How to merge Google contacts from 2 accounts or with iCloud, Outlook, etc.

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This article will show you how to use two different ways to merge Google contacts from two Google accounts or with iCloud, Outlook, Facebook, etc.

Every one of us has a network of contacts. In the digital age, contacts are saved to SIM cards, or to Google Contacts, iCloud, etc. To manage our contacts and keep them more organized, we often need to edit, tag, group or merge them. Here you will find the best way to merge Google contacts easily and efficiently.

Things to do before merging Google contacts

  • Backup your Google contacts before merging. It’s always a good practice to backup your contacts before you merge, edit or do anything to them so that you won’t lose anything if something goes wrong.
  • Choose a reliable and efficient method to merge your Google contacts, which will help save your time and energy. Also, it will help avoid issues like merging the wrong ones or failing to merging all duplicates.

Method 1. Merge Google contacts using contact management software


  1. Merge contacts from Google or external sources such as iCloud, Facebook within a single app
  2. Merge all duplicates without missing a single one
  3. Categorize duplicates into groups such as duplicate name, exact duplicate contacts, etc. so that you won’t merge the wrong ones
  4. Allow you easily backup contacts before merging
  5. Provide other contacts management features such as editing, tagging, grouping, syncing, etc.
  6. Can undo merging


  1. Need to download and install software

Cisdem ContactsMate is a powerful, easy-to-use contact management software app for Mac. You can use this app to merge Google contacts:

  • from two or more Google accounts
  • with Android contacts
  • with iCloud, iPhone or Mac contacts
  • with contacts from Outlook, Facebook or other sources

This contacts app can export Mac Contacts, Google, Facebook, LinkedIn, etc. to CSV, Excel, vCard, Numbers and other formats, import contacts from CSV and vCard, and sync contacts with Google, iCloud, Twitter, etc. Also, it allows users to efficiently view, add, edit, group, tag and manage contacts. In addition, it can delete/merge duplicate contacts and fix formatting errors.

Before getting started, download and install Cisdem ContactsMate. Launch it.

Free Download

If this app is opened for the first time, a message will appear asking for the permission to access the Contacts app on your Mac. Click OK.

Merge contacts from two or more Google accounts

Step 1. Click Add Account in the top menu bar, and a new window will appear.

cisdem contact management software for mac

In the bottom-left corner of the window, click the + symbol. Add the Google accounts between which you want to merge contacts. Let’s name them as account A and account B. With both accounts, select the Contacts option. Close the window.

add google accounts

Step 2. In the main interface, on the left-hand side, you will find the two Google accounts under which the contacts are listed.

Right-click on account A and select Export. Select a location to store contacts. In the bottom-left corner of the window, click Option. Select CSV. Click Save.

Step 3. Click on account B. Click Import in the top menu bar to import the CSV file you’ve just saved. With account B staying selected, click Scan in the top menu bar.

When the scan is finished, all the duplicate contacts will be listed, categorized into groups such as Duplicate name, Exact duplicate contacts, or duplicate addresses/phone numbers/email addresses/in a single contact, etc.

Step 4. In the Solution section, select Merge. Click Fix. The contacts from accounts A and B will be merged without duplicates. The contacts under account B will be automatically synced to your Google account B.

merge duplicate contacts

To merge the contacts from an Android phone (for example, Samsung Galaxy S3 or Google Pixel 2) with Google contacts, just first sync Android contacts to Google and then take similar steps.

Tip: You can undo the merging by going to the Trash tab of Cisdem ContactsMate. Right-click the contact you want to restore and select Put Back.

Merge Google contacts with Mac/iCloud/iPhone/Outlook/Facebook contacts

The steps to merge Google contacts with the contacts from Mac Contacts, Outlook or other sources are very similar.

To get started, repeat the first step in the part above and add your Google contacts to Cisdem ContactsMate. By default, the contacts from Mac’s Contacts app can be found under On My Mac. When it comes to other sources such as iCloud or Facebook, just click Add Account. Be sure to select the Contacts option.

add facebook account

Next, right-click on the selected account with which you want to merge your Google contacts and export its contacts as a CSV file. Select your Google account and click Import to add contacts from this CSV file.

Finally, click Scan to merge contacts. Go to and check out the contacts there. The contacts from another source such as iCloud, Mac or Facebook should be merged with the already-existing Google contacts. And there won’t be duplicates.

Also, you can use Cisdem ContactsMate to backup the contacts or sync them to other accounts of yours.

Note: Currently, there isn’t a single app for Windows that can perform these tasks with a reliable contacts merging performance. Therefore, this method is only recommended for Mac users. If you use Windows, please check out the second method.

Method 2. Merge Google contacts without software


  1. No need to download and install any software
  2. Allow you backup contacts before merging
  3. Can undo merging


  1. Could merge the wrong ones
  2. Could fail to merge all duplicate contacts
  3. Not working sometimes

Merge contacts from two or more Google accounts

Step 1. Sign into Google account A. Go to Click the More drop down menu and then click Export. Export contacts as Google CSV and save the file on your computer.

export contacts from google

Step 2. Sign into Google account B. Go to Go to More > Import and add the CSV file you’ve just saved.

Step 3. With account B staying logged in, click Duplicates. Duplicate contacts will be listed. Click Merge to start merging Google contacts from two accounts.

merge contacts in google contacts

Tip: You can undo the merging by going to More > Undo changes.

Merge Google contacts with Mac/iCloud/iPhone/Outlook/Facebook contacts

Let’s take iCloud as example.

Step 1. Go to Sign into your Apple ID account. Click Contacts.

Step 2. Find the gear-like icon in the bottom left corner. Click Select All and then click Export vCard. Save the file.

export contacts from icloud

Step 3. Sign into your Google account and go to Import the vCard file you’ve just saved.

Step 4. From the list of duplicate contacts, click Merge to merge Google contacts with iCloud contacts.

The steps are similar when it comes to other accounts such as Facebook. When exporting contacts from these sources, you need to save them as CSV or vCard file so that Google Contacts is able to recognize and import them.


These methods can help you merge Google contacts from multiple Google accounts or with external sources such as iCloud, Facebook, Outlook or even phones and get rid of duplicates. A good contact management app can help you with contacts merging as well as other needs such as syncing, importing, exporting, tagging, grouping, etc. Contacts merging and managing can make your contacts data less of a mess and more organized.

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