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How to Block YouTube on Mac: Four Great Methods Proven by Research

2016-07-28 22:28:39 / Posted byRosa Reyes to Utility Follow @ Rosa

“How do I block YouTube videos on my Mac? I've been searching how to do it, but I'm pretty bad with computers so I don't really understand how to. How do I temporarily block YouTube channels for free (with easy instructions) or is there a way to block YouTube app on Mac? ” A question from a Mac user who needs urgent help.

YouTube has become the most popular video-sharing website in the world. It allows users to upload, view, and share videos, and it makes use of WebM, H.264/MPEG-4 AVC, and Adobe Flash Video technology to display a wide variety of user-generated and corporate media video. Just because of this, lots of users spend too much time in watching video on YouTube and many children and teenagers indulge themselves in YouTube videos. This is not a good sign. Fortunately lots of users try to block YouTube videos on Mac, but they don’t know how to.This article will introduce you how to block YouTube website, YouTube app, YouTube channels and YouTube video ads on Mac.

Part one: How to block YouTube website on Mac

Part two: How to block YouTube app on Mac

Part three: How to block YouTube channels from appearing

Part four: How to block YouTube video ads

Part five: Conclusion

Part one: How to block YouTube website on Mac

Here will show you how to use Mac’s Parental Controls to block YouTube website. Parental Controls allows administrator to add controls to other user account. You can use Parental Controls to block apps, websites and set time limits. Follow below guidance to block website on Mac.

Step 1. First, find the System Preferences icon on your desktop and click on it. Then select Parental Controls.

Step 2. Click the lock button at the lower left to unlock it, and enter your administrator name and password. Then select an account to turn on parental controls. Or you can create a new user account as you like. After choosing an account, you should make sure “Enable parental controls” is checked, then click on the Open Parental Controls button.

Step 3. From the top tab option click on “Web” option. Click “Customize...” to allow or deny access to specific websites, you can add YouTube website to the “Never allow theses websites” list, and click “OK”. You can type whatever website you want to block to the list.

Step 4. If you have some important applications or apps that you don't want to be accessed, you can check “Limit Applications” to allow the user to open only the specified apps. After all these done, please remember to click the lock to prevent further changes.

Part two: How to block YouTube app on Mac

When you install YouTube application on your Mac, how to block it ? Uninstall YouTube app directly? No, you get a good helper Cisdem AppCrypt to block YouTube app and block YouTube website by locking other browser apps on Mac. Cisdem AppCrypt for Mac lets you lock individual apps on OS X, safeguarding them from access by unauthorized users. It also keeps tracks of failed attempts to access the blocked apps with date, time, and optional photo. Download Cisdem AppCrypt for free and follow below step-by-step guidance to block YouTube application on Mac.

Step 1. Launch AppCrypt on your Mac, and it will ask you to set a password. The password will be used to unlock YouTube, so you’d better set a strong but easy-to-remember password.

Step 2. Add YouTube and browser apps to the block list. When you try to open YouTube, AppCrypt will require you input password. This process is very simple, you can block YouTube and other apps as you like.

Part three: How to block YouTube channels from appearing

Step 1. Search for Internet browser extensions that block and unblock websites. You can enter keyword phrases such as Google chrome extensions to search it or directly go to chrome web store to search for extensions which allow you to block and unblock YouTube channels. Here will choose the first extension - Video Blocker as an example.

Step 2. Click “+Add To Chrome” on the right side of the interface to add Video Blocker extension, and a small window will appear, click “Add” button to add the extension to your browser. After added the extension, you can go to “Extensions” of your chrome. And you can click add button to type in the name of the channel you want to block.

Part four: How to block YouTube video ads

If you are going to watch a YouTube video, you have to wait ads to be played. Or sometimes, when you are watching a YouTube video, an ad pops up on the video screen. This is killjoy, but there is way to block these YouTube video ads, just follow below steps to block them.

First, Open up a YouTube video.

Second, open the developer console in your browser using one of the following keystroke combinations:

Chrome: “Ctrl-Shift-J” in Windows or “Command-Option-J” on Mac

Firefox: “Ctrl-Shift-K” in Windows or “Command-Option-K” on Mac

Third, Type the following code into the developer console: “document.cookie="VISITOR_INFO1_LIVE=oKckVSqvaGw; path=/;";window.location.reload(); ”and press “Enter”. Then exit the developer console. Any YouTube video ads will be blocked.


These methods to block YouTube are useful and applicable. They all have advantages and disadvantages. Using Parental Controls allows you block YouTube app and website, but you always have to change user account and type one after another website to the block list if you get many websites to block. Using Video Blocker helps you block YouTube channels, but you have to type in every YouTube certain channels.Using the developer console allows you to block all YouTube video ads, can’t lock YouTube app or block YouTube website. Cisdem AppCrypt can help you block YouTube app and website without typing anything. In conclusion, using Cisdem AppCrypt to block YouTube is the simplest and safest method. If really necessary, you can choose two or three of these methods to block YouTube.

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