How to Find and Remove Amazon Photos Duplicates All at Once

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This tutorial will show you how to easily search for Amazon Photos duplicates and delete them in bulk all at once. Amazon offers two popular cloud storage services: Amazon Photos and Amazon Drive. The former allows you to easily upload, view, edit and share photos and videos. 5 GB of free storage is available.

If there are duplicate photos and duplicate videos in your Amazon Photos account, these duplicates can take up storage space. Getting rid of them can help you free up space and enhance photo browsing experience.

What does Amazon Photos do with duplicates?

It’s common to have duplicates in your photo collection and video collection. When you upload photos (including the duplicates among them) to Amazon Photos, will this cloud storage service detect duplicates?

Amazon Photos is available as an app for web browsers, Mac, Windows, iOS, Android and Fire devices. Let’s take the web version for example and find out the answer.

Suppose photo "A.jpg" is already in your Amazon Photos account. If you try to upload the same file again, it will be detected, and this upload will actually be skipped. When you drag two exact duplicate photos with different names to upload in bulk, both photos will be successfully uploaded.

Can Amazon Photos detect duplicates? Yes and no. This service can help avoid duplicate files by preventing users from uploading the same photos that already exist. However, when you batch upload new photos to your account, the duplicates (if any) in them won’t be recognized and will end up being uploaded.

duplicate photos in Amazon Photos

What if there are already duplicates in your account? Amazon Photos doesn’t provide a straightforward feature or solution to quickly identify and eliminate them in one go. But don’t worry. The following instructions can help.

How to remove duplicates in Amazon Photos all at once automatically

This method is easy to follow. It automatically finds Amazon Photos duplicates and lets you effectively remove all unwanted duplicates with one click. There are also other great things about this method, which will be mentioned later.

The method requires you to install Amazon Photos app for desktop, and the instructions below will use the Mac version. We also have Windows users covered. Please just read on.

Note: Amazon Photos desktop app is used for both Amazon Photos and Amazon Drive.

Install Amazon Photos app for Mac. Set it to sync to Mac. If you have no idea how to do this, please jump to this section of the article to check out.

1. In Finder's sidebar, open the Amazon Drive folder.

Amazon Drive folder

2. Make sure that files in your Amazon Photos are completely synced.

3. Download and install the Amazon Photos duplicate finder. Open it.


4. Click plus icon and add the Amazon Drive folder or the subfolders in it. Click Scan.

add folder to scan for duplicates

5. When the scan is finished, view and preview the Amazon Photos duplicates.

6. Duplicate files are already automatically selected for removal. If not satisfied, choose a desired selection rule.

7. Make sure unwanted items are selected. Click Delete to remove duplicates in Amazon Photos all at once.

click Delete button

8. Amazon Photos desktop app will automatically detect and sync the removal to the cloud.

As mentioned above, the desktop app is used for both Amazon Photos and Amazon Drive services. Therefore, you can also follow these steps to find and remove Amazon Drive duplicates.

Important note: If your account has gigabytes of photos, the process could be long. It would take time to sync back and forth. If you can’t successfully sync your photos to Mac in the first place, then this method won’t work for you.

Bonus tip: How to install and set up Amazon Photos app

1. Go to the Amazon Photos website. Click the Download for Desktop button.

2. Install the app on your computer. Open it.

3. Sign in to the service. Enter OTP if asked.

sign in to Amazon Photos

4. Click the dropdown arrow icon next to your name. Select Preferences.


5. Choose Sync tab. Turn on Enable sync. Click Yes to continue.

enable sync

6. Now you are in the Sync your folders interface.

sync your folders interface

Choose the folder(s) to sync.

choose folders to sync

Select a Local sync folder if need. Let’s stick with the default.

7. Click Start sync.

You can also handily access Amazon Photos app from the menu bar at the top of the screen.

access from menu bar

If you use Windows PC, below is how you can delete duplicate photos in Amazon Photos.

1. Download and install Amazon Photos app for windows. Enable the sync. You can follow the bonus tip above. It's basically the same.

2. Find the Amazon Drive folder in the File Explorer's sidebar.

3. Install a duplicate photo finder for Windows. Here we will use Duplicate Cleaner, which supports Windows 10, 8, 7 and Vista. Open it.

4. Launch a New search.

new search

5. Choose the Search criteria tab and configure settings if needed.

configure settings

6. Go to the Scan location tab. Drag the Amazon Drive folder from the left to the Folders to search area. Click Start scan.

add folder to search for duplicates in Amazon Photos

7. Once the process is done, select the unwanted duplicates in your Amazon Photos account.

select duplicate files to delete

8. Click File removal to remove Amazon Photos app duplicates.

9. The desktop app will immediately detect the changes and sync. As a result, the duplicates in Amazon Photos web will also be gone.

How to delete Amazon Photos duplicates one by one manually

Above is the automatic way of deleting duplicate items in Amazon Photos. It’s also possible to manually identify and eliminate them. The manual method can be useful if there aren’t many files (and potentially many duplicates) in your account.

1. Visit Amazon Photos web app online. Login to your account.

2. Select Your Photos in the sidebar. Thumbnails of your Amazon Photos items will be displayed on the right.

3. It's recommended to choose the second thumbnail browsing mode.

duplicate photos in Amazon Photos

4. Choose a desired option to sort thumbnails.

5. Browse through your items to locate duplicates.

6. Hover your mouse over the thumbnail of an unwanted duplicate photo or video.

select duplicate items to delete in Amazon Photos web app

7. Select the tick symbol that appears to select an item. Likewise, you can select multiple items.

8. Choose More > Move to trash.

Move to trash

9. Read the message and click Delete.


You can store both photos and videos in Amazon Photos. If you only want to go through photos to find duplicates and ignore video files, in the sidebar, go to Filters > Media types and select Photos.

Once the duplicate items in Amazon Photos are moved to Trash, Trash will automatically and permanently them after 30 days. During this period, it's extremely easy to restore them to your account. If you want to get rid of them immediately, select all items in Trash and click Permanently Delete.

permanently delete


You don’t need duplicates, triplicates and even more versions of the same photos or videos in your Amazon Photos account. To make photo browsing more efficient and enjoyable, it’s a good idea to remove Amazon Photos duplicates. The duplicate file finder used in this tutorial uses smart algorithms to automatically recognize duplicate items in seconds and group them together for one-click elimination. It can also help you delete all kinds of duplicate files from internal or external storage.

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