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“Is there an app locker to block individual app or apps on Mac? Or how can I lock single apps without locking the whole Mac? Sometimes, my friend needs to use my Mac, and I don’t want my friend to have access to some apps, so I am trying to find an app locker to block selective applications. Any help will be appreciated” . A Mac user asked for help.

App locker software plays an important role in preventing unwelcomed visits to apps. It's indispensable for Mac users to block their apps on device. There are so many app blocker Mac software available. But which one is the best and easiest to use? In this article, we will recommended the best Mac app locker to you.

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What Can an App Locker Do for Mac Users?

Though Mac comes along with built-in basic security options, and it enables users to add a password to lock screen, sometimes it cannot completely satisfy the needs. One thing that every Mac user want is to protect their privacy by blocking some of their apps. What exactly can an app locker do for Mac, MacBook, MacBook Air? With Mac app locker,

The Best, Highly Recommended Mac App Blocker - Cisdem AppCrypt

Cisdem AppCrypt is an amazing app that makes you easy to target and block any app as you like, that works on MacOS Mojave and earlier. It properly fills the gaps that the Mac’s build-in locker exists. With this Mac app locker, you can password protect individual application on your Mac and keep your apps safe. The best Mac app blocker also keeps track of failed attempts when someone tries to use an app without being authorized and takes a photo (on iSight-equipped Mac). It has helped thousands of Mac users to keep their apps and Mac safe. 

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How to Block Apps on Mac Using the App Locker

Free download AppCrypt and install it on your Mac. Then launch it and follow below guidance to use this best App locker to block apps on Mac.

Step 1. Set password to block apps.

The first thing you have to do is to set your AppCrypt password after you launched this tool. Enter your password twice, check I have read and I understand this warning and click Submit. You need to remember the password which will be used to unlock blocked apps.

Step 2. Click the Add App button to import the Apps you want lock. Then the Apps are blocked successfully.

You can add apps to block list by clicking Add App at the left side of menu bar. And these apps will be listed on the left side of the window. When someone try to open these apps, AppCrypt will ask for a password. You can also remove an app by clicking Remove App and the removed app is no longer blocked.

Below are some tips to enable you acquire a better knowledge of this Mac app blocker.

Tip 1. Add More Functions

There are more of other features for this CrypApp. One of which is capturing a snapshot of the intruder with the front-facing camera. Then you can get more detailed information about the intrusion(such as intruding time, photo of the intruder etc.).  This function is optional. If you want to disable it, just go to Preferences > General and uncheck the box.

Tip 2. Set a Schedule

This Mac app blocker software developed by Cisdem also allows you to make a plan for these apps. This function is useful especially for parents. You can set up a schedule for your kids and prevent them from accessing certain apps such as Facebook and YouTube during a certain period of time. Go to Preferences > Schedule. Choose days of the week and time of day according to your need.

Tip 3. Change Your Password

This app blocker for Mac allows you to change your password as you like. If you think the password you are using is not safe enough anymore, you can change it. Go to Preferences > Password. Enter with the one you are using now and set a new one.

Final Words: Why Cisdem AppCrypt is the Best App Locker for Mac

Cisdem AppCrypt is rated as the best app locker for Mac by many users. An app protected by this tool only can be launched with the right password. It can satisfy your need to block apps with high security. It has many outstanding features listed as follows. This helps you to get a better understanding of the best Mac app locker. It can

  1. Block Mac apps like Contacts, Quicken, iPhoto, iTunes, YouTube, Safari, Mail, etc. on your Mac.
  2. Prevent unauthorized access to specified apps and websites.
  3. Work as a background process and does not modify any system or application files.
  4. Keep tracks of failed attempts to access the blocked apps with date, time, and optional photo.
  5. Be easily to use with a simple interface and block apps with password.
  6. Fully support OS X 10.10 Yosemite, OS X 10.11 El Capitan, macOS 10.12 Sierra and macOS 10.13 High Sierra

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