacts with the contact manager.

  1. Download the free trial of Cisdem ContactsMate on your Mac. 

Free Download

  1. Install and launch it, you will see the main interface.
  2. There are four buttons on the top. Click the second one to add Yahoo account.Export Yahoo Contacts on Mac via Cisdem ContactsMate Step 3
  3. Internet Accounts Window will pop out. Scroll down to find Yahoo icon and click it.Export Yahoo Contacts on Mac via Cisdem ContactsMate Step 4
  4. Sign in Yahoo account and enable contacts option. Your Yahoo contacts will be synced to the program. If they don’t, logout and login ContactsMate again.
  5. Back to the main interface. Then choose the Yahoo contacts and export them to your local file system.Export Yahoo Contacts on Mac via Cisdem ContactsMate Step 6


Obviously, exporting contacts in Yahoo is a straightforward process. But if you are a businessman or someone who likes making lots of friends, then you need a piece of contact management software for easily and systematically organizing your contacts. Picking the right contact manger is going to be a very subjective exercise.

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