4 Ways to Download and Convert YouTube to FLAC (Online Free Included)

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There are plenty of entertaining or informative videos released on YouTube. Watching YouTube videos is wonderful, but sometimes you need to convert these YouTube videos to audio formats, like FLAC. If you want to figure out how to download and convert YouTube to FLAC with high quality, here are 4 YouTube to FLAC converters picked for you.

Best YouTube to FLAC Converter for Mac

For a mac user, there are both online and offline solutions available to convert a YouTube video to FLAC format. However, according to most of the users, desktop standalone YouTube to FLAC programs are always the best way out, like Cisdem Video Converter, it just simplifies the process while get you the best result.

Cisdem Video Converter is an all-in-one video application with the ability to download, convert, edit and share videos on mac. It supports virtually all popular audio and video formats, also it can highly maintain the original video quality during conversion.

How to Convert YouTube to FLAC on Mac?

Step 1. Download and install Cisdem Video Converter onto your mac.
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Step 2. Prepare to Download YouTube videos.

After installing the Cisdem YouTube to FLAC converter, go to the 2nd interface with a download icon, you will be able to use the YouTube downloader. Input the YouTube video URL.

cisdem youtube downloader

Step 3. Download YouTube videos to your mac.

Click the Download icon to start downloading YouTube videos, once finish, find the YouTube videos in output folder.

download youtube to mac

Step 4. Add YouTube videos for YouTube-to-FLAC conversion.

Go back to the 1st interface with a conversion button, drag and drop the downloaded YouTube videos into the program.

cisdem video converter

Step 5. Convert YouTube to FLAC on mac.

Choose output folder, click on the format button to select output format as FLAC for individual video, or click on the format menu at the left bottom of the interface to export all videos as FLAC. Then click the Convert button to change YouTube videos to FLAC on mac

cisdem youtube to flac converter

tips: If necessary, you can click on the Edit button to customize the videos before exporting as other formats.


Best YouTube to FLAC Converter for Windows

With one of the greatest video converters for Windows- Wonderfox HD Video Converter Factory Pro, you will realize that YouTube to FLAC converting process can be finished within such a short time. Besides converting YouTube to FLAC, it offers 300 formats, codec and devices to be chosen as well.

Main Features of Wonderfox HD Video Converter Factory Pro:

  • Download videos from YouTube and other mainstream video sharing sites;
  • Convert YouTube and others videos to 300 formats;
  • Support 4K videos;
  •  Allow basic editing: remove parts, create clips, merge files, add effects;
  • Fast and high-quality conversion;

How to Convert YouTube to FLAC on Windows PC?

  1. Download and install the Windows YouTube to FLAC converter on your computer;
  2. Download YouTube videos to your Windows PC first.
    Run the software on your Windows system and click Download Video on the top of the interface. It will pop up a new window. Add the YouTube URL you want to download and choose a location to save to. Then start to analyze. Convert YouTube to FLAC on Windows-2
  3. Prepare for YouTube-to-FLAC conversion.
    Once the analysis finished, you can begin to download. During the download process, you should go to the right side and choose output format. From the open list, select FLAC as target audio format. Convert YouTube to FLAC on Windows-3
  4. Convert YouTube to FLAC on Windows.
    Click the Run button in the lower right corner and wait for the complement of the conversion.Convert YouTube to FLAC on Windows-2


2 Top Online Free YouTube to FLAC Converter

Before going to the 2 top online free tools to convert YouTube to FLAC, here are some basic things you need to know about online free YouTube to FLAC converters, you will notice that it is not easy to find and use such an online free YouTube to FLAC converter.

Part 1.Things You Need to Know about Online Free YouTube to FLAC Converter

For sure, everyone wants to find and utilize an online free YouTube to FLAC converters to get their tasks done. However, after studying and testing dozens of online free tools, we come to the following conclusions.

1. Available online free YouTube to FLAC converters are quite small in quantity

I spent hours online to find appropriate tools for YouTube to FLAC conversion, but only 2 of them allow users to directly download and convert a YouTube video to FLAC. Others don’t support exporting the YouTube videos as FLAC format, most of them just support exporting as MP4, MP3, and WEBM.

2. convert2mp3 fails to convert YouTube to FLAC

convert2mp3 is an online video converter and it does allows users to convert an online YouTube video to FLAC, however, it doesn’t work at all, no matter which output format you choose for the YouTube, it just allows users to save as MP3.

As you can find in the following screenshot, I input the YouTube URL and choose output as FLAC. After clicking the Convert button, the program just indicated that the MP3 file was ready for downloading. It doesn’t work out at all.


3. onlinevideoconverter fails to convert YouTube to FLAC

onlinevideoconverter is another online free tool claiming to convert YouTube to FLAC format directly. Yet, in all my tests, it failed to convert my YouTube videos.

As you can see, I follow the on-page instructions to input YouTube URL and choose output as FLAC. 


However, no matter how many times I tried or which YouTube URL I input, it just failed to convert the videos. Anyway, you can have a try, maybe the failure is only caused by specific YouTube videos.


4. There are still good YouTube to FLAC converters…

Though the above-mentioned 2 online free YouTube to FLAC converters fail to work, there are still good online tools to convert YouTube to FLAC format, but you will need 2 online free tools, an online free YouTube downloader to get the videos first, and an online free video converter to save the file as FLAC then. To convert YouTube to FLAC online free, please keep reading the following part.

Part 2.Best 2 Online Free YouTube to FLAC Converter

#1 y2mate+Zamzar

y2mate is online YouTube downloader to save YouTube videos as MP4 or MP3 format, while Zamzar offers free services to convert all kinds of files, including MP3 to FLAC.

  • Step 1. Go to y2mate;
  • Step 2. Input the YouTube video URL, click “Start”
  • Step 3. Choose format as MP3 and download the MP3 format;y2mate download youtube videos
  • Step 4. Go to Zamzar;
  • Step 5. Import the MP3 file, choose output as FLAC, then click “Convert”;zamzar
  • Step 6. Then download the FLAC file once the conversion finishes.

#2 flvto+ Zamzar

flvto is another popular website to download YouTube videos fast and well, it supports exporting YouTube as MP4, MP3 and AVI. Once you have downloaded the YouTube as MP3 using flvto, you still need to utilize Zamzar to convert the MP3 file to FLAC format.

  • Step 1. Go to flvto;
  • Step 2. Input the YouTube video URL, choose output as MP3;
  • Step 3. Click “Convert to” to save YouTube video as MP3 format;flvto download youtube videos
  • Step 4. Then go to Zamzar;
  • Step 5. Add the MP3 file and select output as FLAC, then click “Convert” to convert YouTube to FLAC.zamzar

Disadvantages of Online YouTube to FLAC Conveter

  • Cannot directly convert YouTube to FLAC format;
  • Couldn’t convert YouTube to FLAC in batch;
  • The Converting speed would be slow if you are going to convert large files;
  • Potential risk of losing quality of the FLAC audios;


Extended Knowledge: FLAC VS MP3

FLAC (Free Lossless Audio Codec) and MP3 (MPEG Audio Layer-3) both work as a popular audio format to play music on different devices. But they are different in 3 ways:

  1. FLAC use lossless compression to keep all the audio information of the original file, nothing is sacrificed; while MP3 use lossy compression to shave off some parts of the music to make it smaller;
  2. FLAC is relatively large in size since it needs to store all the information as the original, while MP3 is smaller in size;
  3. FLAC is a perfect format for CDs, to contain all the details for a professional and pleasant music playing, while MP3 is a standard format to be played on all kinds of players;
  4. Virtually all media players support MP3 file, but not all of them can support playing FLAC files;

So, it is hard to tell if FLAC is better than MP3, it depends on what’s your priority and which device you are using to play the audios.


Although free YouTube to FLAC converters can bring some conveniences to us, its limitation can’t be erased. To solve the issue once and for all, you’d better use a professional software- Cisdem Video Converter for Mac. With this all-in-one Mac YouTube to FLAC converter, everything will get brighter and easier. For more supplementary contents, don’t hesitate to let us know in the comments.

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