5 Practical Methods: How to Delete Pages from PDF on Mac?

Connie Wisley
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If you are faced with a 50 pages long PDF document on your Mac. There’s some vital information on it but at least half of those pages are not necessary. At this time, you need to modify and delete the number of pages in the PDF file to save time. 

We all know that PDF file is not arbitrarily modifiable like a word document. Still, there are many ways to manage and handle PDF files. With a few tips and PDF tools, you won’t have to query: Why can’t I delete the page from PDF on Mac? Below, we will explore 5 practical methods to delete pages from PDF on Mac that we hope will help and inspire you. 

The Most Powerful Tool to Remove Pages from PDF on Mac

When it comes to handling PDF files, professional and powerful PDF tools are essential. Cisdem PDFMaster is the most powerful tool that can remove pages from PDF on Mac easily. It’s also a rich-featured editor that lets users convert, create, edit, merge, split, compress, encrypt and decrypt PDF files. If you need to process large PDF files with hundreds of pages, we promise that Cisdem PDFMaster is surely worth a try.

How to Remove Pages from PDF with Cisdem PDFMaster on Mac?

  1. Download and install Cisdem PDFMaster.
    Free Download
  2. Open the PDF file you want to work with. 
  3. Open the thumbnail view by clicking the "Panel" icon, right-click the page you want to delete, then choose the "delete" in page manipulate. 
    delete page cisdem1
  4. You can also click multiple pages, and choose the delete icon.
  5. Moreover, you can rotate, delete, move, insert, split, crop pages or merge documents in the Page tab arbitrarily. delete page cisdem2
  6. Click the Save icon to download the PDF file on your computer. 

Delete Pages from PDF on Mac Using Google Chrome

Google Chrome plays a dominant role across all the web browsers. It is also a cross-platform web browser that can be used on different computers and mobile devices. At this moment you must be thinking: Chrome is not a PDF editor, how to delete pages with it? In fact, you can use the virtual printer to save the pages you want to keep.

Here are the steps to do:

  1. Right-click the PDF file you want to handle. Go Open With > Google Chromedelete page chrome1
  2. When your PDF is opened on the browser, click the “Print” icon at the top-right corner.delete page chrome2
  3. In “Destination” option, choose “Save as PDF”.
    Select the Pages > Custom option and enter the page numbers you want to keep, you need to separate them by comma.delete page chrome3
  4. After you have selected the page numbers, click “Save” at the bottom of the web.


  1. Effective and free
  2. Easy to delete multiple pages
  3. Can set page layout


  1. Lag on opening PDF file
  2. Cannot change the order of pages

Delete Pages from PDF with Preview on Mac

The method of deleting pages from PDF without downloading any software is the most time-saving. If you only need to delete pages from a small PDF file on Mac, Preview is definitely the easiest way. You don’t have to download or pay, and you can delete pages with just a few clicks.

Follow the steps:

  1. Open the Preview. Go to File > Open, then select the PDF file on your device.delete page preview1
  2. Go to View Menu > Thumbnails. Then the thumbnails will displayed on the left of the interface.delete page preview2
  3. Click the pages you want to delete on the thumbnails.delete page preview3
  4. Then go to Edit > Delete to delete pages from your PDF file. 
    Alternatively, press “Delete” on the keyboard.


  1. Time-saving for Mac users
  2. Excellent annotation tools
  3. Easy to use


  1. Inconvenient to delete multiple pages
  2. Easy to delete the wrong page 

Remove Pages from PDF Online on Mac

If you need to make changes to the page layout or formatting while removing pages from PDF, free online PDF editors may be more suitable for you. With a network connection, your basic needs can be satisfied anytime and anywhere. Let’s get started by revealing the 2 free online websites you can use to remove PDF pages.

#1 PDF2Go

PDF2Go is an all-in-one PDF editor that lets you delete pages from PDF with ease. At the same time, you can also sort out the pages of your PDF file to get two for the price of one. Apart from sort and delete tool, PDF2Go offers other 20+ PDF tools for users.

How to Remove Pages from PDF with PDF2Go? 

  1. Go to PDF2Go > All tools > Sort and delete PDF pages.delete page go1
  2. Upload files from your computer, Dropbox or Google Drive.
    Drop files into the yellow box also works.delete page go2
  3. Click on the red “Delete this page” button to delete a single page.
    The page you want to delete will be covered with a red layer.delete page go3
  4. Click “Reset” all changes will be reverted.
  5. Then download your revised PDF file by clicking “Save as”, and you’re done.


  1. Delete and sort out pages with ease
  2. Multiple PDF tools included
  3. Files are removed from the website within 24 hours


  1. Files need to be re-uploaded when using different tools
  2. Lag on opening PDF file
  3. Some ads on the website

#2 Ease PDF

Ease PDF covers a wide range of attractive PDF tools like deleting pages from PDF, unlocking PDF, adding e-signature on PDF, editing PDF and converting PDF, which will male your PDF files more manageable. With all these handy and workable tools, you can get all your PDF documents solved easily.

How to Remove Pages from PDF using Ease PDF?

  1. Go to Ease PDF > Tools > Delete PDF.delete page ease1
  2. Upload the file you need to delete pages from PDF online.delete page ease2
  3. You’re able to delete the single page by clicking it.
    Additionally, you can remove a batch of PDF pages from the file by entering a page range in the box.delete page ease3
  4. Click “Delete PDF” to save your changes.


  1. Batch delete PDF pages easily
  2. Can enlarge a single page


  1. Only 2 free chances per 24 hours
  2. 10 MB file size limitation 
  3. Any changes cannot be undone

Why Can’t Delete Pages from PDF?

There are a lot of reasons why you can’t delete pages from your PDF documents sometimes. Have you encountered the following situations? Let’s see how to solve them with simple solutions.

If you can’t open a file, it’s mostly because the file is protected by a password. Password protection is the first line of defense for personal privacy information. What will you do when your PDF file is encrypted but you don’t know or forget the password? You can remove the password with a specialist software - Cisdem PDF Password Remover - a security remove assists users to open and edit PDF files without any restriction. 

Occasionally you can only view but not edit a PDF file because the creator sets some permissions on it. The permissions include “read-only”, “edit” and more. If you are not the creator of the file, then you should get editing permission from the creator. After that, you can remove pages from PDF normally.

Tips for Deleting Pages from PDF on Mac

Once a PDF document is saved, changes cannot be undone. In order to avoid unnecessary trouble and loss at work, I hope you can read the following tips carefully before deleting pages from PDF.

Add page numbers to your PDF file
If your PDF document does not have page numbers, we recommend that you add it on file first. Especially for files with a large number of pages, adding page numbers in advance reduces a lot of trouble for processing it.

Make a copy of your PDF file
Some changes to PDF files are difficult or irreversible to undo and restore. To avoid important files being deleted by mistake, you’d better make a copy of your PDF file before modifying them.  In this way, you can make any changes to the PDF with confidence.

Mark up pages that need to be deleted
Another safe way before handling your PDF file is to markup pages that need to be deleted. You can mark them up with different colors or patterns as you like. In this way, you can intuitively find the pages that need to be deleted.

After learning about the above tips, let’s take a look at how to solve the problem of deleting PDF pages with the most powerful PDF tool on Mac.


We strive to help our readers find the best solutions on deleting pages from PDF on Mac. What you need is a practical and reliable PDF tool, and Cisdem PDFMaster is a best-in-class software that offers you a chance to edit, modify and convert PDF documents without compromising the quality, size and format. We promise you that it is definitely worth a try.

Connie Wisley
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Connie has been writing for Mac productivity and utility apps since 2009. Each review and solution is based on her practical tests, she is aways energetic and trustworthy in this field.

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