4 Ways to Convert YouTube Video to MP3 on Windows Easily

Megan Charles
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YouTube is the largest streaming media website in global currently, attracting billions of people to share and watch diverse videos or music via it every day. Sometimes, people want the wonderful background sound/music of the video for other purposes, such as making it to a new video, saving them as a single music to enjoy them offline at anywhere or anytime.

However, users are only allowed to download the video for which the holder has granted download permission. So, how do you get the audio of a YouTube video you can’t download when you come across favorite background music while browsing YouTube? If you are concerned about this question, follow this article and it will tell you how to convert YouTube Video to MP3 on Windows in 4 awesome ways.

Way 1. Convert YouTube Video to MP3 on Windows with the Best Professional Converter


  1. Support downloading videos from a wealth of websites except for YouTube
  2. Offer rich customization features to modify the downloaded YouTube video
  3. Download and convert YouTube videos to many other digital audio and video formats
  4. Batch convert YouTube videos to MP3 in a super fast speed without damaging quality
  5. Download videos with embedded subtitles
  6. Easy to use with the user-friendly interface
  7. Steady performance and won’t get stuck in the process of work


  1. Normally offer a paid service

Countless YouTube video to MP3 converters have been produced to download and convert YouTube videos on Windows quickly and safely. Through numerous strict examination, I’d like to share you with the best YouTube video to MP3 on Windows I’ve tried, which is called Cisdem Video Converter.

With this best YouTube converter, you only need the URL of the video to download any videos or music from YouTube and many other popular streaming sites, like SoundCloud, Vimeo, Spotify, Facebook, etc. With the advanced acceleration technology, it permits you to download multiple files quickly without data loss, even for long videos.

Actually, it is a premium combination of converter, downloader and ripper. Thus, you can use it to convert YouTube video to OGG, MP3, AAC, M4A, MP4, M4R, AVI, FLAC, or more digital media formats without installing any third-party tools or plugins. Plus, you can choose to trim or merge the file at will.

Free Download   Free Download

Why pick Cisdem Video Converter as the best YouTube video to MP3 converter?

  1. It can download videos from 1000+ streaming websites, including YouTube
  2. It support converting the existing or the downloaded YouTube videos to 600+ audio and video formats
  3. Except for converting YouTube to MP3, it is able to convert YouTube playlist to MP3 as well, which only requires you to offer the URL too.
  4. It can complete the conversion tasks with powerful performance, for example, it can download YouTube video to MP3 in bulk to save time in waiting, download YouTube videos with no watermark to enjoy crystal-like picture if you want the video content, etc.
  5. It offers a built-in video editor and player to edit the downloaded files with various advanced features and preview the result before staring the work.
  6. With the clear configuration, it is easy for users to master it in a short time
  7. This multifunctional program can also rip all kinds of DVD discs, allowing you make various works related to videos with just one simple tool. It largely frees up the capacity of your computer.
  8. It can also work on Mac. You don’t have to download other converters when you change your computer to Mac system.

How to Change YouTube video to MP3 on Windows via Cisdem

1. Download and install the program

Free download and install Cisdem YouTube to MP3 converter for Windows.

Free Download

Double-click to launch it after installing, move to the download interface by tapping on on the top part of the interface.

download interface

2. Copy and paste the URL

Enter to YouTube websites, choose any video you want and copy its URL. Go back to the desktop program, paste the URL into the bottom box and hit on “Enter” to analyze it. If you want to batch convert YouTube video to MP3, you can repeat the copy-n-paste process to add more videos.add youtube videos to cisdem

3. Download YouTube videos directly

When all videos are added, click to download them immediately.

After downloading, click on the checkout icon on the video thumbnail to the locate the downloaded videos on your device. Then, drag and drop them to the first interface of Cisdem to convert them to desired format.

4. Select MP3 as the output format

Hover your mouse over the left bottom of the interface, click the drop-down icon of “convert all tasks to” button to open the format list. Then, click “General audio” to find MP3 in this type.

select mp3 format

​5. Convert YouTube video to MP3 on Windows

Finally, tap on “convert" icon in the bottom right corner to convert all YouTube videos to MP3 right away.

Way 2. Convert YouTube Video to MP3 on Windows with a Recorder


  1. Can record live audio and any playback on the computer
  2. Offer editing features to modify the recorded files


  1. Can only record files one by one
  2. Have no subtitles
  3. Offer a few output formats

Also, you can switch to find help for a trustworthy recorder to record YouTube video to MP3 on your Windows computer. Audacity is such a reliable tool to help you record YouTube video to MP3 on PC without difficulty. It is a cross-platform recorder that can record any audios on your computer to MP3, WAV, AIFF, AU and OGG for free. Besides, you can use it to play the recorded files, trim the files, and amplify the sound if necessary.

However, it comes with a complex interface covered by different button menus, which may confuse novices when use it for the first time. To avoid this, we offers the guides below for your reference. You will find that the operation process is not complicated after figuring it out.

Steps on how to record YouTube video to MP3 on PC with Audacity

  1. Download and install the right version of Audacity on your Windows computer.
  2. Open it, you should firstly click “Audio Setup” button to adjust the settings before recording.
    click audio setup button on the top part of audacity interface
  3. On the Audacity preferences window, select Windows WASAPI in the Audio Host section , select Speaker in the Playback Device option, and select Stereo Mix (Realtek High Definition Audio) in the Recording Device. Hit OK when done.
    fill in audio setting
  4. Click the “record” button on the main interface to start to record audios.
  5. Move to YouTube, select any video you want and open it. Then, wait patiently for recording.
  6. After the playback is over, go back to Audacity and click “stop” button.
  7. Then, click “File > Export > Export as MP3” in the top menu bar to save the file.
  8. Select a suitable destination and file name in the popped-up windows.
  9. Tap on “Save” button, it will lead you to another windows to edit more details of the file, including Artist Name, Track Title, Album Title, Track Number, Year, Genre, and Comments. Click “Add” when done.
  10. Finally, click on “OK” to save the new MP3 file on your computer.

Way 3. Convert YouTube Video to MP3 on Windows with an Extension


  1. Don’t need to install third-party software
  2. Available on multiple platforms


  1. Support limited output format
  2. Can’t batch convert YouTube video to audio
  3. Offer no editing features
  4. Have much reliance to the internet connection

If you long for a way to convert YouTube video to MP3 on Windows without installing third-party tools, it is recommended to use a tremendous extension to make it. Addoncrop YouTube Downloader is the typical extension on behalf of them.

This powerful extension can work on over 10 browsers with 12 languages. It can only convert YouTube video to MP4 or MP3, but it has no size or length limit to the downloaded files. Besides, it can be used to download YouTube videos from 360p to 1080p, download according subtitles and take screenshots. However, its download icon appears as an unobtrusive symbol, which is not easy for people to find.

  1. Open a common-used browser on your PC, such as Google Chrome.
  2. Visit Addoncrop YouTube Download through the search engine.
  3. Tap on “Add to Chrome” and then follow the prompts to Foxified as your chrome extension.
    add addoncrop youtube video downloader
  4. Move to YouTube website, play any video that you want.
  5. Click the “MP3 Converter” icon that looks like a music symbol.
    download youtube video to mp3 with addoncrop
  6. On the expanding window, you can choose to change the audio bitrate or resize the MP3 file.
    click download
  7. Finally, click on “Download” button.

Way 4. Convert YouTube Video to MP3 on Windows with Web-based Converters


  1. Don’t need to install software
  2. Simple interface
  3. Work on multiple platforms or devices


  1. Pup up a new windows with unhealthy ads
  2. Need long time to analyze the URL when deal with some larger videos
  3. Can’t batch deal with several YouTube videos simultaneously
  4. Lack editing features
  5. No quality option
  6. Most online tools can only convert to MP3 or MP4 format
  7. Most online converters have limitation on the size and length

Online converters is another way to convert YouTube video to MP3 on Windows online. There are a wealth of online YouTube video to MP3 converters for you to choose from. Most online tools set limited size or length to the downloaded file. After testing, we have selected 2 totally free online converters for you to convert YouTube to MP3 without size or length limitation.


As the name indicates, YTmp3 is created to change YouTube video to MP3 and MP4. It is able to convert YouTube videos quickly without registeration. It comes with a clear interface for people to know how to run it right away. But, it offers no batch-processing feature and offers no quality option to choose the audio bitrate.

  1. Visit https://ytmp3.nu/en31/ on your PC.
  2. Go to YouTube, copy the URL of a video you like.
    add url
  3. Go back to the page of YTmp3, paste the copied link into the empty box for adding YouTube video URL.
  4. Make sure the output format button is “MP3”, tap on “Convert” button and then wait for parsing out the video and converting YouTube video to MP3 online.
  5. After finishing, tap on “Download” button to save it on your PC.
    convert youtube video to mp3 online with ytmp3


FLVTO is similar to YTmp3 in all aspects of operation, configuration and function. A slightly difference between them is that FLVTO may take you to a new page full of unhealthy ads when you click “Convert” button at last.

  1. Enter into the page of FLVTO.
  2. Copy a link of YouTube video.
  3. Paste the copied URL into the box.
    paste url
  4. Make sure MP3 is the output format, and click “Convert”.
  5. After analyzing, click “Download” button to store converted YouTube file on your device. In this case, you’d better click on the small “Download” button to avoid being taken to a page with ads.
    convert youtube video to mp3 online with flvto


Hope you can find a most suitable way for you from these 4 ways. All of them can help you convert YouTube video to MP3 on Windows quickly without data loss. But for converting a long YouTube video over 2 hours, it is highly recommended to use a professional YouTube video to MP3 converter, because online ways can become slow or get stuck on the internet when dealing with large videos.

On the contrary, the professional converter not only can sweep away the problems occurring in other 3 ways, but also provide you with more functions, better results and more stable performance to download and convert any videos without limitation.

Megan Charles
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Megan has an impressive deal of experience with Mac software and has the ability to explain tech stuff in a simplified, straightforward and easy to understand way.

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