How to Download Bilibili Videos and Playlist to MP4, MP3, or Others

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Bilibili is a famous video streaming site based in China, which has abundant video channels, such as anime, dancing, music, science & technology, news, entertainment, etc. It allows users to make comments, upload, share, like, or favorite videos.

But you might fail to open Bilibili videos or watch them in lower quality as Bilibili downloads videos in 360p resolution by default. I believe you are eager to find a solution to download Bilibili videos and Bilibili playlist videos for better offline enjoyment! This post will walk you through how to download from Bilibili and save them as HD videos with subtitles in any format you want.


Facts about Bilibili and Bilibili Video Download

What is Bilibili?

Bilibili (B Site, B站, 哔哩哔哩), formerly known as Mikufans, is video sharing website originally for ACG (animation, comics, games) content. It now covers more than 7,000 layers of interest. Bilibili has the wonderful ACG atmosphere and creative Up hosts, and its highlighted feature is the real-time comment function floating above the video.

Note: The corresponding A Site (A 站), called AcFun, is also a similar cultural community and video platform.

Can I download Bilibili video playlist?

Yes, you can.

There are a few open-source and command-line utilities like Annie, You-Get, YouTube-dl, etc. that have the ability to download Bilibili playlist for free. For more information on how to use them, see:


But these Bilibili playlist downloaders are too complicated for a technical novice.

Additionally, the online services - and claim that they can download Bilibili video playlist online. It's actually a false advertisement. They can't do that. Once you add the playlist URL and start to analyze, you will receive the message - "No download file found" or "Link not supported".

How to Download Multiple Bilibili Videos from Playlist All At Once?

In fact, in addition to the Bilibili playlist downloader, the best way is to use a professional video downloader software to grab any single or multiple videos from the website without limitation and make video conversions.

#1 Cisdem Video Converter (Windows, Mac)

Cisdem Video Converter is a multipurpose Bilibili video downloader that can quickly download, convert, and edit Bilibili videos. Supported by an advanced built-in video enhancer, it’s able to safely download videos in 1080p, 4K , 8K or higher resolution if the website supports. Besides Bilibili, it's compatible with other 1000+ sites, including YouTube, Livestream, Periscope, TikTok, Instagram, Dailymotion, Facebook, Nicovideo, etc.

It can download video with embedded subtitles. But if you don’t understand Chinese, it also allows you to add external subtitles in any other languages. This Bilibili downloader also offers the flexibility of converting videos to any format that contains 600+ video and audio formats. So if you want to download Bilibili music, you can also use it to obtain audio-only content or extract audio from video to any format.

Now, follow the steps below to know how to download Bilibili video in ultra high-quality with a few clicks.

Free Download   Free Download

Step 1. Copy the video link

Go to Bilibili from the web browser on your computer and get the URL of the video you'd like to download.

copy bilibili video url

Note: If the link at the top can't be downloaded, right-click the video and choose to copy the URL.

the second way to get url

Step 2. Paste the link and download videos in batches

Open the software, and click the third icon at the top to switch to the “download” interface. Paste your copied URL into the input field at the bottom.

paste url to cisdem

Click on the download icon button to download Bilibili video on PC or Mac.

To download the whole Bilibili playlist, you can copy & paste the link of each video from the playlist, and process them together.

download bilibili videos mac

But for Mac users, you don’t need to wait for analyzing the contained video one by one, just click “File > Input URLs” at the top toolbox bar, add all URLs in the popped-up window and click OK to analyze them in one click.

paste more urls

Step 3. Convert Bilibili to MP3 or any other formats (optional)

It will download Bilibili video to MP4 by default. If you want other video or audio formats for other purposes, after the download is complete, click the tick icon button to locate to your downloaded Bilibili videos, and drag & drop them to the first interface of the software (the "convert" interface).

Click the “format” drop-down box to change the output format on the expanding list, for example, choose MP3 under “General Audio”. Hit the conversion icon button to begin conversion process.

convert bilibili to mp4 mac

Step 4. Edit or add subtitles (optional)

If you want to edit or add subtitles, when you drag and drop the downloaded videos to the first interface, click icon at the upper right corner of the thumbnail and head to “Subtitle” section to edit embedded subtitles or add external subtitles in the popped-up window.

edit or add subtitles

How to Download a Single Bilibili Video for Free?

Users who are looking for a free method can read this section. We will recommend 3 Bilibili downloaders based on Chrome, Firefox, and online, which can quickly grab videos to MP4, MP3, etc. with clear quality.

#1 Video Downloader Plus (Chrome)

There is more than one extension called Video Downloader Plus in the Chrome Web Store. The one I'm talking about is provided by hoaterotrung. It's able to download video from Bilibili, Vimeo, Vevo, and so on, but YouTube is not included because of restrictions of the Developer Program Policies and Google Web Store Policies. This Bilibili video downloader for Chrome has 50,000+ users.

However, the biggest problem is that it can sometimes download with only audio for unknowing reason. Another problem is that it cannot be found in the Chrome Web Store like other extensions, so the installation process will be more complicated. If you want to know more details, here are the steps for your reference.

  1. Open Google Chrome, input “Video Downloader Plus hoaterotrung” on the search field to look for it.
  2. Find the page as follows shows, open it.
    search for bilibili video downloader chrome extension
  3. Click “Download” and then “Download ZIP file” to save the source file on your local device.
  4. Then, go to the management center of extensions, tick on the “Developer mode” button on the top right corner.
  5. Move your mouse over the top left of the interface, click “Load unpacked” to select and upload the file that you just download.
  6. After adding it as your extension, go to the page that contains a Bilibili video you desire to download.

  7. Hit the extension icon in the upper right corner of the browser, you will notice that it has already detected your opened Bilibili video.
  8. Select one and save Bilibili video in MP4 format. bilibili video downloader chrome

#2 Video Downloader professional (Firefox)

Video Downloader professional, as the name suggests, is a solution for downloading videos from media websites on Firefox. It supports video download from Bilibili, Vimeo, Twitter, VK, SoundCloud, Youku, Nicovideo, OKru, and more. This Firefox add-on is powered by startpage24, which has also developed other add-ons for video downloads such as All Downloader Professional, Pinterest Downloader Professional, and tumblr Downloader Professional.

  1. Find Video Downloader professional in, add it to Firefox and pin it to the top toolbox bar.
  2. Open and play the Bilibili video that you are going to download.
  3. Once detecting the video, a red dot will appear on the add-on icon. Click it and a small dialog box will pop out containing several detected Bilibili video clips.
  4. Choose one of the clips and click the "download" icon. bilibili download firefox

#3 (Online tool)

When it comes to downloading Bilibili videos free with online downloader, makes things simple for you. It can download videos from Bilibili on any browsers. Plus, it allows you to download videos from almost all websites and provides high quality for the downloaded videos.

It is easy to use and offers multiple options for you to download from Bilibili in 360p, 480p, and 720p. For some videos, it even supports 1080p. However, it only allows you to download video to MP4 to MPEG format.

  1. Navigate to in your browser.
  2. Copy a link to the Bilibili video and paste into the text field of the online Bilibili downloader. Then, it will analyze the video link automatically.
    paste the copied bilibili video
  3. After analyzing, move your mouse to the desired Format with the highest resolution, click the corresponding Download button to download Bilibili video to MP4 in 1080p.
    download bilibili video online with savetube

How to Download Video from Bilibili on Mobile?

#1 On Android

Free Video Downloader, created by Simple Design Ltd., is an easy Bilibili downloader app for Android that can be applied to Android 5.1+. It can download videos and music from Bilibili, Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, etc. As a free Bilibili video downloader, it is excellent for downloading HD videos at a fast speed.

But the app comes with intrusive ads. It also accumulates cache very quickly, about 20MB in 1 minute, making the search a bit lagging and slow.

  1. Install the APK file on your mobile, and initiate it.
  2. On its main interface, you can see a search bar. Input the keyword to find your favorite Bilibili video. search for bilibili video
  3. Tap the red download button on the page. click the download icon
  4. From the pop-up box, tick the first option.
  5. Tap on "DOWNLOAD" to save Bilibili to MP4 on Android. download bilibili video android

#2 On iPhone

Don’t be misled by the name, Documents by Readdle can easily help you download video from Bilibili on iPhone. Actually, it is not only a superior file manager, but also can be worked as an excellent Bilibili video downloader for iPhone. It designs with a built-in browser that allows people to download music and videos from various websites. Now, let’s see the steps on how to download Bilibili video on iPhone with it.

  1. Go to the App store, find “Documents by Readdle” and download it on your iPhone.
  2. Open the program after installation, click on the compass icon at the bottom right corner to initiate the built-in browser.
    click browser icon
  3. Input any online Bilibili video downloader website in the search bar, such as
  4. Switch to Bilibili website and copy the URL of any video that you want to save.
  5. Go back to the program, paste the URL to the blank box for downloading and click “Download” button to save the video.
  6. After downloading, tap on “Document” section on the main screen and then click “Downloads”. You will see the downloaded video.
    download bilibili video on iPhone and transfer it
  7. Besides, you can also click the three dots on the video thumbnail and then choose “share” to transfer the downloaded Bilibili video to the Camera Roll part of your iPhone.

In general, there are 3 methods on how to download from Bilibili on Android or iPhone devices:

  1. Install an Android/iPhone video downloader app
  2. Using online downloader
  3. Obtain video straight from the Bilibili app (read below)

How to Directly Download Bilibili Videos Without Any Software?

You can download single Bilibili video directly within the app on mobile and computer. It's the most convenient way to save videos from Bilibili with optional resolution and decent speed. But, users need to sign up for the app with their phone number.

#1 On mobile phone

  1. open a Bilibili video you wish to download.
  2. Tap on the ellipsis (three dots) vertically aligned icon ("⋮") in the upper right corner.
  3. From the pop-up menu, select the second option - “缓存”. Bilibili doesn't have an English version, but you can tell if it's a download option from the icon.

direct download on mobile

#2 On Windows 10/11

  1. Install the Bilibili app (UWP version)
  2. Open the desired video
  3. Click the download icon at the bottom and save it.

direct download on win 10

#3 On Mac

  1. Visit the official site of Bilibili, click “下载客户端“ button and then choose to download and install the Mac version.
    visit the official website of bilibili on mac
  2. Open the app, log in with your account.
  3. Open a video that you want to save.
  4. Click the “缓存” button on the right part on the page.
    download bilibili video without any software on mac

Besides, ordinary users can only download Bilibili videos from 360p to 1080p. To download 1080p high bitrate videos, you must become a member (more privileges).

Closing Thought

We have brought you the best possible ways to download Bilibili videos and playlists. While all of them have their own pros and cons. If you only want to download single Bilibili video, online Bilibili downloader, web plugins, or free apps are good. But to download videos simultaneously from any site, and edit & convert the downloaded videos to MP4, MP3, or more digital formats with subtitles, the paid software is more helpful, which will improve the video’s clarity to provide higher-definition videos.

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