How to Convert DjVu to PDF on Mac without Sacrificing Original Layouts and Elements?

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how to convert djvu to pdf on mac

"I need to convert a djvu file to a pdf file. I can't just use a djvu viewer— I must convert the file to pdf. For Mac, all I can find are viewers. Is there a converter that works for Mac?" A Mac user raises a question in I know many of you possess the same doubt. Fear not! In this post, I will show you the reasons why converting DjVu to PDF and two different methods which enable you to convert DjVu to PDF on Mac. Next, let's start the first topic.

The Reasons Why Converting DjVu to PDF on Mac

The Reasons Why Converting DjVu to PDF on Mac

DjVu format designed to store scanned books in electronic form. Admittedly, it has some features that are really advantageous while using it on the website. But on occasion you might want the PDF file format due to some reasons. The reason may be different among you but in my opinion, you should go for converting DjVu files to PDF because of:

  • DjVu is mainly used for scanned documents and ebooks. It's similar with PDF. However this format files are in high resolution but low file size. Therefore, DjVu file format is not as popular as PDF. If you want to share a DjVu file, you'd better transform DjVu to PDF, which is more user-friendly to most people.
  • DjVu format has some shortcomings, such as quality loss, restricted usage and the necessity of using separated programs or plugins. Compared with DjVu, PDF format has great prevalence of use, security settings, standardization, interactivity and compression-to-image-quality ratios.
  • DjVu is not widely distributed, and not allows you to view its files on Mac. But we can open PDF files on Mac with built-in application Preview. Besides, there are tons of programs that can view PDF files on Mac in App Store. So why don't we change DjVu to PDF on Mac?

How to Convert DjVu to PDF on Mac?

According to the reasons above, we can easily acquire that converting DjVu to PDF on Mac benefits us a lot. Hence we need find some ways to convert DjVu to PDF on Mac.

Method One: Change DjVu to PDF on Mac Using Online Converter

As far as I am concerned, free online converter is very handy for me to convert simple DjVu file to PDF on Mac. is what I recommend. It's a online converter which can convert PDF to DOC, DOCX, Text, JPG, PNG formats and so on. Likewise, it can convert text documents, presentations, spreadsheets and images to PDF format. We can know the steps on how to change DjVu to PDF as follows:

  1. Choose "Any to PDF" and upload DjVu files. If you drop the wrong file, you can remove it.
  2. Click "Download All", then conversion will be going on.
  3. Wait for the conversion process to finish and download files either one by one, using thumbnails, or in a ZIP archive.

Change DjVu to PDF on Mac Using Online Converter

Method Two: Convert DjVu to PDF on Mac with Cisdem DocumentReader

Method one is useful for us to convert DjVu files to PDF, but a number of high-demanding Mac users need a professional assistant to do the job. Cisdem DocumentReader is a specialist in this field to convert DjVu files into best quality PDF with original layout and quality preserved. Also, by using DocumentReader you can print the opened WPD, WPS, XPS/OXPS, VISIO, PDF files with one click or save them as an industry-standard PDF that can be opened and edited in any other PDF programs. Now, pay attention to the steps of conversion.

Step 1. Free download and launch Cisdem DocumentReader on your Mac.

First of all, you should click the "Free Download" button or the hyperlink to download. After finishing this, you need to install it on your Mac and run it.

Free Download

Download the free trial of Cisdem DocumentReader Right Now >>

Step 2. Import DjVu file on Mac

Click "Open File" or drag and drop DjVu file directly to the window. Afterwards, DjVu file will be opened for a second.

Import DjVu file on Mac

Step 3. Convert DjVu file to PDF on Mac

Click "Print" button, then it will pop up a small window. Choose "PDF", "Save to PDF" will show in the drop-down box.

Convert DjVu file to PDF on Mac

If you want to keep your PDF file in security. Please Click "Security Option" and set a password for your PDF file. In this condition, anybody who intends to view your PDF file must enters correct password.

Set a password for your PDF file

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