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Eliminating duplicate files can help free up storage space. Thanks to duplicate file finder software, it’s possible to quickly find duplicate files and delete them all at once. There are many duplicate file finders out there. Easy Duplicate Finder is one of them. Is it safe? Does it excel at what it is designed for? What features are available? Just check out this Easy Duplicate Finder review.

Easy Duplicate Finder review


Developed by Webminds, Easy Duplicate Finder is a duplicate file finder available for both Windows and Mac. It can find common types of duplicate files such as duplicate pictures and is easy to use. As of September 20, 2020, the most current version is

Is Easy Duplicate Finder safe?

Easy Duplicate Finder is safe to install and use. Make sure that you download it from a trustworthy source such as the official website. The installer is clean. You can easily uninstall the app at any time. From a usage perspective, it is reliable. It gives a warning before deleting the duplicate files that you don’t want to keep. By default, unwanted files will be moved to the Recycle Bin or Trash so that you can easily restore them if needed.

Price: Is Easy Duplicate Finder free?

How much does Easy Duplicate Finder cost? Is it free? It’s not freeware. But a free trial version is provided. The trial version doesn’t expire. Instead, it comes with limited features. To use the full version and access all features, you need to upgrade. Please register, purchase a license key and activate it.

The lifetime license for one computer is currently priced at $39.95, with the MSRP being $59.95. That also includes unlimited updates for one year. And one year later, you need to pay extra money to get newer versions. It’s a bit expensive considering that there are cheaper and equally good or better alternatives.

Download and install

  Free download Compatibility Size
Windows PC Download Windows XP or later 19 MB
Mac Download OS X 10.6 or later 13.5 MB

This app is easy and quick to install/uninstall. For both PC and Mac users, Easy Duplicate Finder provides instructions on installation and uninstallation on the official website and in the user manual.

Easy Duplicate Finder features and performance

It usually takes three steps to remove duplicate files using duplicate file finder software. Scan for duplicates, view them, and then select undesired files to delete. This review will look at these aspects.

#1 Find duplicate files

Easy Duplicate Finder supports images, music files, videos, documents and some other common file types. It is versatile and powerful. In addition to the hard drive on your computer, it can also scan for duplicate files in Google Drive and Dropbox. To be able to work with your Google Drive (or Dropbox), this app will need to access your Google account. Before you give such a third-party app the access, check out the warnings from Google. If you worry about the potential risks, here’s a guide to safely removing duplicates from Google Drive. This app can also help if you have duplicates in your Photos library and iTunes library.

select a folder to scan for duplicate files

In the top right corner of the interface, you can select the scan mode you need. For example, to find the duplicate file in a normal folder on your PC or Mac, select the File Search mode. To deal with the duplicate items in iTunes library, select the iTunes Scan mode.

It also offers a couple of options for you to exclude specific files, folders and subfolders from scan. You can do it by specifying the folders, file types and file size limits.

#2 View and preview duplicates

Once the scan process is done, you will be taken to the Scan complete interface. There, you are provided with three options. Remove all found duplicate files with one click, or save the scan results for later, or check out and preview these duplicates. The third option is recommended. Once you click the Go Fix Them button, you are in the Resolve Duplicates interface. You can sort, view and preview the duplicate files as you like.

There are two view modes: View as Group and View as Table. The latter is recommended. When you select a file, its preview will appear on the right. The preview feature supports documents, songs, photos and videos.

preview duplicate files

#3 Select duplicate files to remove

Now you have an idea of what duplicate files you have. It's time to select the unwanted ones for elimination and keep the files that you need. To make things easy and quick, Easy Duplicate Finder automatically does the selection for you. In addition, it also provides a set of selection rules. You can choose one of the rules to mass select all the duplicate versions of files you want to get rid of. There are to removal options. You can choose the move the unwanted files to Trash (on Mac) or Recycle Bin (on PC). Or, you can directly delete them permanently.

two removal options



  1. Simple and easy-to-understand interface
  2. Support a variety of file types like photos and videos
  3. Provide multiple scan modes for various duplicate removal needs
  4. Work with local hard drives and cloud drives
  5. Allow you to save scan results for later use
  6. Let you preview duplicate files without leaving the app
  7. Offer Auto-Select feature to improve efficiency
  8. Provide two ways to delete duplicates


  1. Sometimes crash without giving any error message
  2. Preview feature is of limited use
  3. A little bit costly


Instructions: How to use Easy Duplicate Finder

This part provides you with brief instructions on how to use this duplicate file finder. For more information on how it works, please check out the review above.

  1. Get the app on your PC. Open it.
  2. Select a desired scan mode, say, File Search.
  3. Drop a folder to the Add a Folder to Include to Scan section.
  4. This step is optional. If needed, exclude files or folders from scan.
  5. Click Start Scan.
  6. Click Go Fix Them.
  7. Select the duplicate files that you want to delete. Or, stick to the auto-selection.select unwanted duplicate files to remove
  8. Click the trash bin icon at the bottom. Select an option to delete duplicates.
  9. Click Yes to confirm the deletion.


Easy Duplicate Finder Mac alternative

If you think the duplicate file finding tool from Webminds is not what you are looking for or is a bit expensive, you can consider its alternatives. Cisdem Duplicate Finder for Mac is worth checking out. It’s ten bucks cheaper and offers free lifetime upgrades. What’s more, Cisdem Duplicate Finder is equally versatile and more convenient to use.

How to use it to remove duplicate files from folders:

How to use it to delete duplicate photos in the Photos app:


  1. Scan for duplicate images, songs, videos, movies, Word documents, PDFs, spreadsheets, presentations, ebooks, archives, etc.
  2. Support Mac’s internal storage and external storage
  3. Support Mac Photos, iPhoto, iTunes and Music
  4. Can also be used to delete duplicates in Amazon Photos, Google Drive, etc.
  5. Come with convenient preview feature
  6. Automatically select duplicate files to delete
  7. Also provide multiple selection rules for you to choose from
  8. Easy to use with simple, intuitive interface
  9. Fully compatible with macOS 10.10 and later


  1. No support OS X 10.9 and earlier

Free Download


Easy Duplicate Finder Windows alternative

If you are using a Windows PC, you can consider DigitalVolcano Duplicate Cleaner, which is Windows-only. When compared to Easy Duplicate Finder, Duplicate Cleaner is equally powerful. It has a rich set of basic and advanced features and options and can be very useful for both beginners and advanced users. If you are a new user and are overwhelmed by its option-rich interface, don’t panic. Duplicate Cleaner offers a helpful and detailed user guide. This app has a free version and a pro version.

duplicate cleaner


  1. Look for duplicate pictures and other common kinds of duplicate files
  2. Find similar images
  3. Work with local hard drives and network drives
  4. Provide detailed information of found duplicate files
  5. Make it handy to sort, view, preview and compare files
  6. Come with very helpful Selection Assistant tools
  7. Let you effortlessly move selected duplicates to the Recycle Bin
  8. Also let you move them to a folder of your choice
  9. Highly flexible and customizable
  10. Perfectly support Windows Vista, 7, 8, and 10


  1. None



I hope that you find this Easy Duplicate Finder review helpful. Its free trial version lets you know how effective and efficient it is when it comes to identifying duplicate files. If you think it meets your need, you can consider purchasing a license. If not, there are some great alternatives available.

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