CCleaner Duplicate Finder Review: Should I and How to Use CCleaner?

Connie Wisley
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Here’s a genuine, objective CCleaner Duplicate Finder review. Is it safe to delete duplicate files using CCleaner? How to use CCleaner Duplicate Finder? These are among the questions frequently asked by those who want to find and delete duplicate files on their computers. This review covers things that you may want to know about the Duplicate Finder tool in CCleaner. I hope it will be helpful.


CCleaner Duplicate Finder review

What is CCleaner Duplicate Finder?

CCleaner Duplicate Finder is not an individual app. it’s a tool within the CCleaner app.

Developed by Piriform, CCleaner is a utility designed to clean up unwanted files such as junk files on computer. It’s Windows-only. There are also CCleaner for Mac and CCleaner for Android.

CCleaner’s duplicate file finder tool is built-in and instantly available. Having the essential features that a duplicate file finder should offer, the tool can be used to find and delete duplicate files on a computer.

Availability and price

CCleaner has a standard version and a professional version, and Duplicate Finder is available in both versions. It’s the same case with CCleaner for Mac. But previously, only the professional version of CCleaner for Mac provided Duplicate Finder.

CCleaner pricing:

  Professional version Standard version
CCleaner $24.95/year Free
CCleaner for Mac $29.95/year Free

Is CCleaner Duplicate Finder safe?

Is it safe to delete duplicate files in CCleaner? Yes, it is absolutely safe. Firstly, CCleaner is a simple and clean app to help users clean up their computers. There is no bundled app or malware. Secondly, CCleaner does help find duplicates. If you are not quite sure about the duplicate results, preview these found files according to the path and then delete.

Features: How does CCleaner Duplicate Finder work?

Finding and deleting duplicate files is an effective way to clean up computers, and that’s the reason why CCleaner builds in this useful feature. This feature allows users to remove duplicate documents, videos, movies, photos or other files on your computer.

1. Interface

Once you have launched the program, you can go to “Tools” and choose “Duplicate Finder”, you will find an informative but neat interface. It is easy to use and user-friendly, all the needed icons for customizable settings are arranged in good order, if you need to tweak the settings, just checkmark before the options.

2. Search/Find duplicates

CCleaner allows users to search or find duplicate files in a smart way. Users can search duplicate files that match by name, size, modified date, or content. Even, you can ignore to look through certain files, such as zero-byte files, system files, read-only files, hidden files, even you can specify the min or max file size that you want to ignore to scan.

In addition, during the scanning process, users can include or exclude some drives or folders for searching. For example, if you are quite sure there are lots of duplicates on a drive or in a folder, you can include for scanning, if you don’t want the program look through some files that stored in an important folder, you can exclude for searching.

Yet, CCleaner cannot find all duplicates, there will be some files missing in the duplicates results.

Note: By default, CCleaner doesn’t search subfolders when searching a folder for duplicate files. You can set it to search subfolders if needed.

3. Delete duplicates

After the scanning process, CCleaner will find all the duplicates in your selected folder and list them with details, you will know the name, path, size and creation data of these files.

There are three ways to select duplicate files for deletion.

  • Manually select individual duplicates: Select the checkbox next to a duplicate and repeat the process.
  • Automatically select all duplicates: Perform a right-click and then choose the Select All option that appears.
  • Automatically select a specific type of duplicates: Right-click a file of the particular file type and then choose the Select All of Type option.

Once you are sure that all unwanted duplicates are selected, click the Delete Selected button.

As you may have noticed, though CCleaner offers different solutions to delete files, it doesn’t do that smart as it does in searching duplicate files or as good as other duplicate file finders. Generally speaking, a convenient duplicate finder will offer different options for users to delete duplicates fast and efficiently, such as select all, deselect all, delete the newest, delete the oldest or customize the selection. And its seems in CCleaner, “choosing one by one, then delete” is the safest way to delete duplicate files, since it doesn’t support Preview these duplicates before deletion.

4. Restore Deleted Files

There is a button “Restore results” on the top right corner, this feature is only available when you have paid for its Windows bundle, which includes a data recovery software called Recuva. If not, you will be asked to install this program first.

Before to figure out if CCleaner duplicate file finder tool worth a try or not, we need to have a basic understanding about what does it do and how does it help to find and delete duplicate files.


Should I delete duplicate files in CCleaner? How does CCleaner help to delete duplicate files? As we mentioned in above review, CCleaner cannot allow users to preview found duplicates, if you want to delete some duplicates without mistake, you will have to preview one by one according to the path before final deletion.

While, CCleaner only offers three ways to select duplicates for deletion, users are not allowed to select files smartly. That’s to say, it is not difficult to delete files in CCleaner, but it will take some time to decide which files you should delete.

So, here is the conclusion, if your duplicates are not large in quantity, try CCleaner. If you have a lot of duplicate saved on your computer and all of them are important, you will have to take some time and efforts to delete the correct duplicates in CCleaner, since it doesn’t offer a smart way to select files for deletion.


How to use CCleaner Duplicate Finder

  • Step 1. Download and install CCleaner Duplicate Finder.
  • Step 2. Launch the program, go to Tools> File to use 01
  • Step 3. Check the options and select according to your needs, then click “Search”.
  • Step 4. Select the files you want to delete. For safe deletion, check these selected files in the original folder, to make sure you are deleting the one you to use 02
  • Step 5. Click “Delete” to remove duplicate files in CCleaner.


What if CCleaner Duplicate Finder is not working?

Sometimes, CCleaner just disappoints users. The major complaints about CCleaner duplicate file remover are its failure to find all duplicates, or crash when scanning a large drive/folder.

Then, what to do if CCleaner Duplicate Finder is not working? You may be able to re-start the program if it crashes during scanning process, but there will be no good way to deal with its incompetence to find all expected duplicates. In this case, a professional duplicate finder will be the best solution.

The best alternative to CCleaner Duplicate Finder

Cisdem Duplicate Finder can be the best CCleaner Duplicate Finder alternative due to its good performance and high ease of use. Below are its main features.

  • Identify duplicate images, videos, audios, archives, documents and all other duplicate files
  • Identify similar images too
  • Find duplicate files on Windows PC, Mac, external hard drive, SD card, cloud storage, etc.
  • Help Mac users find duplicates in Photos, iPhoto, Music and iTunes
  • Scan 1 folder/drive or multiple locations for duplicates at a time
  • Let you exclude folders and files from the scan
  • Let you preview duplicate files side by side or in detail
  • Automatically select all duplicates for you to eliminate with a click
  • Also offer up to 8 rules to help you mass select
  • Offer 3 deletion options: Move to Recycle Bin (or Trash), Move to Folder or Remove Permanently
  • Available for Windows PC and Mac

1. Download and install Cisdem Duplicate Finder. Open the software.

Free Download   Free Download

2. To scan for duplicate files in a folder, drag the folder into the software. To customize the scan, click the settings icon in the top right corner.

cisdem duplicate finder mac01

3. Click Scan.

4. View the found duplicate files in the results window. You can preview duplicate photos side by side.

the results window

5. The software has automatically selected all duplicates for removal. Or, you can choose a desired selection rule or select by hand.

all duplicates are selected for removal

6. Click Delete to remove all selected duplicates.

As you can see, this alternative is more powerful and easier to use than CCleaner Duplicate Finder.



CCleaner Duplicate Finder is easily accessible and easy to use. CCleaner itself is not exclusively designed to handle duplicate files. For many of its users, the Duplicate Finder tool may be a nice little cherry on the top feature. For active computer users who may have a large amount of duplicate files on their computers, the best solution to get rid of the unwanted duplicates is to use professional duplicate file finder software due to reliable performance, high accuracy, high speed and great customization.

Connie Wisley
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Connie has been writing for Mac productivity and utility apps since 2009. Each review and solution is based on her practical tests, she is aways energetic and trustworthy in this field.

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