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5 Best DjVu Readers for Mac You Should Never Ignore

Do you know the importance of DjVu reader software for Mac? Or what are the best DjVu readers for Mac OS X system? If you are going to view the files and documents which are in the wake of .djvu extension, then you need to have DjVu readers on your Mac computer. This is troublesome for users who are looking for a proper one. Also, it's time consuming to figure out which viewer is better. For this reason, here we help you to pick up 5 best DjVu readers for Mac, it might really interests you.

Part 1: Top Problems That Always happen to an Ordinary Mac DjVu Reader

Part 2: Top Five DjVu Readers for Mac Users

Part 3: Comparison of 5 DjVu Readers for Mac

Part 1: Top Problems That Always happen to an Ordinary Mac DjVu Reader

Top Problems That Always happen to an Ordinary Mac DjVu Reader

  1. It could be frozen when opening or viewing DjVu files on Mac. You have to exist the system and log in again.
  2. Some DjVu readers are not user-friendly, you should take your time in leaning how to manipulate it and even the steps could be complex.
  3. It may be monotonous, which means a DjVu reader doesn't have other effects only to open DjVu files on Mac.
  4. Some DjVu readers can’t view DjVu files with original layouts and formats. The overlook seems a little messy, which will reduce the reading efficiency.

I met these annoying problems before, but now all fixed. Since I have got a helpful and terrific DjVu reader for my Mac. If you would like to avoid these problems, select the most suitable one for yourself.

Part 2: Top Five DjVu Readers for Mac Users

Top One: Cisdem DocumentReader for Mac

Cisdem DocumentReader is a professional and well-developed documents and files reader which can view a variety of file types on Mac, like DjVu, PDF, XPS, OXPS, VISIO, WPS, WPD, ect. If you intend to know all supported output format, then click here to have a look. Furthermore, these files can be converted to PDF, Text, JPEG, PNG, TIFF, BMP, GIF, RTFD(only works for WPS and WPD) format. With its all-round functions, DocumentReader is completely qualified to be the best one.

Cisdem DocumentReader for Mac

Key Features of This Cisdem DocumentReader for Mac:

  • Open DjVu files or other documents with original text style, images, graphics, hyperlinks, format and layout
  • Open DjVu files and other documents on Mac at a same time and switch them with each other without difficulties
  • Offer two viewing modes- thumbnails or content only
  • Customize interface by Zoom, Page, Zoom to Fit and Rotate, and you can hide these toolbar on full screen view
  • Save DjVu or other documents as multiple formats

Also See:

  1. What is DjVu and How to Open DjVu Files on Mac OS X?
  2. How to Convert DjVu to PDF on Mac without Sacrificing Original Layouts and Elements?

Go to Download DocumentReader Right Now >>

Top Two: DjVuFileReader for Mac

DjVuFileReader is a smart and popular application, designed to help users open and view DjVu file format, neatly zoom in and zoom out, and export DjVu to PDF documents easily on Mac. It has nice interfere and supports powerful Bookmark, which ensures you an excellent reading experience. But DjVuFileReader needs take you about a minute to load files for its slow speed. Attractive features include:

DjVuFileReader for Mac

  • Convert DjVu to PDF on Mac
  • Four Zooming mode to read DjVu more efficiently
  • Save DjVu files as PNG, TIFF, JPEG, BMP and GIF formats
  • Print out Significant DjVu files

Go to Download DjVuFileReader Right Now >>

Top Three: DjView4 for Mac

DjView4 is also named Standalone viewer. It is absolutely a uncluttered product that has met with mixed responses. The software is designed to view and edit DjVu files on computer. DjView4 can navigate documents, zoom page images, produce and display thumbnails on Mac. Some user reflected that it’s poorly documented api/reference. If you don’t mind, you can continue viewing its features:

DjView4 for Mac

  • Display several pages at the same time
  • Support Continuous scrolling of pages
  • Display thumbnails as a grid
  • Implement all annoying annotations

Go to Download DjView4 Right Now >>

Top Four: MacDjView

A compact and fast application, MacDJView is not one that is filling with great features, but is a simple and basic program for Mac users to read DjVu files. It uses the free DjVuLibre library to decode DjVu documents.You will feel pleasant with the tabbed interface and continuous scrolling. What’s more, if you want to print opened DjVu files, MacDJView can help you achieve it.


  • Export pages to gif, tif, bmp, png, and jpg
  • Adjust the size of thumbnails
  • Scroll and navigate contents with keyboard shortcuts
  • Rotate pages by 90 degrees

Go to Download MacDjView Right Now >>

Top Five: DjVuReaderForMac

DjVuReaderForMac provides a sequence of impressive features from an intuitive navigation and quick look support. Many Mac users recommend it with enthusiasm. They found DjVuReaderForMac is a great way of reading multi-page DjVu files and print documents. The problem is that every time you close the file, it will pop up a message says that the file does not exist.


  • Come with custom window background colors
  • Sync bookmarks and documents through iCloud
  • Read files in black and white or full color
  • Copy any files to the clipboard

Go to Download DjVuReaderForMac Right Now >>

Part 3: Comparison of 5 DjVu Readers for Mac

We have wrote a brief introduction about 5 best DjVu viewers for Mac users above. In order to let you compare them easily, here lists a table for further comparing. You can know the operating system, supported file formats, exporting file formats and tools. Moreover, advantages and disadvantages of these DjVu viewers are presented clearly in the table.

Product Name Operating system Supported file formats Exporting file formats Toolbar Pros Cons

Cisdem Document Reader

Mac OS X 10.7 or later


PDF, Text, JPEG, PNG, TIFF, BMP, GIF, ect.

Bookmarks, Page, Print, Rotate, Search, View, ect.

Very practical and fully functional; Constantly upgrade for more new features


DjVuFile Reader

Mac with OS X 10.6.6 or later



Bookmarks, View, Page View, Zoom

Easy to use; Zoom-in and Zoom-out smoothly

Slow to download the inputted file


Unix, Windows, Mac


No Explain

Turn Page, Zoom, FitWidth, ect.

Potable and be compatible with different devices

Not interface friendly


Mac OS X 10.2 or later



Turn Page, Zoom, FitWidth

Fast and always available

Not as mentioned as descriptions, some functions can’t be used


Mac OS X 10.6 or later



Zoom, Tool, Zoom to Fit, Search

Offers the fantastic reading experience with disparate options

Not safe enough, may come with virus


Well, If you are a good Mac user of DjVu files then you have a need with any of these readers. A great DjVu reader for Mac indeed help you open DjVu files without any concern and save your a lot of work. Obviously, DocumentReader can be your best choice. Not only can you view the files, but convert them into other types and print them out on Mac. And it allows you to adjust the straightforward toolbar freely. With one operation, you will get what you want and feel how amazing it is. So come on over and give it a try!

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