How to Convert a Document from BMP to PDF?

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BMP is an image format to preserve high image quality, but for the reason that PDF works as a standard file format to well present data and information, a great part users need to convert a document from BMP to PDF.

When converting BMP to PDF, users pick a solution according to their preferences. Those who don’t work on private files take it is OK to utilize online free BMP to PDF converters, while those who require high on conversion quality and need extended features (such as combine multiple BMPs to a PDF, compress PDF output) are looking for offline professional programs.

To meet all needs from users who want to convert BMP to PDF, here in this post we share an efficient guide on converting BMP to PDF:

Top Free BMP to PDF Converter Recommended

There are abundant open BMP to PDF converters available online, here we recommend 3 of them for users basing on the conversion quality and user friendliness.

But before using the online free service, make sure you are aware of following:

  • Online service may bring risk of information leakage, since you need to upload files to 3rd server for processing;
  • There is a file size limit, files exceeding the limit cannot be uploaded for conversion;
  • The uploading and conversion speed will depend on your internet connection status;
  • You are recommended to re-check the converted files to make sure nothing is missed or messed in the output, especially when you are working on complicate files;

#1 online2pdf BMP to PDF Converter

online2pdf is always my favorite online free PDF tool to manage PDF files, more than just a BMP to PDF Converter, this program also allow users to edit, create, protect, unlock and compress PDF. Still, you can batch convert PDFs to other formats (Word, Excel, PowerPoint, Text).

It is quite easy to convert BMP to PDF with online2pdf, you just need to follow the instructions on the webpage:

  1. Go to online2pdf, click “Select files” to upload one or multiple BMP files for conversion;
  2. If you convert one BMP to PDF, go to step 3. If you want to convert multiple BMPs to PDF, go to “Mode” and choose from the drop-down menu to merge or convert individual file;
  3. Go to “Convert to” and choose PDF as output;
  4. In the “Preferences” , choose the toolbar to customize your PDF output;

bmp to pdf converter online2pdf


  • Batch conversion supported;
  • Extended features to customize PDF output;


  • File size limit

#2 zamzar BMP to PDF Converter

Users who utilize online free converters should be quite familiar with zamzar. It provides free services to convert virtually any files, such as videos, images, audio, documents, etc. However, it requires users to submit email address to get the PDF output.

Zamzar offers a neat and user-friendly webpage to convert BMP to PDF, here are the 4 steps:

  1. Go to Zamzar, click “Choose Files” to upload single or multiple BMP files;
  2. Choose output format as PDF;
  3. Fill in your email address;
  4. Click “Convert” to change BMP to PDF, then go to your email box and download PDF output as instructed;

bmp to pdf converter zamzar


  • Batch conversion supported;
  • High quality conversion;


  • Require to submit email address, may receive spams;

#3 smallpdf BMP to PDF Converter

Another recommended free BMP to PDF converter is smallpdf. It is a platform offering free service to create and convert PDF, also users are allowed to manage PDFs, such as merge, split, lock, unlock, etc. 

It is extremely simple to use, users can also upload files from Dropbox or Google Drive.

  1. Go to smallpdf, drag and drop files to the working area, or click “Browse Files” to upload files;
  2. Click “Convert” to change document from BMP to PDF;

bmp to pdf converter smallpdf


  • Easy to use;
  • Upload files from online storage;


  • Cannot customize PDF output

Easiest Way to Convert BMP to PDF on Mac

If you are working on a mac and require a high quality conversion on BMP to PDF, you will need a good assistant. (For users who want free tip to convert BMP to PDF on mac, find the details in “Extended Tips” in the end of this part).

PDF OCR Software, is a mac PDF converter with OCR feature to convert documents to PDF and convert PDF back to 16 formats, with original file quality retained. It can:

  • Convert single or multiple BMP to PDF, also you can convert JPG, Word, PowerPoint, CHM and other documents to well formatted PDF;
  • Merge, protect and compress PDF files when converting BMP or other files to PDF;
  • Convert any PDF to BMP and other 15 formats(Word, Excel, Powerpoint, HTML, ePub, Keynote, Pages, Text, etc);
  • Perform OCR and convert image-based (scanned and images) into searchable PDF, or other editable formats;
  • Perform conversion between different images, BMP to JPG, PNG to JPG, etc;
  • Extract images from PDF;


Free Download

How to Convert BMP to PDF on Mac?

  1. Add BMP files to the program for conversion.
    Once you have installed and launched the program on your mac, go to “PDF Creator” interface, drag and drop single or multiple BMP files into the program. Also, you can add files by click “+”;bmp to pdf mac
  2. Customize the BMP to PDF conversion on mac.
    Once you have imported all BMP files, select them and prepare for conversion. If you want to rename the file, modify in the “Output Name” filed; if you want to merge all these files into one PDF, turn the Merge button ON, and click the settings icon to add pdf password or shrink pdf output.bmp to pdf mac 02
  3. Start converting BMP to PDF on mac.
    Once all the settings are tweaked, click “Convert” to change BMP to PDF. You will get the PDF output within seconds in the output folder.

Extended Tips: Convert BMP to PDF with Mac Preview

  1. Open BMP with Preview;
  2. Go to File>Export as PDF;
  3. Name the file and choose output folder;

Best Solution to Convert BMP to PDF on Windows

Since there is still a great part of users stick to Windows, the best solution to convert BMP to PDF on Windows PC is also covered in this post.

As users may have noticed, there are numerous programs available to convert BMP to PDF. After repeated tests and a comprehensive analysis on conversion results, here we pick Icecream PDF converter as the best solution.

Icecream PDF Converter is a Windows program to create and convert PDF files. Users can produce PDF files from Word, ePub, image and more, also are capable to save PDF as image, Word, ODT, HTML and so on. In addition, it builds in a PDF reader allowing users to view PDFs within the program.

How to Convert BMP to PDF on Windows?

  1. Import BMP files into the program.
    Once you have run the program on your PC, choose “to PDF” and add files by drag and drop;bmp to pdf windows 01
  2. Tweak the settings to convert BMP to PDF.
    After you have uploaded all the files to the program, you can click the setting icon to merge all BMP files or add password to the PDF output.bmp to pdf windows 02
  3. Convert BMP to PDF on Windows.
    Click “Convert” to start the BMP to PDF conversion.


Though, in the first place, many users want to pick a good free program to perform such a conversion, only to find out the best solution always goes to those professional offline ones, since they do much better in conversion quality and efficiency.

Connie Wisley
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Connie has been writing for Mac productivity and utility apps since 2009. Each review and solution is based on her practical tests, she is aways energetic and trustworthy in this field.

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