How to Rip DVD for Plex with the Best Settings Easily

Rosa Reyes
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Summary: This article will go over how to rip DVD for Plex with the best DVD ripping software.

Plex Media Server is a digital media player as well as an organizational tool, which is available on multi-platforms like Mac, PC, Android, iOS, Roku, Amazon Fire TV, etc. It lets you store music, movies, shows, images, or other media in one place. But it's unable to read DVD file structure like DVD disc and Video_TS folder. If you want to play a DVD movie on Plex, you'd convert it to a digital media format and then upload it to Plex. What's the best way for ripping DVDs for Plex? Move on to learn more details.


Best Format for Plex

Before ripping DVDs for Plex, Find out what formats Plex supports and what is the best format for Plex.

Video formats supported by Plex

Container Video Codec Audio Codec
MP4 H.264, H.265, vc1, wmv3, mpeg4, aac, ac3, eac3, mp3
MOV H.264 aac
AVI mpeg4, msmpeg4, vc1, wmv3, etc. aac, ac3, mp3
MPEGTS, TS H.264, mpeg2video aac, ac3, mp2
ASF vc1, wmv2 wmav2
MKV H.264, H.265, vp9, wmv3, mpeg4, etc. aac, ac3, flac, mp3, etc.
WMV wmv2, vc1 wmav2

Audio formats supported by Plex: AAC, MP3, M4A, WAV, ALAC, FLAC, EAC3

Best video format for Plex

  General Video 4K Video
Container MP4 MP4
Video Codec H.264 H.265
Audio Codec AAC AAC
Resolution 1920×1080 or lower 3840×2160 or lower
Frame Rate 30fps 30fps
Bit Depth 8 8

Best audio format for Plex: MP3, M4A

The Best Way to Rip DVD for Plex without Losing Quality

There are a plethora of apps to help rip DVD for Plex on Mac and Windows. The top-rated one should come with fast speed and high-quality output. Cisdem Video Converter is such an awesome program that does well in ripping DVDs for Plex.

It supports more than 300 output formats (video and audio formats). Many specific formats are provided for iPhone, Apple TV, iPad, Walkman, Surface Go, Android, PSP, etc., which are in the best settings to avoid compatibility issues. Additional functions include batch conversion, video download, video editing, and more. Anyway, this best DVD ripper for Plex is dedicated to look after all individual requirements of media files.

Download and install the free trial of Cisdem Video Converter to your computer, and start to use it.

Free Download   Free Download

Steps to Rip DVD for Plex Using Cisdem Video Converter:

Step 1. Load DVD videos

Put the optical disc into your DVD drive, and launch the best DVD ripper for Plex.

Directly drag DVD disc from your desktop to the interface of the software. Or click “File” > “Add DVD” to scan a DVD. All titles of the DVD videos will be loaded.

rip dvd for plex cisdem 01

*Note: Cisdem Video Converter supports batch conversion, which means multiple titles can be processed simultaneously.

Step 2. Choose the best format for Plex

  • Go to the “General Video > “MP4 Video” to get MP4- H.264 + AAC videos.
  • Choose the “General Video > “MP4 HEVC Video” to get MP4- H.265 + AAC videos.

rip dvd for plex cisdem 02

H.265 encoded videos have a smaller size than H.264, while at the same quality.

Step 3. Adjust DVD rip settings for Plex (Optional)

If necessary, click the “gearwheel” and go ahead to configure the best DVD rip settings for Plex.

For example, change frame rate to 30fps, bit rate to 320kbps, and more. But if you are not an experienced user, I don’t recommend you change the advanced options. The auto option will keep the original DVD parameters.

Step 4. Rip DVD for Plex on Mac or Windows

After you have DVD rip settings for Plex and destination configured, click the "Convert" button at the bottom right corner to begin ripping DVDs for Plex.

For Windows users, WinX DVD Ripper is a dedicated option used to rip DVD for Plex. It can digital different types of DVDs and remove common protections like Region codes, CSS, RCE, etc. But it lacks some features when compared to Cisdem Video Converter, such as adding watermarks, modifying contrast and brightness, etc. The trial version has a 5 min-limitation.

Ripping DVDs for Plex via Open-source Software

No doubt Handbrake is a decent tool to rip DVD for Plex on Mac and Windows. It enables you to rip DVD to preset profiles for iPhone, Android, iPad, iPod, Apple TV, and WP8. With a wide range of custom options offered, you can change codecs, effects, chapter markers, filters, video dimensions, etc. You can’t rip copy-protected content unless you have the libdvdcss library installed.


  1. Free, no malware
  2. Available for multi-platforms
  3. Customize video and audio parameters
  4. Support tons input formats
  5. Batch converting


  1. Only rip DVD to MP4, MKV or WebM (limited output formats)
  2. Can’t merge DVD videos
  3. Take long time to process
  4. Need to install an extra decoder to cope with encrypted DVDs
  5. Only rip a single title at a time

Steps to Rip DVD for Plex Using Handbrake:

Step 1. Download and install Handbrake for free from its official website.

Step 2. Insert a DVD into the DVD drive on your computer.

Step 3. Open Handbrake, which will prompt you to select the source file.

On Mac: Choose the DVD drive > VIDEO-TS folder > “Open”. On Windows: Choose “Folder (Batch Scan) > VIDEO-TS folder.

Step 4. Click the “Title” drop-down menu to select a DVD title you intend to rip.

To rip multiple titles, you have to do the same work multiple times.

Step 5. Choose either MP4 or MKV as output format. Both of them work file for Plex.

Step 6. Name your output video and select a folder to save it.

Step 7. Click the “Start” button.

ripping dvds for plex handbrake

Ripping DVDs for Plex with 1:1 Ratio

MakeMKV, available on Mac and Windows, is a well-known program to rip DVD for Plex. Instead of compressing your DVD videos, it extracts the video stream from the DVD and stores it in an MKV file. That's why MakeMKV rips so fast. But it also leads to a large size of the output videos. If your movie DVD is 4 GB, the ripped one will take up 4GB too. It's merely a DVD ripping tool and can't perform video transcoding.


  1. Cross-platform support
  2. Rip protected DVD
  3. Fast ripping speed due to no re-encoding process
  4. Rip Blu-ray disc
  5. Keep high quality


  1. Thee only output format is MKV
  2. Not sure about the correct ripping title
  3. Retain large video size
  4. Can’t change the video & audio codec
  5. No preset profiles

Steps to Rip DVD for Plex Using MakeMKV:

Step 1. Install and launch MakeMKV on your computer.

Step 2. Put the DVD disk in the disk drive, and the software will auto load it.

Step 3. Click the “Open DVD Disc” button to analyze the disc.

Step 4. Select a title to rip. Although MakeMKV is able to identify the titles, it’s not always correct.

Step 5. Choose the location to store the output file and click “Make MKV”.

ripping dvds for plex makemkv

How to Upload Ripped DVD to Plex?

After you rip DVD for Plex, you can now add the digital files to Plex Media Service.

  1. Go to and sign up an account.
  2. Download and install Plex.
  3. Open Plex home page.
  4. Next to “Libraries”, click the “+” icon.
  5. Choose a type of media for this library, name it and select the language.
  6. Click “Browse for media folder”, and specify the content location.
  7. Click “Add Library”.

add ripped dvd to plex

*Note: To stream videos on Plex, there are two apps you need to install. One is the server app running on computer to house your media files. Another one is the Plex media player app. You can download it for Mac, PC, iOS, Android, Roku, PlayStation, and other devices.


Have you had the full picture about ripping DVDs for Plex? Handbrake and MakeMTV are free to use. But they support a limited output format. The Handbrake degrades video quality, while MakeMTV generates large files. The best way to rip DVD for Plex is to install a paid and more professional program like Cisdem, which retains original DVD quality in a smaller size and supports other useful functions such as video editing, downloading, etc.

Rosa Reyes
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Rosa has worked in Mac software industry for more than eight years. She believes that the purpose of software is to make life better and work more productively. In addition to writing, Rosa is also an avid runner.

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