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How to Burn iMovie to DVD on Mac?

We usually use iMovie to browse, share, create new video with photos and clips, edit video for better refinements, enhance the visual looking with special effects. etc. How do you playback iMovie videos that you created by yourself? You can enjoy them on Apple TV by using the iMovie Theater for smaller videos or share the file through iTunes & Home Sharing. But I think if the iMovie videos are pretty important for you, I advise you to burn to DVD, which can bring much benefits to you, such as preserve your video works better, and support you to playback for many times on DVD player, Xbox, PS3, etc.

“Hi, I have just bought an iMac and have done a short video in iMovie. How to burn a dvd from imovie? I would appreciate any advice.”

The above question came from, I think there is much demanding on exporting iMovie project to disc. A DVD Burner for Mac may help you, Cisdem DVD Burner should be good one you can pay first attention. Since iDVD was no longer preinstalled on Macs shipping with OS X 10.7 Lion, and was not available on the Mac App Store with all of the other iLife apps, if your Mac doesn’t have iDVD or you feel it is a little complex to use iDVD, you’d better resort to a good third-party software as iDVD alternative. If your Mac comes with iDVD, you can directly export and burn iMovie videos to DVD in on go.

Never be bothered by how to export iMovie to DVD, just take a look at this article, you will find two popular yet efficient methods to burn DVD from iMovie.

How to Export and Burn iMovie to DVD on Mac Using iDVD?

This guide will help you export your movie from iMovie and burn to DVD using iDVD for playback on your home DVD player.

1. Export iMovie Videos from Videos to iDVD

Once finish the iMovie project, go to iMovie's top menu bar, and you can see the “Share”, and click it, a drop-down list will appear. Then choose iDVD. We have to wait for iDVD to open iMovie project, this progress may take a few minutes.

Attention: While export iMovie to iDVD, it works best with videos of less than 60 minutes.

2. Make DVD Menu

iDVD interface appears now, if you want to make DVD menu, please click the “Themes” button at the right bottom. Additonally, if you want to add more local videos together with your iMovie videos before burning iMovie to DVD, You can click “Media”.

3. Export iMovie to DVD

After all is finished, Insert a blank DVD into your Mac's CD-ROM/DVD drive, and then go to the iDVD Menu bar >File>Burn DVD.

Cons: “iDVD needs a lot of free hard drive space in order to buffer and burn a DVD. Remove absolutely all non essential data and files from your Mac so that you free-up some hard drive space. If that doesn't work, reduce the burning speed to 2x and if you're still having problems after that, you'll have to simply reduce the size of your iDVD project which may mean having to go into iMovie and re-edit it.” So, there are some bugs while burning large iMovie video with Idvd, for safety, make sure that your video size is no more than 1 hour.

How to Export and Burn iMovie to DVD on Mac via Cisdem DVD Burner?

In order to easily and successfully burn iMovie projects on Mac OS X 10.7+, I highly recommend DVD Burner for Mac as iDVD alternative. This iMovie to DVD burner meets you all needs of video editing, burning and DVD menu making, this iMovie to DVD burner can convert and burn videos to DVDs from almost any popular video like AVI, MPG, MPEG, MP4, WMV, MOV, MKV, FLV, etc. It comes with pretty intuitive interface, all functions are well organized and lead you burn DVD step by step, the respond speed is much brilliant and swift. And what’s more, it supports disc storage in DVD-5(4.7G), DVD-9(), whose storage is usually enough to contain your iMovie videos.

Download the free version of Cisdem DVD Burner for Mac

1. Export from iMovie as a Video File

Insert a blank disc to your Mac. Next, go to iMovie Menu bar, and click Share > Export Movie. It will pop up a output setting window, you can choose the terminal player, and save in HD format video, name it and save to a folder in Finder.

2. Load iMovie Video to Cisdem DVD Burner

It is very simple to load video files. Click icon to import iMovie video files from your folder saved just now on Finder to the program window.( Tips: is used to load videos from iTunes, Camera, Movies, UsrLib.)

3. Customize DVD Menu for Better Playing Navigation

Click “Menu” at the right bottom of the interface, the Menu designing window appears. Choose your favorite template, background, play button, stylish frame for video thumbnails. You can also add favorite songs as music backgrounds for menu, and title the best name by using various color, fonts, size for the videos on the template. Now, you can see your Menu gets much stylish and beautiful.

4. Burn iMovie Video to Disc

You can preview the works by clicking  to check it if goes within your requirements. And then click  to switch to DVD output window, which allows you to choose the DVD formats, and preset output parameters to enhance output quality (Aspect Ration, Burning Speed, TV Standards, etc.). Now you can click “OK” and start fast burning. It works fast, and just takes a while and brings you the best DVD video quality.

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