What is the Best Website Blocker for Mac?

Rosa Reyes
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Nowadays, we just can't do without computers and Internet when it comes to work and life in general. They make things way much easier and more efficient. However, digital distractions such as distracting websites can make us less focused during work or study. Thanks to tools like website blockers, it's possible and easy to block such websites. This article will list some of the best software to block websites on Mac. Some of them can also block access to specific apps on computer.

If you are in these situations as follow, this article may be very helpful for you.

Situation 1: “White I am working, always popup my friends' Instagram photos or new tweets and Facebook posts, always cannot control to click them.”
Situation 2: “Sometimes, through the internet to look for some studying information for studying is inevitable, but I cannot control the websites or the apps they will browse in their room, such as game sites, violent sites, illegal sites etc.”
Situation 3: “I deal with many thing on my mac, some of them are related with my privacy and property security, so when I am not using my mac, I want to block website on mac to protect the information safety”

Comparison of Mac websites blockers

What is said above are very common phenomenon and worries. In this way, use a website block software can improve your productivity, protect your privacy and security. Now let’s have a quick look on the basic information about them.

Function SelfControl AppCrypt Hey Focus Mac App Blocker Freedom
Free Trial Free Free edition with limited functions 14 day free trial 15 day free trial 7 free sessions
Suport OS OS X 10.5+ OS X 10.10+ OS X 10.9+ OS X 10.10+ OS X 10.9+
Speed of Download Fast Very fast Slow Fast Slow & Sign up first
What cab be blocked Websites Websites & Apps Websites & Apps Apps Websites & Apps

Introduction: What's so great about these website blocking apps

#1 Mac Website Blocker: Cisdem AppCrypt for Mac

Cisdem AppCrypt can keep the apps ans websites on mac locked from prying eyes, and it support free lifetime update.

Step 1. Download website blocker app on Mac.

Free Download

Step 2. Set the password of your app. The password is used to open the locked apps and websites.

Step 3. Click WebBlock.

Step 4. Add the apps or websites you want to block. For blocking websites, you can set a blacklist or whitelist.


  • Block websites on Safari, Google Chrome, etc.
  • Let you easily blacklist or whitelist websites
  • Let you block website at certain times using the Schedule feature
  • Also let block access to apps on Mac
  • Record the failed attempts to open blocked apps with time, date and picture
  • Require password to quit and uninstall
  • Can be used to reduce distraction and boost focus
  • Can be used for parental controls
  • Easy to use


  • Not compatible with OS versions prior to macOS 10.10

This video can help you understand how to use this tool.

#2 Mac Website Blocker: Selfcontrol

Selfcontrol is a free Mac application to help you avoid distracting websites.


  • Free software, if you just want to lock temporary, it will be the best choice
  • Support the schedule with duration


  • Schedule can not set according to day, the mini time is 15 minutes
  • Cannot record who want to enter the apps and website
  • No password to enter website once blocked

#3 Mac Website Blocker: Heyfocus

A Mac app to block distracting websites like Facebook and Reddit.


  • Support customize the time you want to block
  • After block, there is a quotes while enter the blocked websites


  • Speed of download is slow
  • Need to change the security setting while install
  • No record to the person and time for the attempt to enter the apps

#4 Mac Website Blocker: Mac App Blocker


  • Set the safe time that will unlock the apps automatic
  • Support set automatically exit inactive apps after the elapsed time expires


  • The icon of add the apps is not obvious( I spend some time on it at first time)
  • Cannot support websites block


In brief, one should never intend to do harm to others, but should always guard against the harm others might do to him. The privacy and time are more important, if you cannot control well with your time and privacy on mac. The best choice is to choose an app and website blocker. Taken together, I think the Cisdem AppCrypt is our first choice.

Rosa Reyes
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Rosa has worked in Mac software industry for more than eight years. She believes that the purpose of software is to make life better and work more productively. In addition to writing, Rosa is also an avid runner.

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