3 Best App Lockers for Mac to Block Apps (Catalina Supported)

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Sometimes, my friends could borrow Mac computer from me, but I don’t want them to access to my individual apps. Is there any app locker for Mac to encrypt software? ― A Mac user asked for help

A Mac app locker can prevent access to your Mac apps without a password. It will keep prying eyes out of your apps and help protect privacy. Parents can use an app locker for Mac to set limits and prevent kids from using certain apps or playing games. There is a heap of app locker Mac software available. Which one is the best and easiest to use? This article will recommend the top 3 best ones.

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What can an app locker do for Mac users?

Though Mac comes along with built-in basic security options, and it enables users to add a password to lock screen, sometimes it cannot completely satisfy the needs. One thing that every Mac user wants to accomplish is to protect their privacy by blocking certain important apps.

How to lock apps on MacBook Air, MacBook, etc.? A Mac app locker can do you a favor. With it:

  • Your colleagues, roommates or other people will have no access to your apps, not to mention any opportunity to post embarrassing status updates on your social media profile, such as Facebook, Twitter, Tumblr, etc.
  • Your jealous boyfriend or girlfriend won’t be able to snoop through your photos, emails, or messages.
  • You can keep your kids locked out of the apps. They only can access movies, TV shows and games at a specified time.
  • You can preserve thieves or strangers from intruding. If your apps in Mac were unprotected, hackers and robbers would easily find a way to break in your personal life and steal your secret information.
  • You are able to keep away from distracting apps while you are working or studying. Mac app blocker can prevent effectively you from using social media apps such as Facebook, game apps and other ones that may distract you from what you are doing.

The best Mac app blocker (Editor’s Choice)

Cisdem AppCrypt is an amazing program that lets you block any apps as well as websites without a hitch. When someone tries to use a locked app without being authorized, the best app locker Mac will keep track of failed attempts by taking a photo (on iSight-equipped Macs).

It has helped thousands of Mac users to keep their apps and Mac safe. With this Mac app blocker, you can password protect individual applications and block distracting, dangerous, or unhealthy websites on your Mac.

Cisdem Mac app locker has many outstanding features listed as follows. It can:

  • Block Mac apps like Contacts, Quicken, Photos, iPhoto, iTunes, YouTube, Safari, Mail, etc. on your Mac.
  • Prevent unauthorized access to specified apps and websites.
  • Work as a background process and does not modify any system or application files.
  • Keep tracks of failed attempts to access the blocked apps with date, time, and optional photo.
  • Support OS X 10.10 Yosemite, OS X 10.11 El Capitan, macOS 10.12 Sierra, macOS 10.13 High Sierra, macOS 10.14 Mojave and macOS 10.15 Catalina.

How to block apps on Mac using Mac app locker

Step 1Free download Cisdem AppCrypt and install it on your Mac, then launch it.

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Step 2 Set password to block apps.

The first thing you have to do is to set your AppCrypt password after you launched this tool. Enter your password twice, check I have read and I understand this warning and click Submit.

You need to remember the password which will be used to unlock the blocked apps.

set a password

Step 3Click the Add App button to import the apps you want to lock. And the apps will be blocked successfully.

You can add apps to block list by clicking Add App button at the left side of the menu bar. And the apps will be listed on the left side of the window. When someone tries to open these apps, AppCrypt will ask for a password.

You can also remove an app by clicking Remove App and the removed app is no longer blocked.

apps are being locked

Below are some tips to enable you to acquire a better knowledge of Cisdem Mac app blocker.

Tip 1. Capture photo with failed attempts

There are more other features for this best Mac app locker. One of which is capturing a snapshot of the intruder with the front-facing camera. It empowers you to get more detailed information about the intrusion (such as intruding time, photo of the intruder, etc.).

The function is optional. If you want to disable it, just go to Preferences > General and uncheck the box.

capture photo with failed attempts

Tip 2. Set a schedule

This robust Mac app blocker software also allows you to make a plan for blocking apps or websites at an appointed time. This feature is useful especially for parents.

You can set up a schedule for your kids by restricting app usage during their study sessions or bedtime. Just go to Preferences > Schedule, next, choose days of the week and time of day according to your need.

set a schedule

Tip 3. Change your password

Cisdem app blocker for Mac enables you to change your password at any time. If you would like to change your password into a more secure one, you can go to Preferences > Password to reset it.

change your password

2 other great Mac apps lockers

#1 AppLocker Mac

AppLocker Mac is a super simple yet practical program that you can rapidly master it without guidance. It helps you lock your significant apps with the password to avoid sneak peeks from others. Your password can’t smaller than three characters. Meanwhile, there are Touch ID and Bluetooth ID ensuring you to unlock apps with your fingerprint or personal device (Pro version).

But the function of AppLocker Mac is not powerful enough. The only one preference of it is to change password. And the free version can merely lock one program.

AppLocker Mac

Step 1. When you first open AppLocker Mac, you will be asked to set a password.

Step 2. Click the add button in the top right corner, which will bring up a new window.

Step 3. You can scroll up and down to locate the app you want to lock. A quicker way is to filter by app name.

When you try to open a password locked app, it will ask you to input the password. For those who don’t know the password, they can use shortcut Option + Command + Q to quit the lock screen and continue to use the computer. But sometimes the quit shortcut just doesn’t work, and one may be stuck in the lock screen with no access to Apple menu, Dock, etc.

#2 iLocker for Mac

iLocker for Mac is a flexible and safe app blocker that can password protect software, file or folder on a hard drive. Just like Cisdem AppCrypt, it allows you to set schedules for unblocking usage of apps at specific times. Also, it will keep tracking when some unknown attempts try to start the protected programs. You just need drag-n-drop apps or files into the iLocker app locker for Mac and set the password. But the software can’t block websites on Mac.

iLocker for Mac

Step 1. Enable Password Protection and set a password.

Step 2. Drag an application into the app to block. You can also add apps by clicking the SELECT APP button.


With the help of app locker for Mac, you will no longer worry that your private apps being snooped on and your children secretly playing video games on Mac while studying. Locking apps with password is a good way to protect privacy, limit screen time and reduce distractions. Be sure to make your password complex and don’t forget it.

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