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The Best Way to Burn M4V to DVD on Mac (macOS Siera Included)

I have a lot of M4V files on my iTunes library, I want to burn M4V videos to DVD disk to backup them. In that way, I can enjoy wonderful M4V on DVD recorders and on TV. But how can I burn M4V to DVD on Mac? - From Yahoo Answers

Plenty of friends want to download the iTunes movies and play them on bigger screen, like TV set with DVD player. So we need to burn iTunes M4V videos to DVD on Mac. But iTunes movies are protected and limited by DRM copy protection. We often find and download M4V video files in iTunes Store. How to remove DRM copy protection and burn M4V to DVD on Mac? In this article, you would get the solution.

How to Burn M4V to DVD on Mac?

I highly recommend a professional tool to burn M4V to DVD for Mac. Cisdem DVD Burner for Mac is one of best software for DVD burning. It enables you to burn all kinds of SD & HD format videos, including M4V, AVI, MPG, MP4, WMV, MOV, etc. to DVD, besides, you can also make a nice DVD menu with a host of interesting elements. It is very easy to use with simple working flow and intuitive interface, although you are first to use it, you can easily have control over it.

Download Free Trial Version of Cisdem DVDBurner

Download Free Trial Version of Cisdem DVDBurner

Before M4V to DVD burning, we need to remove Apple's FairPlay DRM copy protection. Download the free Requiem and remove DRM restriction from iTunes videos.

  1. Step 1. Load M4V Files. Click the and import the M4V video files, or click to import from iTunes. You can also directly drag-n-drop the M4V movies from folder on desktop to the app’s main interface.
    How to Burn M4V to DVD on Mac Step One

  2. Step 2. Edit video for more personalized effects. Double-click the video thumbnail, and enter to the editing window, you can customize your videos by cropping videos, rotating videos, add image/text watermark, or load new subtitles, etc. And then click “Ok” button, and back to the main interface.
    How to Burn M4V to DVD on Mac Step Two

  3. Step 3. Make a nice menu for multiple M4V clips. Click the “Menu” button and go to design menus. You can decorate your DVD menu with a host of interesting ornaments, like free and rich templates, backgrounds, play button. You can also rename your menu and video thumbnail with color texts.
    How to Burn M4V to DVD on Mac Step Three
    Note: You can click to preview your DVD videos to see if everything goes within your expectation.

  4. Step 4. Convert M4V to DVD. Click the burning button, the output window pops up. Do some basic DVD settings, name the DVD, do some output presetting, like DVD language, Aspect Rate, TV Standard, Burn Speed, etc. Click”OK” button to start fast M4V to DVD burning.
    How to Burn M4V to DVD on Mac Step Four

Related Information

1. What’s M4V Format?

M4V is deveped by Apple, it is a video container format. Some friends would make a confusion between M4V and MP4, which are very similar. But the M4V is protected by DRM copy protection, and used to encode some iTunes videos, music, EBOOKS, etc., you can’t be allowed to randomly save and edit iTunes m4v files.

2. Freewares to Remove the iTunes DRM protection

There are good freewares that can helps us get the DRM protection removed from iTuns M4V movies, so that you are able to save and edit or play them on any protable digital player other than Apple’s products.

1. Requiem

Requiem is a software for removing Apple’s DRM from iTunes videos, music songs, and books. You can download videos from iTunes, and play it on non apple-approved devices, Requiem can help you get rid of the restriction of FairPlay protection.

2. FairGame

FairGame can allow to help you remove DRM protection of those purchased music files. It can be excellent free iTunes music DRM removal orgram for Mac.

3. myFairTunes

myFairTunes not only can remove iTunes DRM removing software, but also it can helps convert iTunes M4P music files to DRM-MP3, so that you can play it on your portable devices.


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