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Two Easy-to-Use Ways to Burn iTunes Movie to DVD on macOS Sierra

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"I have purchased several movies from iTunes. Since most of the times these movies are played on my APPLETV. However from time to time the children want to watch the movies in their room. I can not find any menu option that will allow me to burn purchased movies to a DVD."– From Apple Support Communities.

Can you burn a dvd from itunes? Maybe you come across the same perplex once you want to burn DVD from iTunes. Because all videos and audios purchased from iTunes Store are controlled by FairPlay, a digital rights management(DRM) technology, not allowed to be used on any non-Apple software or hardware.

Some iTunes videos are non-DRM, we can use third-party tool to burn. But how to burn a DVD from iTunes movies( DRM protected )? This article will tell you best way to burn iTunes Movie to DVD on 10.11 EL Captain.


A DRM Removal Application
DVD Burning Software

Tips: For those DRM protected iTunes movies, first of all, we have to resort to a professional tool to remove FairPlay from iTunes movies, songs and books. There are free and paid iTunes Video DRM removal apps. Find and download a DRM-removal application with system requirements that fit your computer. I would like to list three video DRM removal freewares:

Method 1: Use Third-party Software - Cisdem DVDBurner

This is a highly reputed DVD burner for Mac, it can let you easily and quickly burn iTunes movies into DVD. Come to download and open this iTunes to DVD converter software for free trial version. Below is the detailed guide on burning iTunes movies to DVD.

Step1: Load iTunes Movies ( Protected and Unprotected )

Click the “" > iTunes, and select movies from iTunes > Playlists, load them to this iTunes to DVD converter.

Step2: Edit iTunes Movies

Double click the movie, a decent window will pop up. You are able to edit iTunes movies for better looking, such as crop the video picture, create special effects from 10+ options, add watermark, rotate, add external subtitle in preferred language, etc.

Step 3: Customize DVD Menu

This iTunes to DVD converter enables you to design a DVD Menu with rich elements, free templates, backgrounds, video thumbnail frames, etc. When you burn several iTunes movies into on disc, it is very useful and convenient for you to navigate or skip between videos.

Step 4: Preset Output Parameters

Click “”, an output dialogue appears. You can choose DVD format, do some output parameter presettings for better output quality, like aspect ratio, burn speed, title DVD name, etc.

Step 5: Burn iTunes Movies to DVD Fast

And then click “OK”, and it leads you to enjoy fast burning speed. What’s more, DVD burner Mac will promise you a zero-loss DVD video quality.


Method 2: Burn Video to Disc with iTunes

Step 1: Choose iTunes Moives from the Playlists on the iTunes

Insert a blank disc, and select the purchased iTunes Moives on the iTunes. The “Burn Disc” button appears in the lower-right corner of the iTunes window whenever you select a playlist. Select the playlist and choose File > Burn Playlist to Disc.

Step 2: Set Output Parameters and Burn

Once you click “Burn Disc”, a Settings dialog pops up. You can preset preferred speed, disc format, and more. And Click "Burn". Burning takes several minutes.

Tips: If Burn Playlist to Disc doesn’t appear in the menu, the playlist you selected can’t be burned to a CD because it contains items with usage restrictions (for example, a song your computer isn’t authorized to play).

It might take several minutes to burn a disc. You can cancel the burn by clicking the Cancel button next to the progress bar, but if you’re using a CD-R or DVD-R disc, you won’t be able to use it again.

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