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How to Convert PDF to PNG on Mac with High Resolution?

A lot of times we need a couple images in the PDF document rather than an entire file. Or you just want to convert PDF to PNG, or other image formats for other purpose. For many people, it is not easy since they may don’t know how to convert PDF to image on mac in batch while still preserve the orginal image resolution. This article will recommend several online and offline PDF to Image converters for Mac users, also provides the details about how to convert PDF to PNG or other image formats on mac, like PDF to Tiff, PDF to JPG/BMPGIF clearly.

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There are 5 commonly used image formats created for different purposes: PNG, TIFF, JPEG, BMP, GIF. They are different from each other and let's find out which type should be used under different occasions.

5 popular image formats

JPEG(Joint Photographic Experts Group)
The most popular image format attributing to its web-friendly file size. This is because JPEG use a lossy compression to save image, that is to say, JPEG discard most of its information to keep the file smaller.

GIF(Graphics Interchange Format)
The most suitable for graphics, diagrams, cartoons and logos with fewer colors. That is why GIF is often used for animation effects. GIF compresses images either reducing its colors or replacing multiple patterns into one. That is to say, no matter how many red colors contained in the image, GIF saves it with only one red color.

PNG(Portable Network Graphics)
Another web-friendly image format with a shinning feature supporting 8 bit transparency. It is a more advanced version of GIF, which can save the color information more efficiently than GIF.

The image format created by Microsoft and works as the default format to set a wallpaper in Windows. It is quite rich in color, high in quality, which adversely leads to its large file size. 

TIFF(Tagged Image File Format)
The most widely used industry-standard image format. It is usually uncompressed for further manipulations in extensive photo editing software, which make the file size quite bigger than other formats.

You maybe still confused about the difference between them, here I put these photos in different image formats for you to have a comparative look on them. For the reason when files in their original file size, the difference is not so obvious, so I zoom in 300% for you to have a closer look.

comparison between different image formats

Convert PDF to PNG on Mac Preview

Mac users all know that PDF files can be opened in Apple Preview. Surely, it also can convert PDF to PNG/TIFF, or other image formats on mac.

  1. Open your PDF file in Preview. Please note: Preview will export only the current page.convert pdf to png with preview 01
  2. Export the page. Select "Export..." in the File menu.convert pdf to png on mac with preview 02
  3. Choose the image format you want, including JPEG, JPEG-2000, PNG, TIFF.convert pdf to png with preview 03

Recommended Way to Convert PDF to PNG (or Other Image Formats) on Mac with High Resolution

In terms of conversion quality and versatility in function, I will recommend Cisdem PDF Converter for Mac for Mac users, which is one of the better-known PDF file conversion programs. It can batch convert PDF documents into best quality images including PNG, TIFF, GIF JPEG and BMP. It also worth to mention that Cisdem PDFConverter also supports converting PDF files to Microsoft Word(.docx), PowerPoint(.pptx), ePub, RTFD, Text, HTML, Keynote, Pages, etc. Even, if you want to save image or other documents as PDF, this mac application can make it. You are allowed to create PDF files with its built-in "Creator" and to protect or reduce PDF file size if necessary.

Here we take PDF to PNG conversion on mac as an example.

  1. Download Cisdem PDFConverter for Mac and launch it on your Mac.
    Cisdem PDF Converter offers a free trial, you can check the performance and decide if it is worth a purchase.install cisdem pdf converter to convert pdf to png on mac
  2. Open your PDF file on this PDF Converter for mac for PDF to PNG Mac Conversion.
    Go to "Converter", directly drag-and-drop PDF files to the program. And it supports to add multiple PDF files. If you are working on encrypted PDF, enter the password or unlock pdf on mac first.convert pdf to png mac 01
  3. Customize the PDF to PNG conversion on mac.
    Choose the output format as PNG under the image format you want. You can convert whole or partial PDF file into PNG by specifing the page range. For batch PDF to PNG conversion, press "Shift" when select files for conversion.convert pdf to png mac 02
  4. Start to PDF to PNG mac conversion with high resolution kept.
    Click "Convert" to change PDF to PNG on mac instantly and clearly.The status bar will indicate a successful PDF to PNG conversion.

Free Methods to Convert PDF to PNG (or Other Image Formats) on Mac

When you input “convert PDF to image” in Google Search Bar, you will get many online PDF conversion services. For those who just have a small number of PDF files needing to be converted or users rarely use PDF conversion, online PDF to image converter enough to meet their requirements. But if you get large PDFs and work with PDFs on a regular basis, online tools are not the best choice since online converters generally have a size limit on the file, and quite feature limited. 

There are two online converters with relatively decent conversion effects for Mac users, users can choose according to their demands. 

1. PDF Converter

PDF converter is totally free and it can convert PDF to PNG or TIFF(or other image formats) on mac.

  1. Use the "Select files..." button to locate the PDF document file on your Mac
  2. Import your email address to receive converted PDF files
  3. Choose the image format you want, let's say PNG if you want to convert PDF to PNG on mac
  4. Click the "Convert" button and the PDF to PNG conversion is done on your mac, you just need to download the PNG files.


ZAMZAR is also a free PDF file conversion, about 15 image formats are provided by it, including JPG, JPEG, PNG, GIF, DWG, PSD, etc.

  1. Upload PDF file for PDF to PNG conversion on mac (up to 100 MB)
  2. Choose the format as PNG if you want to convert pdf to png on mac
  3. Enter your email address to receive converted PNG files
  4. Convert. You will get the PNG file once the PDF to PNG conversion is finished on your mac

Attention: Sensitive Files are Not Recommended Uploaded for Conversion Due to Potential Risk of Information Leakage. 


In most cases, we have many choices to trouble shooting but waste too much time on finding out the one most suitable for us. Yet, it can be easy because getting you an expert is always a right way out. So, what’s your best PDF converter for mac to perform such a PDF to PNG, or to other image formats conversion on mac?

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