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4 Best Audio Extractors: How to Extract Audio from Video with Ease

What is the easiest way to extract an audio track from a video file and save it as mp3 file? – From askubuntu

Most of you have been confronted with the same problem, as you would like to:

  • Distribute personal videos on SoundCloud, S-Town, etc. as an audio podcast
  • Listen the wonderful soundtrack from a video on a portable MP3 player
  • Enjoy the movie lines, background music and YouTube content everywhere.

That will be an easy job if you seek help from the dedicated or built-in software, like VCL, Audacity, Windows Movie Maker, even a Video Converter. Read on to find out how to extract audio from video.

Cisdem Video Converter for Mac is a standout tool that facilitates the file format conversions, video downloading, DVD ripping and completes the job with quite an unbelievable ease.

Why Choose Cisdem Audio Extractor?

  • Extract audio from video Mac in batch without any quality loss
  • Do conversions between different formats fastly
  • Convert file to optimized preset for almost all of the devices, like iPhone, iPad, Android, Samsung, etc.
  • Download the newest and popular videos from over 1000 sites
  • Upload personal videos to YouTube
  • Edit, enhance & personalize your video files
  • Rip DVD to video for playing anywhere

Download the Free Trial of Cisdem Audio Extractor Now!

Download the Free Trial of Cisdem Audio Extractor Now!

Step 1. Import Video Files

Install and run Cisdem audio extractor. Then drag video to the program directly or earn your target video from Media Browser.

The Most Recommended Way to Extract Audio from Video step 1

Step 2. Select Audio Format

Click the format button, then go to General Audio option. You will find almost all popular audio formats there. Choose your favorite format that you want the audio to be and edit the Quality, Codec, Sample Rate, Bit Rate, Channel in the advanced setting.

The Most Recommended Way to Extract Audio from Video step 2

Step 3. Extract audio from video Mac

After all the setting is done, click the convert button at the bottom right corner to start extracting audio from video. Your audio file will be saved at a designated location.


  • Compact interface, easy to use 
  • Professional customer service 
  • Support almost all the format 
  • Come with lots of functions 


  • Not free
  • Only for Mac

How to Extract Audio from Video in Windows Movie Maker? (Windows)

Windows Movie Maker is the official video and audio editor developed by Microsoft. It comes with many effects that can be easily applied. More importantly, the software has all the capabilities of extracting audio from video. If you are a Windows user, please read how to extract audio from video in Windows Movie Maker.

  1. Find Movie Maker in Windows search box and run it.
  2. Click Add videos and photos option and browser to the location to receive the video file.How to Extract Audio from Video in Windows Movie Maker-2
  3. Once your video file loads into Windows Movie Maker, click on the File menu, and then select Save movie option, finally choose Audio only from Audio only settings.How to Extract Audio from Video in Windows Movie Maker-3
  4. At the last stage, you can extract video to audio format and rename your audio file. The process needs wait for a moment.


  • Totally Free
  • Easy for beginners
  • Own great tool for photo slide show


  • Not user-friendly for advanced users
  • Always freeze and crash unexpectedly
  • Effects are not adjustable

How to Extract Audio from Video via VLC? (Mac, Windows)

VLC is a cross-platform media player and a streaming media server. It offers a great feature to extract audios MP3, FLAC, OGG from AVI, FLV and other video files. More than an audio extractor, you can listen to music or watch movies with VLC player as well. Follow the steps to extract audio from video using VLC.

  1. Once installed the VLC player on your computer, launch it. And click File option on the status menu. Then scroll to Convert/Stream…How to Extract Audio from Video via VLC-1
  2. The new window opens, drag the video to VLC or open the source video file into VLC player.
  3. Choose Audio – MP3, Audio- FLAC, or Audio OGG from Choose Profile part, VLC will create an MP3, FLAC, OGG file using the audio from input source. If necessary, you can customize your audio file by Encapsulation, Audio codec, Subtitles.
  4. Select a destination to save your audio file that extracts from a video.How to Extract Audio from Video via VLC-4


  • Free and clean
  • Support playing almost physical or digital media file
  • Compatible with multiple operating systems: Mac, Windows, Linux, Unix, IOS and Android.


  • The interface is a bit out of date
  • There are always playback problems appearing
  • Can’t download videos

How to Extract Audio from Video via Audacity? (Mac, Windows)

Audacity is a handy multi-track audio editor and recorder. As good as various premium tools, it provides a suit of specialized features, such as recording, editing and playing audio files. Meanwhile, it’s very convenient to extract audio from video for applying echo and noise reduction with Audacity.

1. Download and install Audacity on your device.

2. Drag your video to Audacity or Open a video file by navigating to File → Open.

How to Extract Audio from Video via Audacity-2

3. Go to File option on the top again. But at this time you should choose Export, and then click on Export as MP3, Export as WAV or Export as OGG.

How to Extract Audio from Video via Audacity-3

Note: Sometimes when you import a video file, you will get an error message. In this case, you should download FFmpeg Library for Audacity.

4. Once finished, go and check whether the audio has been extracted from the video or not.


  • Totally free
  • Add music, sound effects on different tracks
  • Easy to edit, cut, paste and copy


  • Only dealing with audio file
  • Always download software in hassle
  • Ask for podcast hosting site

We introduce 4 audio extractors above to help you extract audio from video. But my favorite one is Cisdem Video Converter for Mac. All things considered, it holds the most comprehensive function and the best technology. As long as the video you add is not corrupt, the extracted audio should work.

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