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dupeGuru Review - Things You Need to Know about dupeGuru

Guys who need to speed up Mac are all familiar with dupeGuru. Using this, users will be able to find and remove duplicate files like photos, documents, musics, videos, and other files on Mac. So today, we decided to write the dupeGuru Review for our readers to help you determine the features of the software as well as its pros when compared to other duplicate file finder Mac. Let’s have a deep look.

dupeGuru Review: Important Things You Should Know

1. What is dupeGuru

dupeGuru is a cross-platform duplicate file finder, users can use it to find and remove duplicate files like photos, documents, musics, videos, and other files on your computer. It uses “Fuzzy matching” algorithm to scan and find either duplicate filenames or contents even not exactly the same.

2. dupeGuru are not completely free

Some people may think that dupeGuru are totally free, but actually not. dupeGuru gives clear explanation that after you delete 10 duplicate files you will be asked to buy it at $9.99.

3. dupeGuru may be difficult for novice user

dupeGuru has a very simple interface, It puts most of its functions in menu bar, and lacks visual display, when it scans for duplicate files it can’t stop while scanning, and after scanning you can't preview duplicate files in real time, you have to click it one by one to check whether it is real duplicates, which is really difficult.

4. Can dupeGuru's 3 duplicate scanning modes find real duplicates?

dupeGuru has three special modes: Standard mode, Music mode, Picture mode. The latter two modes help you clean up your photo and music collections respectively. The Music mode can scan tags and shows music-specific information in the results. And the Picture mode can help you scan pictures fuzzily, allowing you to locate photos that are similar. As for finding duplicate files with the same name, dupeGuru works good, but for finding duplicate files that are the same in content, it’s not so good.

5. Is dupeGuru scans fast?

dupeGuru does locate duplicate files quickly but in another test, when I added the whole hard disk, it scanned very very slowly just as one of the users claimed on Cnet.

DO NOT tell the consumer who pays $20 for the software that it may not delete from an external. Don't buy this program if you want to delete from an external drive!! I want my money back, but they won't even address that request.

6. Recommended dupeGuru for Mac alternative to remove duplicate files on Mac

Since our goal is to find the best duplicate finder Mac, I’d like to share you a versatile tool which called Cisdem DuplicateFinder for Mac. Take a look at its salient functions to realize why it deserves you to try.

  Cisdem DuplicateFinder dupeGuru
Supported OS OS X 10.8+ OS X 10.8+
Speed Very Fast Fast
Ease of Use Easy  Old-fashion interface, hard to use
Scan Apps(iTunes/iPhoto/Photos) Add app directly

Can't remove duplicates from Photos

Scan filter Yes  Yes
Preview Files Yes  No
Auto-select  Yes  Yes 
Results Can find duplicate files with the same name and duplicates with the same content Can find duplicate files with the same name, can't find  duplicates with the same content

DupeGuru for Mac Alternative

Cisdem DuplicateFinder for Mac is one of the best duplicate file finder apps which can replace DupeGuru for users to find and delete duplicate pictures, documents, videos, music files, etc. With the help of this app, you can save hard drive space, and speed up your Mac to the most just in several clicks. It also has many significant features which make it beat other competitors.

Powerful Scanning Engine

It uses the MD5 value check-sum algorithm to find the true duplicate files regardless of file names. It also supports to scan and find duplicate files from Internal Mac hard drives and External storage devices like external hard drives, SD cards, digital cameras, USB flash drives, etc.

Multiple Filter and Removal Options

Before scanning, it also allows you to choose Scan mode, Removal methods in General tab. You can choose it to scan by file name or file content. With Cisdem DuplicateFinder, you can do whatever you want with your duplicates. Not only can you delete duplicates files permanently it finds, but you can also move them to Trash or move them to specified folder. And you can also specify the filter depending on the duplicate size in Filters tab. More importantly, you can skip files with particular extensions. All these are in your control.

Scan Duplicates with High Speed

When scanning the same large folder, Cisdem DuplicateFinder scans much faster than DupeGuru. And in one of the past scanning speed tests, it also beat Gemini 2; you can check this article Gemini 2 for Mac Alternative and Review to see the test results.

Perfect built-in Preview Function

When scanning you can stop at any time you want and DuplicateFinder will show the instant result. It will show you all found duplicate files in both pie chart and tab view. In pie chart, it classifies duplicates in 7 categories and will show how much space every category takes. In tab view, all duplicate files are listed in the left column. You can click each duplicate to preview the detailed information like file name, content, date and time.

Hide Files from Scanning again

This duplicate file finder allows you to hide files from scanning again so that you can focus on new duplicates only and delete them without having to pass the thousands of duplicates that you want to keep in the folder or hard drive. And it also supports removing files from hidden list if you don’t want to keep them anymore.

Select Duplicates by Default and One Click to Delete

Cisdem DuplicateFinder selects duplicates by default, which helps to iron out the flaw of DupeGuru. It’ll keep at least one instance of each duplicated item for sake of safety. And it also allows you to select all duplicates manually by clicking “Select All” button. Then you can hit “Delete” button to get rid of all unwanted duplicate files on your device.

As you can see, the interface of Cisdem DuplicateFinder is pretty simple and user friendly. It supports Mac OS X 10.7 or later and the newest Mac operating system macOS Sierra. It has earned rave reviews from users and authoritative websites, below is a review from Macsoftreview.

DuplicateFinder 3 is restyled and under the hood the math engine has been tuned for better performance. It does what it claims. It finds all your duplicate files fast. Really fast. The results are presented and sorted in file type. So besides a nice interface it is a great utility.

In short, Cisdem DuplicateFinder provides you with an easy solution to free up space of Mac and other external storage devices by finding and removing unwanted duplicate files. Download it below and try it for free to see how many duplicate files have stored on your storage device.

Download free trial of Cisdem DuplicateFinder for Mac!

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