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How to Convert PDF to Pages on Mac, Least Time and Efforts Required?

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As the most easily accessible way to store and share information across different platforms, operating systems, digital devices, PDF format are used so frequently. While, according to Apple, Pages is the powerful word processor that lets you create documents that look beautiful and read beautifully, it becomes a more and more popular format for mac users to share the files across Apple devices. That is the reason makes PDF to Pages Conversion common.

And here you will find useful information to convert PDF to Pages:

The Most Efficient Way to Convert PDF to Pages

There are multiple ways to convert PDF to iWord Pages, but most of them are quite time and efforts consuming. Why? You may have noticed you can save Pages documents as Word files, or import and edit Word documents right in Pages. Pages support most popular Word features, which inspires users to export PDF to Word first, then save as an Pages file, it means 2 conversion, PDF to Word, then Word to Pages, which takes time and scarifies quality.

So, the best way to convert PDF to Pages with least time and efforts, while high quality retained, is using a powerful PDF Converter to perform the PDF-to-Pages conversion directly.

convert pdf to pages on mac main

Cisdem PDFConverter is absolutely the best choice. It is designed to convert PDF to editable iWork Pages quickly and preserves the original text, images, layouts, hyperlinks, tables, and graphics with high accuracy. After conversion, you can easily put these output documents into iPad and Mac for editing.

convert pdf to pages download icon

Cisdem PDFConverter also support to export your PDFs as other editablt formats, like Docx, PPTX, ePub, RTFD, Text, HTML, Keynote, even Images. Users are also allowed to convert the whole or partial pages of the file.

Follow the steps to convert PDF to Pages on Mac.

  1. Import Files to PDF Converter

Once you have installed and launched PDF on your mac, import PDFs into the program by drag&drop or clicking “+” icon, you can import up to 200 files for one time.

import files with pdf converter

  1. Adjust the Setting(Page Range, Output Format)

Click on the blank area of any imported PDF to select it, or hold “Shift” while selecting to choose multiple files for conversion. Also, fill the page range and set output format as Pages. If you need to preview the file to fill page range, please click on the PDF icon, the file will be opened with Preview.

convert pdf to pages mac with pdf converter preferences

  1. Convert PDF to Pages Instantly

Once all the files are selected, click “Convert” to start the conversion. Choose your output folder and check the Pages files once the status bar indicates the conversion finishes.

convert pdf to pages mac with cisdem pdf converter status

No worry on conversion quality, PDF Converter steals nothing from your file, all the information, layout, images, tables, formatting will be kept as your original file. That’s it, several clicks and wait for several seconds, you will get your PDF in Pages format, and you will be able to edit the Pages file on your iPad or Mac anytime, anywhere. 

download icon pdf converter          buy icon of pdf converter


Alternative: Convert PDF to Pages with Adobe

Assuming that you have installed the Adobe Acrobat on your mac, you can first export the PDF file as Word in Adobe, then open the Word in Pages to save it in Pages file. Follow these steps to convert PDF to Pages if you don’t need to perform such a conversion very often.

Open the PDF in Adobe Acrobat> Click "File" > Click the"Save As" optio> Select the "PDF to Word" option> Click "Save" button. The document is now saved as a Microsoft Word document.

convert pdf to pages with adobe

Then open Word file with Pages, go to File>Save. You will get the Pages file, you may need to wait for some time if your file is large and rich in text, images, tables,etc.


Extended Knowledge: Useful Tips You May Not Know about Pages

  1. Paste and match while preserving the Pages style

Working in Pages may involve a lot of copying and pasting. However, copying and pasting content from other resources with different styles is such a pain, especially when you have to use the content from website. Press Shift+Option+Command+V to paste and match the copied contents to your Pages theme. 

  1. Create charts with functions

The charts you put in a Pages document can functions as it does in Numbers, you can use them to create formulas. Add a table by clicking Table, enter an “=“ sign into any box to activate the Functions sidebar. 

  1. Export and import templates

If you want to share your or a fixed template with others, go to File>Save as Template, you will be offered the option of adding it to your Template Chooser - the gallery of options that pops up when you create a new document or saving the file externally so you can share it with others. The one that you want to share the template with just need double-click the ".template" file, and they'll be guided to add it to their own Template Chooser.

Set a default Template: Press Command + N, choose your preferred template or press File>New from Template Chooser to choose a different template. 

  1. Password-protect your Pages for safety

You can password protect your Pages files the same way you protect the PDFs.Go to File > Set Password, set a password easily to be remembered.

  1. Reduce the file size of your Pages documents

When you add too much media work into the Pages, the file size may be quite large. However, you can click on File > Reduce File Size, so the files can be shared conveniently without hogging up too much resources on your mac.

tips about Pages---reduce file size

  1. Customize the toolbar

Customizing the toolbar can greatly boost the productivity of your work in Pages, you can set up your workspace with the tools you use very often and remove those you won’t use for a while. Right click the toolbar at the top of a Pages window and select "Customize Toolbar." Drag those features you use often onto the toolbar, remove those you won’t use for a while, and then rearrange buttons using spaces to your preferences.

tips about Pages-customize toolbars

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