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We all have our own music collections on our computer. As the collection grows, there are likely to be duplicates songs. Duplicates are probably created by copying or are the different versions (remastered, live, etc.) of the same song. There are now multiple copies of certain music files on the hard drive where a single copy would be enough. What’s more, these duplicates might end up in different folders, which can create a mess. Duplicate files, along with junk files, are what you don’t really want. They take up extra space and make it hard for you to get your files well organized. Luckily, you can use duplicate music files finder software to effectively remove all the duplicates from your music library. Here we recommend 4 duplicate music files finders including the free ones to help you find duplicate music contents and get them removed easily and quickly.

List of Top 4 Duplicate Music Files Finders

#1 Cisdem Duplicate Finder

Cisdem Duplicate Finder is a professional and sophisticated app that can scan, find and remove duplicate files on your Mac regardless of file type, location or size. The use of MD5 value checksum algorithm, the most advanced scanning technology, allows this app to quickly and accurately scan and remove duplicate audio files of various formats (MP3, OGG, AIFF, AAC, FLAC, etc.) wherever they are on your Mac. The app allows you to preview the information of each and every music file before deleting so that you will not delete the file you need by mistake. The following steps will show you how it works.

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Step 1. Install this duplicate music files finder developed by Cisdem on your Mac. Launch it. Drag the folders you want to scan and drop them to the interface of this app. Alternatively, you can add folders by clicking the “+” button. If you need to find duplicates in iTunes, just add your iTunes folders. Click the “Scan” button to start the scanning.

Step 2. After the scanning process is finished, all the duplicates will be listed. In the preview window, you can have a closer look at all the duplicates.

Step 3. For the sake of safety, by default this duplicate music files finder Mac will keep at least one instance file of the duplicates after removing them. You can either select duplicates manually or click the “Select All” option to select all duplicates. Click the “Delete” button, and the app will automatically delete the all selected duplicate songs.

#2 Any Duplicate Finder

This app can scan your computer in search of copies of songs and audio files and remove the duplicate ones only with your approval. In addition to audio files (MP3 files, OGG files, etc.), this duplicate music files finder also supports video files, image files and so on. To make things easier and more effective, This duplicate music files finder provides two search methods. You can either search for files with the same name or search for files with duplicate or similar content, with the latter made possible by byte-by-byte analysis. By allowing users to get rid of duplicates, the app helps free up space.

#3 Easy Duplicate Finder

You can use this duplicate music files finder to conveniently locate and delete duplicate songs from your computer. To get started, you only need to add the folders you want to scan. There is a dropdown menu allowing you to select the file formats(s) such as MP3. You can also select all file types. After all files in the said folders are scanned, the duplicates will be listed, and you can deal with them in any options available. You can delete them for good, move them to a folder, etc.

#4 Gemini

Coming with a neat, minimal user interface, Gemini can identify duplicate images, audios, documents and other types of files on your computer. It offers a feature that can scan files by size, from the big ones to the smaller ones. By default, the duplicates deleted by this app will be moved to the trash folder on your computer. You can change the method of removal and choose to delete the duplicate files permanently with just a click. It all depends on you.

find duplicate music files using gemini

#5 Clonespy (Free)

This is a free duplicate music files finder for Windows and supports XP, Vista, Windows 7, Windows 8 and Windows 10. It can scan and detect music files that either have identical file name or content or both. Files that not necessarily have the same content but with the same name will also be detected. It’s a great way to create more free space on your hard drive. Once the app finds and lists the duplicate files, you can delete them directly or move them to a certain folder.You can use it to effortlessly identify and remove duplicate songs on your Mac.

find duplicate music files using clonespy


  Cisdem Duplicate Finder Any Duplicate Finder Easy Duplicate Finder Gemini Clonespy
OS Mac Mac Windows & Mac Mac Windows
Comparing Modes Advanced MD5 value checksum algorithm Filename, byte by byte, CRC, etc. Byte-by-byte, CRC32 checksum or filenames Unrevealed Unrevealed
Pros Quickly and accurately identify duplicates regardless of file type, location and size; various options to deal with duplicates; also work as excellent similar image finder and Photos & iTunes duplicate remover Great at finding duplicates; convenient to use Works fast and accurately; various options for dealing with duplicates Come with a simple and clear interface, fast scanning Simple, easy to use interface; accurate scanning
Cons Mac only Can't always automatically; remove all the duplicates; Mac only Not interface friendly as stated Work slowly when scaning big files; Mac only Slow scanning; Windows only


The duplicate music files finder tools listed above are the best of their kind, with their shares of pros and cons. While Any Duplicate Finder is excellent in finding duplicates, it can’t always automatically remove all the duplicates. Easy Duplicate Finder is recommended only for more experienced users since the user interface is not user-friendly as claimed. Gemini does a good job of finding and removing files, but it works slowly when it comes to big files. Overall, Cisdem Duplicate Finder can be the best choice if you are a Mac user. Also, to get rid of duplicate playlists, you can check out this guide on how to remove iTunes duplicate playlists. Welcome to share your thoughts on this article by leaving a comment below.

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