How to Combine Word Documents into PDF without Adobe Acrobat?

Carolyn Ryan
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In casual occasions when you are required to submit a digital file, you are always recommended to send in PDF format, since PDF can be viewed across different platforms without formatting mess, also cannot be altered easily. However, most of us prefer to edit files in Word due to the ease and simplicity to edit a file in Word processor. So, very often, we need to convert Word documents to PDF. But what to do if we need to combine multiple word documents into single one PDF, especially when we don’t want to pay a lot of money on Adobe Acrobat?

We have several solutions for you to combine Word documents into a PDF without Adobe, free or paid. Try and pick the one fit your needs the most!

Combine Word Documents into PDF Online Free

In fact, to combine Word files into a PDF, you just need to find a Word to PDF converter online with the feature of merging files. Online converters built in such a feature is few in quantity, here we recommend the best free one for you.

Online2pdf offers free service to manage your PDFs. Users can convert files to PDF, edit PDF, merge PDF and convert PDFs for 100% free. Furthermore, with its extended features such as, batch conversion and preferences to compress/protect/tweak format or layout, Online2pdf has far outperformed other online converters.  

Steps to Combine Word Files to PDF with Online2pdf

  1. Drag and drop your Word files into the program. Or click “Select files” to upload your documents. There is a file size limit, don’t upload files that exceed the limit.combine word to pdf online 01
  2. Once you have uploaded all the Word files, go to “Mode” and choose “Merge files”.combine word to pdf online 02
  3. Optional. If you want to compress, protect or add header/footer to your PDF output, go to “Preferences” and choose the tool bar to tweak the settings.combine word to pdf online 03
  4. Click “Convert” to combine all these Word files into one PDF online. Once the conversion finishes, a download prompt will appear guiding you to save the PDF output on your computer.combine word to pdf online 04

Things You Need to Know When Combing Word to PDF Online

Whenever we utilize open resources for our work, we are often informed the possible risks arising from free services, and every online service user should be aware of following:

  1. Make sure the Internet connection is good and stable, so that you can process the conversion successful at once.
  2. Make sure the file size is not beyond the limit. Meanwhile, to accelerate the conversion, large size files need to be compressed before uploading.
  3. Do not upload any highly private files for conversion. You files are temporarily saved on the server, which may bring risk of information leakage.
  4. Re-check the PDF output before sending it out. The conversion quality may vary basing on the Word file itself, you’d better manually adjust it if necessary.

Quickest Way to Combine Word Document into PDF without Adobe

Feel troublesome to upload files online for conversion? Here is the best alternative to online solution, using an offline professional PDF program to do the job easily and quickly.

We have reviewed multiple PDF programs based on a set of criteria, in which conversion quality and fast responsiveness are on the top, and finally chose the winner---Cisdem PDF Converter OCR.

Cisdem PDF Converter OCR is a PDF program appealing to many users. It is designed to work on PDFs smartly, you can convert files to PDF, merge files to PDF, even you can export PDFs into 15+ formats. With its OCR engine, mac users can even convert scanned PDFs and images into editable formats. According to the testing results, it can highly retain the original file quality.

Main Features of PDF Converter OCR

  • Convert and combine Word, HTML, Powerpoint, Text, RTF and image to PDF
  • Convert all PDFs and image files to Word, Excel, Powerpoint, HTML, Keynotes, Pages, Text, ePub, RTF or image
  • Batch convert/create PDFs

Steps to Combine Word Documents into PDF on Mac or Windows

  1. Download and install PDF Converter OCR on mac or windows.
    Free Download   Free Download 
  2. Drag and drop Word files into the program.word to pdf mac cisdem1
  3. Rename the file if necessary as following. Select each of the word files you want to combine to PDF while holding “Shift”, all the word files will be chosed. Then turn the “Merge” button ON. word to pdf mac cisdem2
  4. Click “Convert” to combine all these word files into single one PDF on mac.

Can Users Combine Word Documents into PDF in Microsoft Office Word?

Yes, you can, but it is relatively complicate…

It’s known to all Microsoft Office users that MS Word allows users to save Word as PDF, so, if you want to combine multiple word files into one PDF, you need to combine these word files into one, then save the combined word file to PDF in MS Word.

  1. Go to “File” and click on “Insert” tab.
  2. Locate “Object”, press the small triangle next to it, choose “Text from File” from the menu, and then add word files (press and hold Ctrl to select multiple word files) into the program. combine word to pdf in ms
  3. Once the word files are merged and displayed in Word, go to File>Save As, and choose PDF as the output format from the dropdown menu. Then save the file, your word files will be combined into single one PDF.

However, as Microsoft reminds the users: Formats will not be necessarily retained when your combine the word documents, or save Word as PDF. So, before you decide using this method, give a second thought.

Wrap up

Even without Adobe Acrobat, we can still combine documents into PDF easily and efficiently. If you want to just combine some simple word files that requires no secure processing to PDF, online option will do as good as others. If you want something more powerful, a professional PDF Convert OCR will fully suit your needs.

Carolyn Ryan
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Carolyn has always been passionate about reading and writing, so she joined Cisdem as an editor as soon as she graduated from university. She focuses on writing how-to articles about PDF editing and conversion.

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