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5 Best PDF Reader for Mac to View PDF File Easily

If you want to view PDF files on Mac, you need download a reliable PDF Reader for Mac. Actually, when it comes to PDF viewers, there are flexible choice for Mac users, such as Adobe Reader and Preview. However, it is undeniable that everyone expects a better PDF viewing experience, in this case, you have to get help from a powerful PDF Document Reader for Mac. In this article, I collected 5 best PDF viewers that provide more features than viewing PDF.

Part 1: Why Should Download PDF Reader for Mac?

As is known to all, Preview is a built-in application of Mac to help users view PDF files and image on Mac. Although what Preview can do is limited, its function also can not be ignored. But if you want to do some things more complex, you may need another more comprehensive PDF solution.

In addition, I received tons of e-mails from Mac users who have upgraded the system to Mac OS Sierra, and they found that some functions like Preview are not functioning because of bugs existing in system. The issues users met with are as follows:

  • The program is unable to view PDF files and loads Safari as the default program.
  • Even though you open the PDF files, the font of them would be changed sometimes, which is really not professional.

It is quite distinct the powerful operating system needs newly alternative apps to help Mac users view PDF files successfully till all upgrade problem are resolved by the company. And at present, you come to the right place, I will highly recommend 6 trustworthy PDF viewers to you.

Part 2: 5 Best PDF Reader to Download for Mac 2017

1.Cisdem Document Reader for Mac

Cisdem Document Reader for Mac is a file and documents viewer, which can read PDF, WPD, WPS, XPS, OXPS, VISIO on Mac. Beyond that, it also allows users to easily print these files and save it to PDF format on Mac. Cisdem DocumentReader is a great app that can view files easily and smoothly. With double click you can open WPD, WPS, XPS, OXPS, VISIO, PDF files in batches on Mac, when viewing your file, we level up your viewing experience with our fast rendering engine, so you can browsing large files without lags. Also we use different page viewing styles with toolbar consisting table of content, page thumbnail, searching pane, page navigation, zoom, rotate, save, etc. Also you can design this toolbar in the way you favor.

If you wonder step-by-step guides on how to open PDF files with Cisdem DocumentReader, maybe you can try this link: How to Read PDF Files on Mac(OS Sierra Included)?

Now, the Cisdem PDF Reader is open for all users for free, download Cisdem Document Reader to view PDF files on mac for free!

2. Haihaisoft Reader

Haihaisoft PDF Reader is a free PDF document viewer and Printer, with very small size, extremely fast launch speed and rich feature set. It is now compatible with Windows, Mac, Android, and iPhone/iPad. But I got some bad reviews from users who had already tried it, you can take it as reference. Firstly, printing of various PDF files produced only blank pages. Secondly, the author of Haihaisoft PDF Reader doesn’t comply with the licence agreement (GPL) thus have lost the right to use Sumatra PDF or its code.

Download Haihaisoft Reader right now >>

3. Skim

Skim is a PDF viewer and note-taker for Mac OS X. It is designed to help you with viewing and annotating scientific papers in PDF, but is also excellent for viewing any PDF files. This software would be suitable for both students and personal use with editing, noting and viewing PDF files due to its less-restriction and multi-option. However, everything has two sides, so does Skim PDF viewer. It does not save text you have written in forms. No warning is given. A user said, there's no way to mass edit your previous annotations, you have to select each individual line and move/change it one by one.

Download Skim right now >>

4. Adobe Acrobat for Mac

Undoubtedly, Adobe Acrobat is the most popular PDF Reader for Mac since it has the most comprehensive function to solve all kinds of PDF problems, such as viewing PDF on Mac, editing PDF on Mac, creating PDF from Mac, converting PDF to other document formats, etc. Adobe Acrobat is powerful PDF Reader for Mac, with it, you can easily view PDF files on Mac. But Adobe Acrobat is also the most expensive PDF solution, you will have to take the price. Besides this, my colleague said it was unable to roll back to earlier version and would break many word processing programs.

Download Adobe Acrobat right now >>

5. PDFManagerUltimate

PDFManagerUltimate is a fantastic PDF Reader for Mac which will give you a complete PDF solution. With this software, viewing PDF files is no longer a hard task. In fact, as a full-featured PDF Reader, not only can it read PDF files on Mac, but also allows you to rapidly categorize your PDF document mess by classifying and adding tags. Furthermore, it offers the build-in search box, you can use it to search for PDF files directly in the program. Last but not at least, this application also has OCR technology, which makes users can extract text from image or convert scanned PDF to other editable formats.

If you are interested with this product, you can also read this article: How to Edit PDF on Mac(OS Sierra Included)? And How to Annotate a PDF on Mac (Sierra Included)?

Download PDFManagerUltimate right now >>


Based on the above information, we can find that the features of Preview, Skim are limited. And Haihaisoft Reader could encounter some trouble when operate it. As for Adobe Acrobat, it is too expensive. If you want to use it to view PDF on Mac, you need to pay for it for every month. Cisdem PDFManagerUltimate and DocumentReader all provide a free trial for each user. In opinion, Cisdem Document Reader and PDFManagerUltimate are the best choice for its high cost performance. Just a proposal, you can refer to it, or if you have better choice, you can tell me in the comments.

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