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2 Advanced Ways to Convert PDF to JPG on Mac Losslessly

We are all crazy about social media, spending lots of time to immerse ourselves in Twitter, Facebook, Instagram and so on.While, images cover a great part of our social media pages. Why? Because images are simple, we can get the information at a short glance; images are fascinating, adding entertaining elements to information obtaining; the most important is, images are web-friendly, especially those JPEG images, they are small in size which makes the circulation on internet easy and smooth.

While, the PDF files, the most frequently used format to save and share information, fill all aspects of our life. But it is not so web-friendly like JPEGs and cannot be previewed easily for a faster information filtering. So, very often, we need a PDF Converter for Mac to convert PDF to JPG on mac and post online or email, etc.

Knowledge about JPG and JPEG

What is JPEG?
JPEG, abbreviation of Joint Photographic Experts Group, is the most commonly used format among those image formats attributing to its high compatibility on Web. It is often used for colorful photos or images with various blends or gradients.

What is the difference between JPG and JPEG?
You may be also wondering why there is another extension JPG, which is so similar with JPEG. Actually, JPG and JPEG is the same thing. Back to those days Windows still dominates, Windows requires that all the files should come with a three letter file extension, so the Joint Photographic Experts Group, which should be originally abbreviated as "JPEG", was assigned with the extension of  ".jpg". However, there is no such a file extension limitations on Macintosh, Mac users took it as ".jpeg". Now such limitations on file extension disappear in Windows, ".jpeg" is also widely accepted. Both 2 terms ".jpg" ".jpeg", though essentially the same thing, coexist and become the most popular image format.

JPEG2000 is the new standard created by Joint Photographic Experts Group in the year of 2000 as the next generation of JPEG, designed to offer better compression performance with improved image quality. However, decades past, JPEG doesn't hit the mainstream as it was expected. The main reason seems to go to its entirely different format based on new code which causes lower compatibility and more memory to process. However, JPEG2000 has its own followers, also got support from many other sites or applications.

Convert PDF to JPG on Mac with Adobe

Users who deal with PDF files very often won’t be unfamiliar with Adobe. As the creator of PDF format, Adobe has launched a series powerful PDF tools and spread its regulation on expertise to manipulate PDF files. Now, I am going to show you how to convert PDF to JPG on mac using Adobe Arobat, basing on the fact that many of you using Adobe to edit a PDF on mac.

In Acrobat Pro, follow the steps below to change PDF to JPG on mac:

  1. Open the file with Adobe Acrobat Pro;
  2. Go to File>Export to>Image;
  3. Choose JPEG format, also you can choose to save as JPEG2000 as well.

convert pdf to jpeg/jpg with adobe acrobat

(If in Adobe Acrobat X, go to File>Save As>Image>JPEG)

In Acrobat DC, follow the steps to converter PDF to JPG on mac.

  1. Run Adobe Acrobat DC on your mac and open the PDF you want to convert to JPG.
  2. Go to Tools>Export PDF, and choose Image as the output.convert pdf to jpg on mac with adobe dc

Quite easy and convenient, but here are some points that may put you off to utilize Adobe Acrobat:

  • You cannot perform batch conversion;
  • The biggest problem is: though works well on most part of PDF files, there are still PDF files with images blurring, pixellated problems even loom large when zoom in.

So, if you want to convert PDF to JPG on mac without these annoying quality problems, a dedicated PDF Converter for Mac will be your best choice.

Batch Convert PDF to JPG on Mac Losslessly

Beside using Adobe, there is another advanced way to convert PDF to JPG on mac, which allows you to keep original file quality, batch convert, even export PDF as different commonly used formats.

Cisdem PDFConverter for Mac is a simple yet effective PDF Converter for Mac to batch convert PDF documents into best quality images including JPEG, PNG, TIFF, GIF and BMP. Not limited to image formats, Cisdem PDF Converter can also convert PDF to ePub, Microsoft Word(.docx), PowerPoint(.pptx), , RTFD, Text, HTML, Keynote, Pages, etc. and is incredibly easy to use. Even, if you want to save image or other documents to PDF, this program can create PDF files easily for you. Users are also allowed to add password, compress PDF file when they save other documents as PDF with this tool.

It can retain the image quality as the original, have a try to learn how to convert pdf to jpg on mac with high quality.

convert pdf to jpeg/jpg with cisdem

  1. Add PDF file for PDF to JPG conversion on mac.​
    Directly drag and drop PDF files to the program,this app allows you to add multiple PDF files to the program to save time.add files to pdf converter for mac pdf to jpg mac 01
  2. Set JPEG as output format.
    Choose to save as Image>JPEG, also you can choose to save in other image formats.Please select the page range to customize your PDF to JPG conversion on mac. If you want to save image or other files as PDF, go to "Creator".convert pdf to jpg on mac with cisdem 02
  3. Convert PDF to JPG on mac without quality loss.
    Click "Convert" to start pdf to jpg conversion, the status bar will inform you the conversion status, check the JPG file in output folder once the status bar indicate a sucessful conversion.

Other Tips on High Quality "PDF to Image Conversion

  1. Make sure the PDFs take clearer source images, once saved in JPEG format, do not repeat the work on editing and saving, each time you save it, more information will be discarded which will sacrifice the image quality.
  2. Save PDF as lossless graphics format such as TIFF, GIF, PNG, or a raw image format. Though it may take larger size and not compatible on Web like JPEG, it ensures a clear image.
To Convert Scanned PDFs into JPG or Other Image Formats on Mac
Cisdem PDF Converter OCR is a professional PDF OCR Software for Mac, allowing users to convert any PDFs, native or scanned, into 16 outputs, including Image formats, frequently used editable formats: Word, Excel, PowerPoint, HTML, ePub, Keynote, Txt, RTFD, with original file quality retained.
Free Download

Extended: If you want to convert PDF to JPG on mac for free

As you may have noticed, the advanced ways to convert PDF to JPG on Mac mentioned as above are professional paid PDF tools, and actually they deserve a commercial investment from users. But if you want to convert PDF to JPG on mac for free, basing on the fact that you don’t need to convert very often, nor work on confidential PDF files.

  1. Go to pdftoimage
  2. Choose the image format, JPG or PNG.
  3. Upload single or multiple PDF files into the online progam, you can upload up to 20 files at one time
  4. Once the PDF to JPG conversion is done, save the JPG files on your macconvert pdf to jpg on mac online


There are abundant solutions to convert PDF to JPG on mac, but if you want to retain high image quality, an advanced PDF Converter for Mac such as Cisdem or Adobe will be greatly helpful.

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