iSkysoft DVD Creator Review: 4 Things You Need to Know

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To burn videos on a Mac or Windows PC, besides of the required hardware to process the burning, you will need a DVD Creator, also called as DVD Burner to burn a DVD. 

Today, more and more users are talking about iSkysoft DVD Creator, so wer are here to write a review about this program, revealing everything you need to know about iSkysoft DVD Creator, be it the iSkysoft DVD Creator for Mac or iSkysoft DVD Creator for Windows.

About iSkysoft DVD Creator

Who is iSkysoft?

iSkysoft, the developer of iSkysoft DVD Creator, is a group to offer software solutions since 2004. It covers from multimedia tools, office productivity programs, utilities and even to design tools, with high compatibility both on Mac and Windows. Being a dedicated software designer, it develops and updates solutions in an extremely active way to help users with their increasing needs.

What Can iSkysoft DVD Creator Do?

iSkysoft DVD Creator, as iSkysoft proclaims, is the easiest DVD burning software to burn any video to DVD. Also, here is a list to show you its main features:

  • Burn videos to DVD, DVD Folder or ISO file
  • Create DVD from photos
  • Edit videos for DVD burning
  • Create Chapters or menus to personalize the DVD
  • Support to burn UHD videos to Blu-ray disc

Is iSkysoft DVD Creator Safe to Use?

Yes, of course, with a 15-year dedication and expertise in this field, iSkysoft has served for numerous users and won a universal trust. It is safe to download and purchase any program from iSkysoft. But of course, just use its official website for further actions.


The Review of iSkysoft DVD Creator (Mac & Windows)


  1. Easy to use
  2. Burn videos to DVD Disc, ISO, DVD Folder
  3. Burn photos to DVD
  4. Customization is allowed (Editing tools and menu templates)


  1. Not support MacOS Mojave
  2. Basic editing feature
  3. Fail sometimes

Bottom Line

iSkysoft DVD Creator works great to burn relatively small size videos to DVD, also it is more suitable to burn DVD on a basic or simple theme, since the editing tools and menu templates are quite ordinary. Also, it doesn’t support the newest MacOS Mojave.

Free Trial Limitations

iSkysoft DVD Creator offers a free trial for users before they make any commercial decisions, but there are limitations for this free trial:

  • You cannot use the Video Editor;
  • You cannot use the Photo Slideshow to burn DVD from photos;
  • You cannot burn DVD with 1 click;
  • There will be watermark on the DVD output;
  • There are 3 menu templates available free;

free trial limit

But for users who only need to burn videos to DVD, this free trial is a good tool to utilize.

The Input

According to the tech specification on iSkysoft website, the supported input includes: MP4, M4V(without DRM), FLV, AVI, VOB, M2TS, MTS, 3GP, 3G2, MOV, F4V, MPG, MPEG, TS, TRP, TP, DAT,WMV, MKV, ASF.

Yet, there is no information about the supported audio formats when adding music to a video, also no mentions about the support image formats. But as per my tests, it supports all mainstream audio and image formats.

The Output

No limited to burning videos to DVD Disc, iSkysoft DVD Creator also helps to export other DVD-friendly formats as following:

  • DVD Disc
  • DVD Folder
  • DVD ISO File
  • .dvdmedia File for Mac
  • BDMV Folder for Windows

Download and installation

The download is both available for Mac users and Windows users. It will take about 65MB to download the installer.
As for the installation, it is quite easy. After you have agreed on the “Agreement”, the installation process starts and will take another 175 MB.



Before burning a video to DVD, iSkysoft enables users to edit the video and add a menu template, to customize the DVD output. And here we are going to talk about how iSkysoft helps to personalize DVD with these 2 toolbars.

  • Editing basics
    There is a basic set of editing tools, including Crop, Trim, Add Effect, Add Watermark, Add Subtitle. All of these tools are easy to use, you can tweak the settings or parameters under each toolbar.editing toolsAs for the Effect that used to make a video different, there are 17 effects offered free to work for your videos.
  • Menu creation
    Sometimes, we burn a DVD to memorize a family event, a party, even great moment in your life, such as a wedding. So, if we can burn a DVD with a themed menu added, that would be cool. And luckily, lots of DVD Creators have built in this feature, including iSkysoft DVD Creator. For free trial, there are 3 menu templates offered for free, while for full version, there will be 123 templates open to users, on topic of Memory, Holiday, Travel, Wedding, Sports, Movie or templateOf course, you can also download menu templates from its official website, including the themes for Tech, Cartoons, Lifestyle or textStill, users are allowed to modify the texts on the menu template, changes can be made on texts, font, size, etc.


  • Speed
    Maybe the burning speed of iSkysoft DVD Creator doesn’t top all other competitors, the speed is satisfactory.
    According to my test, it took about 3 minutes to burn a 48-MB MP4 to DVD Disc, also it took similar time to burn the video to other DVD output.
    When burning my 348–MB video to DVD, it took approx. 30 minutes to finish the burning. By comparing to other DVD creators, the burning speed of iSkysoft DVD Creator is quite average.
  • Quality of Copy
    The quality of the created DVD is good as long as the burning processes successfully. But we have to admit, the quality of the DVD copy greatly depends on the quality of original videos. Consequently, if you want desired output, make sure you are importing high quality videos to the program.
  • Any Burning Failure?
    Yes, there is.
    There are 2 failures in my tests. A failure happened when I opened too many apps that working in the background, the program just paused there for a long long time and I have to fore quit for a new burning. The other failure happened when I imported a 876MB video for burning, the program crashed immediately after I started to burn, I am not sure if it is the problem of the video itself or the program.


iSkysoft DVD Creator VS Wondershare DVD Creator

Both work as a DVD Creator, I expect there will be something in common between these 2 programs, but surprisingly, they basically share everything in common, which makes me to jump such a conclusion: iSkysoft DVD Creator and Wondershare DVD Creator are created by the same developer.

Just days ago, I finished the Wondershare DVD Creator review, I downloaded and tried this program too. Range from installer size, interface, features, to every little word on the interface, everything is the same, except that iSkysoft DVD Creator comes in green UI, while Wondershare DVD Creator come sin red UI.

For more details to find out the similarities between these 2 program, please refer to my Review on Wondershare DVD Creator.

But still, there is a difference, Wondershare DVD Creator has upgraded to support MacOS Mojave, but iSkysoft doesn’t support. So, if you happen to know these 2 DVD burners, you are more recommended to use Wondershare's.


What if iSkysoft DVD Creator Fails?

iSkysoft DVD Creator may fail to do the DVD burning in your case, even you have restarted or reinstalled the program, trying to fix such a failure. Then what to do? No worries, there are other choices, for example, Cisdem DVD Burner.

Cisdem DVD Burner is a DVD burning software to create DVD Disc or DVD files from virtually all kinds of videos, including but not limited to mp4, mov, flv, mkv, m4v, vob, etc, with original video quality retained, no matter you are burning common videos, HD or 4K even 5K.

There is also a video editor built in Cisdem DVD Burner, allowing users to personalize their videos before the burning. Even, with free menu templates offered, users can burn their videos featured with different themes, such as holiday, wedding, sports, etc.

However, this tool is only for mac users. For Windows users, Winx DVD Author, the free DVD burning software is recommended.

Main features of Cisdem DVD Burner

  • Burn various videos to DVD Disc or save as DVD-friendly files;
  • Edit videos;
  • Offer free menu templates;
  • Preserve original quality;
  • Burn videos successfully;

How to Burn DVD with Cisdem DVD Burner?

Step 1Download and install Cisdem DVD Burner on your mac.

Free Download

Step 2Click “+” to import videos to the program for burning.

cisde dvd burner mac 01

Step 3(Optional) Edit the video.

Double click on the thumbnail of the imported video, a window will appear and users can utilize those toolbars to crop, add effects/watermark/subtitle, and rotate the video.

cisdem dvd burner mac 02

Step 4(Optional) Choose a menu template.

Choose an appropriate menu template according to the video style and modify the menu texts if necessary.

cisdem dvd burner mac 03

Step 5Click “Burn” button to start the burning process and choose output format for your DVD.


To sum up, iSkysoft DVD Creator is worth a try for users who have basic needs to burn and edit the videos. But for users who work on MacOS Mojave, or require a stable and high-quality burning, Cisdem and Wondershare are better choices.

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