PDF File Recovery: How to Recover Deleted or Lost PDF files on Mac

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Portable Document Format (PDF) is the standard electronic document exchanging format. As PDF document is easy to integrate with multimedia contents in a fixed-layout, it is commonly used in many fields like business, education for exchanging information. So PDF file loss is also a common thing.

Many users like you may want to know how to recover PDF files on Mac including deleted PDFs or lost ones, etc. And you might have experienced one of the situations introduced in Part1 and lost your precious PDF files due to known or unknown reasons. Is it possible to recover lost PDF files by using a data recovery for Mac? Read on to find the answer.

Common PDF lost situations

I was working on a PDF file for hours on my MacBook. I remembered to save it and then minimized it after editing. My laptop battery died. When I charged and opened it but the PDF file is gone. Is there any way to recover it? Thx in advance.

I deleted a PDF file on My Mac, and then I emptied the Trash. I thought I would never need it. But the very next day, I regretted. And I couldn’t find it anywhere on my Mac. It was gone! How stupid I am! Is it possible to recover the deleted PDF file?

Actually, PDF files can be lost due to many reasons including unintentionally deleting, emptying the Trash, formatting hard drive, partition loss, corrupted operating system, infection of virus, etc. But it is possible to recover Mac deleted or lost PDF files.

When you delete a PDF file on your Mac, your Mac does not actually erase the actual data of the file. Instead, it just quickly changes the corresponding record in the file system to mark the PDF file as “deleted”. And the space of your deleted PDF file is available for use. When the system needs space to write another file, it may claim that space and store a different file in it. This is the point at which the actual data is lost.

So before your deleted or lost PDF files are overwritten by new files, they can be recovered. That’s why you should stop using your Mac when you find you PDF file missing or deleted by mistake. To recover a lost or deleted PDF file, you need a PDF file recovery tool to get them back. But there are some situations you can’t recover the PDF files by using any PDF recovery tool.

  • Your lost or deleted PDF files are overwritten by new files.
  • Your PDF files are never saved on your Mac. If you are working with a PDF file, and you even don’t save it on your Mac for one time, then you can’t recover it because it never exists on your Mac.
  • Your PDF files are heavily damaged or corrupted.

How to recover deleted or lost PDF files on Mac?

It’s quite a simple job to restore PDF files on Mac if you have Cisdem Data Recovery for Mac on hand. It is perfectly designed to recover lost, deleted, formatted PDF files from different kinds of storage devices, including Macs, external hard drives, memory cards and USB flash drives, etc. Furthermore, it has a bunch of key features which are listed below.

  • Recover files including photos, videos, audios, documents, and archives in 300+ formats from any storage device quickly, safely and completely.
  • 4 recovery modes to help you recover lost files in different situations.
  • Support file recovery from hard drives, USB flash drives, emptied Trash or recycle bin, memory cards, digital cameras and camcorders.
  • Preview files before recovery and allow you to do a selective recovery.

And it support macOS 10.8 or later. It is quite easy to restore PDF files on Mac, just like recovering Mac lost Excel files. You can download free trial of Cisdem Data Recovery for Mac below and install it on your Mac. To avoid data overwritten, please don’t install this app on the hard drive where you lost your PDF and other files.

Free Download

Download free trial of Cisdem Data Recovery for Mac

How to perform PDF file recovery on Mac

  1. Launch Cisdem Data Recovery on your Mac. If you want to recover PDF files from external storage device, please connect it to your Mac. There are five recovery solutions including Basic Data Recovery, Trash Recovery, Formatted Drive Recovery, External Devices Recovery and Advanced File Recovery. Select a suitable one. All solutions recovers Word, Excel, PPT, Text, PDF files, etc.
  2. Then this PDF recovery tool will list all storage devices including external ones if connected to Mac. Choose the hard drive or external device where you lost your precious PDF files. Then hit “Scan” button and this app will automatically scan the selected volume and search lost PDF files for you.
  3. After scanning, all found PDF files will be displayed on the main window of this software. You can click each PDF file to preview. Then choose the wanted PDF files and click “Recover” button to save them into a safe place. And please do not keep the recoverable PDF file to its original location so as to avoid data overwritten.

After recovering your deleted or lost PDF files, you can make a copy of them and store copies in another safe place or upload them to your commonly used online cloud storage provider. If you always edit PDF with an app like Adobe Acrobat DC, please turn on the autosave feature if it has. This can help you recover from unsaved PDF file. In all, backup always makes sense and protect you from data loss.

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