Top 7 Best Duplicate Photo Finders for Mac: Delete Duplicate Photos in Minutes

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Looking for the best duplicate photo finder for Mac? Here’s a list of great Mac apps to detect and eliminate duplicate photos, including free ones.

There are usually two options to store photos on Mac. The built-in Photos app lets you import photos from your phone or camera to store and organize on Mac. In such a case, photos are stored in the Photos library on your Mac. Or, you can also store photos and pictures in normal Mac folders.

With both options, there could be duplicates. It’s possible but not practical to manually identify and eliminate them one by one, especially if you have a lot of photos. The best solution is to use duplicate photo finder app. The apps on this top list can help you effortlessly get rid of duplicate photos in Photos libraries and normal folders on Mac.

8 criteria: What makes a good Mac duplicate photo finder?

  Criterion Detail
duplicate files Ability to find duplicate photos It should excel at measuring the similarity between images and identify duplicates based on content rather than filename (only).
apple icon Support for Apple Photos Duplicates in Photos app could be a main source of duplicate photos on Mac. It’s important to remove them.
preview images Preview feature The built-in preview feature is almost essential. It lets you handily preview the duplicates you are dealing with and deleting.
safe removal Safe removal It should show warning before deleting and allow you to delete duplicates by moving them to Trash. This can help prevent or restore an accidental deletion.
ease of use Ease of use In addition to being capable and powerful, the best duplicate photo finder for Mac should also be easy to use.
high scan speed Scan speed When you use a duplicate photo finder to scan your Mac for duplicate photos, a fast scan speed can provide great efficiency.
customize Flexibility to customize It should let users have enough control over the scan and removal process.
extra features Extra features If two apps are equally good at locating and eliminating duplicate images on Mac, then the one with useful extra features wins.

With these criteria in mind, we tested over a dozen of popular apps for duplicate image removal and picked the best ones including the best free duplicate photo finder for Mac.


The best duplicate photo finder for Mac 2020

#1 Cisdem Duplicate Finder

Compatibility: macOS 10.10 or later

Latest version: 5.3.0, released on 07/15/2020

Cisdem Duplicate Finder is an easy-to-use, versatile app to find and delete duplicate photos, videos, audios, documents, archives and other types of duplicate files on Mac. It offers high performance, ease-of-use and customization.

supported file types

It supports all common image formats and raw image formats such as JPG, PNG, GIF, BMP, TIFF, WebP, PSD, NEF, etc. You can use it to find duplicate photos in Mac’s internal hard drive, external hard drive, memory card, USB flash drive and more. It can find duplicates in one folder/volume/drive, or across multiple locations.

scan for duplicate pictures

This great duplicate photo finder for Mac uses MD5 value checksum algorithm and does byte-by-byte comparison. It can quickly identify true duplicate pictures according to content regardless of filename. In our test, it scanned a photo collection of more than 12,000 images for duplicates in less than a minute. In addition to exact duplicate photos, it can also find duplicate photos of different sizes/quality, edited versions of the same photos, visually similar images, etc., and here’s the detailed guide.

How to delete duplicate photos on Mac Photos app? Cisdem Duplicate Finder can also help. The pictures in your Photos app are stored in the Photos library. Duplicates in the Photos library can be removed in a quick, easy and reliable manner.

Free Download

Once the best Mac duplicate photo finder finishes scanning for duplicates, the results window will appear. The All tab lists all of the duplicate files that have been found. To check out the photo duplicates, go to the Images tab. There, you can conveniently view, sort and preview them. Three modes are provided, allowing you to preview images, videos, audios, etc.

view duplicate images found on Mac

Duplicate photos are listed in groups. Each group contains two or more photos that are identical. In each group, you only keep one photo and need to select the rest photo(s) to remove. Cisdem Duplicate Finder will automatically select them for you! If not satisfied, choose a desired selection rule. Make sure the unwanted duplicates are selected. Click Delete to remove them all at once.

select duplicate photos to remove

Before you perform a scan to look for duplicate pictures on Mac, you can configure settings if needed. Here are some things that you can do. Choose a desired removal method. Exclude folders from scan. Exclude files from scan by setting maximum and minimum file sizes or specifying file extensions. Under the Selection tab are the settings regarding selection rules.

general settings

exclude folder from scan


  1. Find duplicate photos, songs, videos, archives, documents, etc.
  2. Identify true duplicates by content
  3. Also find similar images
  4. Support all common image formats including raw images
  5. Support Mac's internal storage and external storage devices
  6. Remove duplicates from Mac Photos app, iPhoto, iTunes and Music
  7. Can also be used for Google Drive, Amazon Photos, etc.
  8. Let you to exclude folders and files from scan
  9. Provide 3 preview modes, allowing side-by-side image preview
  10. Automatically select duplicates to eliminate with 1 click
  11. Also provide useful preset selection rules
  12. Offer 3 removal methods: Move to Trash, Move to Folder and Remove Permanently
  13. Easy to use
  14. Compatible with macOS 10.10 or later


  1. Not compatible with macOS 10.9 or earlier

Free Download

#2 Easy Duplicate Finder for Mac

Compatibility: OS X 10.6 or later

Latest version: 7.3.0, released on 09/23/2020

In addition to the best duplicate photo finder for Mac recommended above, there are other great choices. Let's check them out.

Available for both macOS and Windows, Easy Duplicate Finder is one of the best duplicate picture finders. You can use it to scan your MacBook Pro, MacBook Air, or iMac etc. for duplicate JPG photos, duplicate PNG images and more. It also supports common file types like audios, videos and Word documents.

When it finishes scanning for duplicates, you are provided with two choices. Clicking the Remove All Now button will immediately eliminate all found duplicates. To first checking out and preview them, clicking the Go Fix Them button instead.

Click the Pictures tab in the results interface, and you will find a list of duplicate groups. On the right side of the interface, you can preview duplicate photos before deleting them. If the preview is not available, click the eye icon in the upper right corner.

This duplicate photo finder for Mac is user-friendly with a very easy-to-understand interface.

Easy Duplicate Finder for Mac


  1. Scan for duplicate pictures, videos, music files, etc.
  2. Support all popular image formats
  3. Can be set to skip files and folders when scanning
  4. Provide multiple options to view and sort detected duplicates
  5. Let you preview photos within the app
  6. Come with a helpful Assistant tool


  1. Can't preview images side by side
  2. A little bit expensive

#3 Duplicate Photo Cleaner for Mac

Compatibility: OS X 10.6 or later

Latest version: 5.18.0, released on 09/03/2020

As you can tell from the name, it is a dedicated app to clean up duplicate photos. In addition to Mac, it is also available on Windows PC. Almost all popular image formats, including raw files, are supported. It also allows you to exclude files from scan by selecting specific image formats. Both duplicate photos and visually similar photos can be detected. You can control it by adjusting the Similarity Threshold value.

This duplicate photo finder for Mac and the above-mentioned Easy Duplicate Finder are from the same developer. And the two apps have similar designs. Designed especially to deal with image files, this app is more useful when it comes to previewing photos.

This app is designed in a way that you need to select the undesired photo duplicates in order to delete them. You can do it manually one by one. You can also choose one of the selection rules. It's up to you.

Duplicate Photo Cleaner for Mac


  1. User-friendly with simple interface
  2. Can find both identical and similar images
  3. Support all popular image formats
  4. Support raw files
  5. Offer useful built-in preview
  6. Provide multiple removal options


  1. Could freeze when scanning an entire volume or disk on Mac
  2. Require a lot of CPU usage when scanning
  3. A little bit costly

#4 PhotoSweeper

Compatibility: macOS 10.12.2 or later

Latest version: 3.7.0, released on 05/11/2020

Here's another dedicated duplicate photo finder for Mac. PhotoSweeper's interface may be a bit overwhelming for beginners. As users get familiar with this app, they may find it actually informative.

On its welcome screen, you will be asked to choose a mode before you can use the app to locate and delete duplicate photos. When you add a folder to scan for duplicates, the app will first load all of the pictures from that folder. You need to click the Compare button and then tell the app to find duplicates or photos that look alike.

When it finishes finding the duplicate pictures in a Mac folder, you can immediately select duplicates for removal using its Auto Mark tool, or you can first check out and preview the photos. You can preview them one by one or group by group.



  1. Scan your Mac for duplicate photos and videos
  2. Also identify photos that are similar
  3. Support all common image files including raw images
  4. Useful preview feature and Auto Mark tool
  5. A rich set of basic and advanced settings options


  1. Overwhelming interface

#5 Duplicate Photos Fixer Pro for Mac

Compatibility: macOS 10.7 or later

Latest version: 2.18, released on 04/14/2020

Lightweight and compact, it's one of the best duplicate photo finders available for Mac users. You can use it to scan your Mac for photos that are exactly identical or almost identical. To look for duplicate images only, enable Exact Match mode. To find both duplicate and similar images, switch to Similar Matches mode.

Before you add a folder to scan, you can open the Preferences window and configure settings so as to improve efficiency and effectiveness. For example, you can go to the Filter & Sort tab to exclude certain images from scan by file size or image format.

In the scan results window of this app, the duplicate photos on your Mac will be listed in thumbnail view. When you select a photo, its preview will show up on the right side of the window, but the preview feature is of limited use.

Duplicate Photos Fixer Pro for Mac


  1. Simple and useful interface
  2. Find almost duplicate photos and exact duplicates
  3. Support Mac's internal disk and external storage
  4. Make it quick and convenient to select duplicates for elimination
  5. Multiple filtering options


  1. Not very helpful image preview feature

#6 Photos Duplicate Cleaner (free)

Compatibility: macOS 10.7 or later

Latest version: 2.3, released on 10/27/2019

If you are looking for the best free duplicate photo finder for Mac, this app can be a great choice. It's free to use and update, always allowing you to delete duplicate photos on Mac for free. Despite being freeware, it's updated on a regular basis to fix bugs and add support for newer macOS versions.

You can add multiple individual photos to scan, letting this app to identify the duplicates in them. A more common way is to add a folder to scan. It can also scan the Photos library.

The scan speed is relatively slow when compared to its commercial counterparts, which is understandable. It will take quite a while if there are a lot of files to scan. Once the scan is done, you can preview and remove duplicates as you wish.

Photos Duplicate Cleaner


  1. Completely free to use
  2. Updated and maintained regularly
  3. Find photos that are duplicates on Mac
  4. Provide built-in preview and display photo metadata
  5. Safely remove duplicates by moving them to Trash


  1. Sometimes crash
  2. Low level of customization

#7 dupeGuru for Mac (free)

Compatibility: OS X 10.10 or later

Latest version: 4.0.3

Another best duplicate photo finder Mac free app is dupeGuru. dupeGuru has been around since the year of 2004. In the past, users needed to pay to use it. In 2010, the developer Hardcoded Software announced that its apps became open source. So it’s free to use now.

It used to offer the Picture Edition and the Music Edition. And later the functionalities from the two editions were packed in the same app.

When you use the current version of dupeGuru to find and delete duplicate photos on Mac, you need to enable the Picture mode first. Alternatively, you can choose the Standard mode, which supports images and other types of files.

Despite being free, dupeGuru is capable and versatile. It provides users with multiple options for the scan process and removal process. But the preview feature is not handy enough.


  1. Free to use
  2. Open source, available on GitHub
  3. Support photos, audio files, video files and more
  4. Can also detect very similar photos
  5. Provide three scan modes
  6. Easy to customize


  1. No instant preview of images
  2. Not maintained anymore

Above are the duplicate photo finder for Mac reviews and below is the comparison table.

  Cisdem Duplicate Finder Easy Duplicate Finder Duplicate Photo Cleaner Photo Sweeper Duplicate Photos Fixer Pro Photos Duplicate Cleaner


Total Score 35 24 22 19 17 15 14
Cost Lifetime license $29.99 $39.95 $39.95 $9.99 $18.99 Free Free
Free trial Yes Yes Yes Yes No
Free lifetime upgrades Yes No No No No
Compatibility OS 10.10 or later 10.6 or later 10.6 or later 10.12.2 or later 10.7 or later 10.7 or later 10.10 or later
Optimized for Catalina Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes No
Supported files Duplicate photos Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes
Similar photos Yes No Yes Yes Yes No No
Duplicates in Photos app Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes No
Other types of duplicate files Yes Yes No No No No Yes
Scan for duplicates Scan speed * 35 sec 55 sec 187 sec 13 sec 8 sec 34 sec 41 sec
Scan multiple folders Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes
Scan entire Mac Yes Yes No No Yes Yes No
Scan by file content Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes
Scan by filename Yes Yes No No No No Yes
Exclude folders from scan Yes Yes Yes No No No Yes
Exclude files from scan Yes Yes Yes No Yes Yes No
View duplicates View by file types Yes Yes No
Sort by name, size, etc. Yes Yes Yes Yes No No Yes
Built-in preview Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes No
Preview side by side Yes No Yes Yes Yes Yes No
Zoom in/out preview Yes No Yes Yes No No No
Select duplicates to delete Auto-select Yes No No Yes Yes Yes No
Select by folder Yes No No No No No No
Select by date Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes No No
Select by size Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes No No
Select by resolution Yes No Yes Yes No No No
Select manually Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes
Remove duplicates 1-click removal Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes
Move to Trash Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes
Remove Permanently Yes Yes Yes No No No No
Move to Folder Yes Yes No No No No Yes
Warning before deleting Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes

* Note: When testing and reviewing these duplicate image finders, we used them to scan the same 10 GB folder for duplicates.


How to delete duplicate photos on Mac using photo duplicate finder for Mac

How to delete duplicate photos on Mac Photos app

Step 1. Download and install the best duplicate photo finder for Mac. Open it.

Free Download

Step 2. Click the settings icon in the corner.

click settings icon

Step 3. Check if the Photos library location displayed is correct. If not, change it.

check the location of Photos library

Step 4. Drag your Photos library into the app. Click Scan.

scan Photos library for duplicate photos

Step 5. Go to the Images tab. Check out and preview the duplicate images.

Step 6. The app automatically select duplicates for you to mass delete. If not happy with the auto-selection, choose a preset selection rule instead.

preview duplicate photos

Step 7. Click Delete. When asked if you allow the app to delete photos, click Delete.

With macOS 10.14 Mojave and earlier, extra steps are needed. If interested, watch this video tutorial.

How to remove duplicate images from folder on Mac

Step 1. Drag a folder into the app. Or, click the plus icon to add folder.

Step 2. This step is optional. Click the settings icon to customize settings.

configure settings

Step 3. Click Scan.

Step 4. The rest of the steps are similar to those in the guide above.



Why are there duplicate photos on my Mac? There can be various reasons. No matter the cause, the best practice is to get rid of them. This article lists the best duplicate photo finder Mac users can choose from. Some of them are paid, and some are free. They are designed for the same purpose. That is to help you quickly and effortlessly remove unwanted duplicate copies of pictures. Your duplicate-free digital photo collection will become easier to organize and manage. Also, you can free up a lot of space on Mac.

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