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How to Password Protect Folders on Mac?

Can I password protect folder on my MacBook Air? I have MacBook Air running on macOS Sierra 10.12.1. My computer is password protected. I would like to password lock folders (under Documents) so even if I leave my computer on, someone cannot just open up some sensitive files. How do I do that? If not by folder, do I have to password protect each file? How do I do that? - From KHONAIR.

Do you want to password lock a folder on Mac? Do you have some personal photos, videos, or documents that you don’t want making their way into unwanted eyes? Do you know what is the best way on how to password protect a folder Mac? This article will show you two ways to password protect Mac folders and you can choose the best way that is suitable for you to create a password on any folders on your Mac. Besides these, we will also introduce a program to lock other apps on Mac at last.

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Way One: Password Protect Folders on Mac for Free with Disk Utility

Disk Utility makes it free and easy to password protect your files and folders without any software. It is a default built-in feature of the Mac OS X allows you to create password-protected folders.

First, open Disk Utility, you can open Disk Utility from the Application/ folder or by searching for it in Spotlight, then go to the menu bar and select File -> New -> Disk Image from Folder. A little window will pop up for you to select.

Second, select the folder you want to encrypt, and then click the “Image” button on the bottom right. There will pop up a window, where you can set the save name of the file and location that it will saved to. And choose the encryption to encrypt your folder.

Third, create a password that you always remember, because the password will be required each time the disk image (.dmg) is opened. Make sure to uncheck Remember password in my keychain”. Click “OK” to finish this encryption process. This free way without any software is very complex and tedious, if you long for a simple way, you can use the following two easier ways. More detailed information about using Disk Utility: How to Lock A Folder for Free without Software.

Way Two: Password Protect Mac Folders Password Using Third-party App

In the first part, we have introduced how to password protect folder with disk utility, but for someone, it is not very convenient and useful. Next let’s talk about password protect folder on mac without disk utility.

MySafe for Mac allows you to easily create virtual password-protected folders where you can store any kind of files. Even though it's available as freeware, but it is mandatory that you request a license via e-mail, in order to get full version of MySafe. Without the license you can only create folders of up to 100MB and you will not be notified when someone tries to open the folder. Its additional useful features is that you don't need to place MySafe in the Application folder and you can place a MySafe on a USB key or on a Hard drive.

Thought Mysafe encrypts folders using the same disk image method as Disk Utility, but MySafe creates password to lock folders much more quickly than Disk Utility, with the help of a friendly and intuitive interface. It is a standalone app and its name can be changed in order to hide it from other users to get better security. If you are interested in using MySafe, you can get your free license on its official website.

Besides Password Protect Folders on Mac, Lock Privacy Apps or Websites on Mac is Significant As Well

If you want to password protect apps or websites on Mac, not only folders and files, Cisdem AppCrypt should be a fantastic choice. It is designed specifically for encrypting your applications to make sure you are the only master running your Mac. It is the best encryption software for Mac that will allow you to safely and securely password protect iPhoto, iTunes, Contacts, iMovie, Facebook or any app and website you like on your Mac. And it also encrypts your files in an indirect way. You always need an app to open your file, if you encrypt your app with Cisdem AppCrypt, the file will not be opened unless you have the password to launch the app, and the security is very high.

There are many third-party apps to protect applications with password on Mac, why do I particularly recommend Cisdem Appcrpt? You can know the reason from its features:

  • Very easy to use, just select any application you want to protect by drag'n'drop;
  • Can lock Mac apps and websites on specific days and times;
  • Goes into hibernation or standby when you are having a coffee break;
  • Protect your vital files, essays, reports and social media messages by locking some apps when in classroom, library or other public places;
  • Keep track of failed attempts with date, time and optional captured photos so that you can review and find suspicious activities.

You can learn more from How to Lock Apps on Mac (macOS Sierra Included). Meanwhile, I should friendly remind you that AppCrypt can not open folders directly, because it is an app locker. If you still have any other concerns, Please feel free to share your ideas below in comment, we are willing to discuss with you for better solutions.

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  • Dedan

    I'm apt to give AppCrypt a try, but I see it can not lock folders. What a pity! If I want to use it lock Office Document on my Mac computer, will this be came true?

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  • Rosa Reyes

    Hi Dendan, Thanks for your attention. It is safe to say, AppCrypt can lock Office Document App, but is unable to lock folders directly.

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    Thanks a lot for your post ... Patrick (MySafe developper)

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