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How to Create DVD on Mac without iDVD?

How to create a video to DVD on Macs? Macs with optical drive makes it possible for us to burn CDs and DVDs with its great DVD creator software - iDVD. But iDVD was no longer pre-installed on Macs shipping since with 10.7 Lion, and never be available on the Mac App Store with all of the other iLife apps. It was a pity that we don't have a iDVD such an outstanding Mac DVD creator to help us create DVD on mac any more.

“How to make a DVD from the movie project I made using IMOVIE? It says that I need to use IDVD. But after rendering the file, it asks me where is the iDVD application? I don't have it on my IMAC. please help”- from

Apple no longer supplies iDVD with new Macs, but those who are the iDVD fans can go to buy the copy of the iLife is in the sale on Amazon, Ebay. But If you have a new Mac with latest OS version, I advise you to purchase a more professional third-party DVD burner for Mac to help you create DVD on mac without iDVD easily.

This article will introduce free and paid DVD creator Mac to create DVD on Mac. You would also gain new knowledge of Mac built-in free DVD creator tools.

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Most Efficient Way to Create DVD on Mac without iDVD

1. Cisdem DVD Burner

I want to recommend Cisdem DVD Burner as the best DVD creator Mac software, it has been one popular and reputed DVD creator Mac, and it can help you create video on Mac with 16x faster speed than others. You are able to edit and beauty videos, preset DVD output quality, and customize DVD menu for better playing navigation just as what iDVD can do.

What’s more, any popular SD and HD video format you would meet is supported with this professional DVD maker for Mac. If you have one such stable DVD video creator on your Mac, you can get rid of iDVD totally.

1. Launch the downloaded app, you will see a intuitive interface.
2. Click the "" or "" to import videos in batch.
3. Edit and beauty video as you like, crop the video image size, create visual effects, add watermark, rotate, etc.

4. Make DVD menu with free templates, backgrounds, play button, title the video name under the video thumbnail in various color and fonts, music.
5. Preview the video for a check.
6. Click “Burn” to create DVD video on Mac without iDVD yet with fast speed and high video quality.

System Requirement:

2. Express Burn

Express Burn is to help you burn audio, MP3, Data to CDs, DVDs or Blu-ray, and you can also take advantage of is its ability to burn ISO images. NCH Express is a bit too pricey for what we get. And the installer tries to get you to install a lot of other irrelevant things such as toolbars. Express Burn has intuitive interface, and supports most of the formats, even HD videos like MKV to DVD, once you open it on Mac, you can easily know how to use it. But I used it yesterday, the loading speed is too slow and a little time-consuming. And this DVD creator for Mac can’t make DVD menu and edit video as what I expected most.

  1. Download and Launch this DVD creator for Mac, a window pops up for you to choose what to burn.
  2. Add video files in batch to this DVD video creator.
  3. Double-click the loaded videos for preview.
  4. Output parameter setting is limited, but you can still set some video bitrate, and standard TV.
  5. Insert a blank Disc, and click "Burn Video DVD".

System Requirements

  • Works on Windows XP, Vista, 7, 8, 8.1 and 10
  • Mac OS X 10.4 or later
  • Disc drive which supports recording
  • Download the free version here. (This free version is available for non-commercial use only, and does not expire but will only burn normal CDs.)
  • Commercial version price: $99

Built-in Free DVD Creator for Mac---Finder/iTunes

1. Finder

You may never expect that Finder can create CDs and DVDs. The Finder is the default file manager and graphical user interface shell used on all Macintosh operating systems. Besides, it is also a simple free DVD creator for Mac users, lets you create DVD on Mac without iDVD. I would like to make the burning steps as simplest and possible as following.

  1. Open iTunes, and download or purchase your favorite movies or music videos.
  2. Insert a blank disc int to Mac optical drive.
  3. Click and choose the videos downloaded and go to the iTunes menu bar, choose File> Burn Playlist to Disc.

2. iTunes

As Apple Music streaming service, iTunes is an all-in-one home for music and video files. And enables you to download music, TV shows, movies, and more, manage your iOS devices as well as download content from the iTunes store and use Apple Music. It has another exciting feature, it can be as free DVD creator for Mac, to help create DVD/CD out of those iTunes videos downloaded without iDVD.

(Picture below is "burn music videos to CD")

  1. Open iTunes, and download or purchase your favorite movies or music videos.
  2. Insert a blank disc int to Mac optical drive.
  3. Click and choose the videos downloaded and go to the iTunes menu bar, choose File> Burn Playlist to Disc.

It can’t accept those video files not downloaded from iTunes. Videos are protected by DRM from being burned to DVD, if you want to burn those iTunes videos, you may have to download a third-party tool - Requiem or MyFairTunes to remove the DRM protection before burning firstly.


iTunes and Finder, as free dvd creator for Mac, have some limitations to create DVD on Mac, for example, we can’t do some polish on the video before burning. In order to make more handsome DVD video, I highly recommend you to download the free version of Cisdem DVD Burner for a try, it can cover all of the mentioned iDVD alternative softwares' shortcomings, like make DVD menu, edit DVD video, etc.

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