Awesome Duplicate Photo Finder Review: Is It Any Good?

Sarah Miller
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If you are looking for a duplicate photo finder, you might have heard about Awesome Duplicate Photo Finder. Is it safe? What features does it have? Does it do a good job of finding and deleting duplicate photos? You can find the answers here. Blow is a comprehensive and unbiased review of Awesome Duplicate Photo Finder. 


Awesome Duplicate Photo Finder review


What is Awesome Duplicate Photo Finder? It is a duplicate photo finder app to help users get rid of duplicate photos in Windows.


  1. Find duplicate photos in 6 formats: JPG, PNG, GIF, TIFF, BMP, and CR2
  2. Also find certain similar photos
  3. Offer a convenient preview feature
  4. Free to use


  1. Can’t find duplicate photos in non-supported formats
  2. No feature/option to mass delete duplicates, which means users have to manually handle the duplicate(s) in each set of duplicate photos
  3. Not that fast


Is Awesome Duplicate Photo Finder safe?

Is Awesome Duplicate Photo Finder safe to download, install and use? The short answer is yes.

Let’s take a closer look.

It’s not malware. It doesn’t contain adware or spyware or anything like that. The installer is clean and the installation process is straightforward and transparent. The interface is clean and doesn’t display suspicious dialogs or pop-ups. It doesn’t make changes to your system settings. In addition, like any legitimate app, this app is easy to uninstall.

It doesn’t delete any of your files without your permission. And the deleted photos go to the Recycle Bin, which means you can easily restore them if needed. This ensures the safety of your files.


Download and installation

Awesome Duplicate Photo Finder is compatible with Windows 11 or earlier, even including Windows XP and Windows 2000. The latest version is version 1.2.1, which was released in September 2023.

You can download the installer of this app on its website. The installer is small, with a size of 2.5 MB. Once you download the installer, double-click to open it and follow the instructions to install it on your Windows PC. This app also has a portable edition.


Features and performance

Find duplicate photos

Awesome Duplicate Photo Finder is designed to support six image formats: JPG, PNG, GIF, TIFF, BMP, and CR2. CR2 is a raw image format, which is used by Canon cameras. Therefore, this app only finds duplicate photos in these formats, which should be enough for many users. If you are a photographer, you may need an alternative with support for far more image formats.

In the test, this app took 1 minute and 9 seconds to scan 1495 photos for duplicates. It’s not very fast, but the speed is acceptable. However, if you need to scan a large folder, you will need to wait a while. It does a decent job of identifying photos that are exactly the same.

Its interface consists of three sections. The Folder section is at the top, allowing you to add the folder(s) of your choice. The scan results section is at the bottom, which displays all the duplicate photos that have been detected. The preview section is in the middle, displaying two previews side by side, one being the preview of the original photo and one being the duplicate.

the interface of Awesome Duplicate Photo Finder showing the Folder section, the preview section and the scan results section

If three or more photos are exactly identical, they will be split into more than two sets, with the format of “original and duplicate 1”, “original and duplicate 2“ and so forth. (But I prefer to organize them into one single set.)

Find similar photos

In addition to exactly identical photos, Awesome Duplicate Photo Finder can find photos that look similar. If you want, you can turn off this feature in Settings. Just deselect the Search Only 100% Identical Pictures checkbox.

Settings window of Awesome Duplicate Photo Finder

The algorithm or method that this app uses to identify similar images is not revealed. And users have no control over how the identification works. According to the tests, it can find certain similar photos taken by phones or cameras and certain slightly edited photos.

When this app finishes finding them, it will display them for you to preview and also show the similarity level to tell you how similar a pair of photos is. For duplicate photos, the similarity level shown is 100%.

Remove duplicates

The removal of unwanted duplicates and similar photos is manual. There isn’t a feature or option to help you automate the process. Also, there isn’t a way for you to delete multiple duplicates at a time. You need to deal with every set of photos by hand.

Awesome Duplicate Photo Finder provides two removal methods: moving duplicates to the Recycle Bin or moving them to a folder of your choice. If your purpose is to get rid of duplicates and also free up storage space, you need to choose the former and then permanently delete them in the Recycle Bin.

If there aren’t many duplicates, the removal process won’t take much time or patience. If there are tons of items to remove, the process can be time and patience consuming. And in such a case, an app with an auto selection feature can be a better choice.

Customize settings

This app is (limitedly) customizable. For example, before you scan a folder for duplicates, you can exclude one or multiple image formats from the scan. Also, you are allowed to turn off the Move Files to Recycle Bin option. But it’s highly recommended to leave this option on.



If you don’t have a large photo collection and the manual removal of duplicates isn’t an inconvenience for you, Awesome Duplicate Photo Finder can be a good choice to help you get rid of duplicate photos on your computer. For people who have large photo collections and need a duplicate file finder with features like deleting all or multiple duplicates at a time, supporting a wider range of image formats, and offering more customizability, Awesome Duplicate Photo Finder is not the choice. In such a case, you may want to use a more advanced app.


How to use Awesome Duplicate Photo Finder

Step 1. Download and install Awesome Duplicate Photo Finder. Open it.

Step 2. Drag the folder(s) from which you want to remove duplicate photos into the “You can drag directories” area. Alternatively, you can use the Add icon to add the folder(s).

the “You can drag directories” area

Step 3. Click Start Search. Note that there’s a Scan Subdirectories checkbox. If you want to find duplicates in subfolders, select this checkbox.

Step 4. When the scan is complete, an Information message box will appear, showing you how many duplicates have been found. Click OK to close the box.

the Information message box

Step 5. In the scan results section at the bottom, select a set of duplicate files by clicking it, and the previews will appear, allowing you to easily view photos and see photo information (including the format, resolution and file size). After you decide which photo to remove, click the trash icon below the preview to move it to the Recycle Bin or click the folder icon to move it to a particular folder.

Note that you can sort the scan results by the similarity level or the file path.

the scan results section displaying found duplicate photos

Step 6. Continue handling other duplicate photos one by one.



If Awesome Duplicate Photo Finder doesn’t meet your needs, you can check out its alternatives.

Awesome Duplicate Photo Finder alternatives for Windows:

1. Cisdem Duplicate Finder


  1. Find all common types of duplicate files, including duplicate images
  2. Find similar images too, with an adjustable similarity threshold
  3. Support all common image formats, including raw formats
  4. Support computer and external storage devices
  5. Scan for duplicate files in and across folders/drives
  6. Allow you to exclude folders and files from the scan
  7. Automatically select all duplicates for you to delete with a click
  8. Let you adjust the selection manually or by using selection rules
  9. Offer 3 deletion methods: Move to Recycle Bin, Remove Permanently, and Move to Folder
  10. Highly customizable, letting you take control


  1. Incompatible with operating systems prior to Windows 7

Free Download Windows 11/10/8/7

Cisdem Duplicate Finder is an easy-to-use and powerful duplicate file finder. It excels at finding duplicate pictures.

Unlike Awesome Duplicate Photo Finder, this app can find all types of duplicate files such as duplicate photos and duplicate documents.

Cisdem Duplicate Finder displaying duplicate photos

This app makes it very easy to remove duplicate photos. It decides for users which duplicate files to delete and automatically selects duplicates for deletion. If you want, you can choose a desired selection rule or select by hand.

Cisdem Duplicate Finder displaying selection rules

With this app, the process can be very easy and quick.

2. Auslogics Duplicate File Finder

Auslogics Duplicate File Finder

Auslogics Duplicate File Finder is a totally free program to find and delete duplicate files on Window 11, 10 or earlier.

Besides duplicate photos, Auslogics allows you to scan for and delete duplicate audio, videos and archives. The scan can be processed quite fast. Also, users can preview the found files for accurate duplicates deletion. If you want to delete files in batch, you just need to select the checkboxes before the found files for deletion.

3. Anti-Twin


Anti-Twin is another free duplicate photo finder to work on Window 11, 10 or earlier. It resembles a lot with Awesome Duplicate Photo Finder in terms of features.

Anti-Twin allows user to find and delete duplicate MP3 or photos. You can choose to compare images by filename or content. Also, you are allowed to preview the photos before deletion. For users who want to delete duplicates in batch, select these items and then click Delete selected files to remove all the selected files.

Note that the app has not being updated for years and may have compatibility issues.


Awesome Duplicate Photo Finder alternative for Mac:

It is known that Awesome Duplicate Photo Finder can only work on Windows and there is no Awesome Duplicate Photo Finder for Mac. Luckily, there is a Mac app, which offers more features and better performance.

The app is Cisdem Duplicate Finder. It can find both identical photos and similar ones. One of the great things is that you are allowed to adjust the similarity threshold until you are happy with the scan results.

This app works with Mac, external HD, USB flash drive, SD card, etc. and helps you quickly free up storage space.



Awesome Duplicate Photo Finder has been around for over a decade. It has helped many people declutter their photo collections. This Awesome Duplicate Photo Finder Review talks about almost everything about this app. I believe this review can help you decide whether it’s the duplicate photo finder you’ve been looking for.

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With a passion for tech and writing, Sarah joined Cisdem, where she focuses on creating articles about using utility tools to enhance file management and simplify contact management.

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