5 Best Duplicate Video Finders for Windows PC and Mac

Rosa Reyes
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If two or more videos are exactly the same (regardless of name), they are a set of duplicate videos. There are also near-duplicate videos, which may have different resolutions, file sizes, formats or lengths. Unnecessary duplicates consume storage space and clutter up your computer. Luckily, a duplicate video finder can help you quickly and efficiently find and remove them.

This article provides a list of five great apps to find and delete duplicate videos on Windows PC and Mac, to help you choose one that best suits your needs.


5 best duplicate video finders

Below are 5 best tools that I tested and all of them successfully deleted duplicate videos on my computer.

#1 Cisdem Duplicate Finder

Compatibility: Windows 7 or later, 64-bit only; macOS 10.11 or later

Our take: Best for finding and deleting duplicate videos and other duplicate files

Cisdem Duplicate Finder can accurately and quickly identify duplicate videos, clips, movies, images, audios, documents and all other duplicate files on Windows PC, Mac, external storage devices and even cloud storage services.

As a duplicate video finder, it can find exactly identical videos (regardless of name) in folders, Microsoft Photos, Photos for Mac, and iTunes. Its results window has three views, allowing you to conveniently view the found duplicates. To help you quickly get rid of unwanted duplicates, it automatically selects all but one video for removal in each set of duplicate videos, and also offer several selection rules. Additionally, you can manually select items to delete.

Cisdem Duplicate Finder

Note: The Mac version of Cisdem Duplicate Finder supports playing videos, music, previewing images and documents within the app. The Windows version currently only supports previewing images. But you can still view the details (like path, date created, size) of the duplicate videos and open them using the default or other video player on your computer.

How to use:

1. Download and install Cisdem Duplicate Finder on your Windows or Mac.

Free Download Windows 11/10/8/7 Free Download macOS 10.11 or later

2. Open this duplicate video finder. Click the plus icon. Add one or more folders/drives/libraries where you believe duplicate videos exist. Click “Scan”.

click Scan

3. Go to the “Videos” tab to preview duplicate videos or view file information.

4. Click the “Delete” button to remove all duplicate videos that this tool has automatically selected for you. You can also use the selection rules to help you mass select.

seelction rules

Or manually select the unwanted video duplicates to remove.


  1. Identify duplicate videos and other file types.
  2. Support finding duplicate files on various devices and locations.
  3. Make it easy and quick to get rid of duplicates.
  4. Easy and safe to use.
  5. Customizable, letting you, for example, exclude files and folders, set the image similarity level, etc.
  6. Automatically select duplicate videos and other duplicates for you to delete.


  1. No built-in video preview in the Windows version.


Compatibility: Windows 7 or later

Our take: Best for identifying near-duplicate videos

Duplicate Video Search finds duplicate videos by comparing the actual visual content of video files. Therefore, it can identify duplicate videos, videos that have the same content but are different in resolutions, file sizes or formats, and certain edited (like trimmed) versions of the same video.

This video duplicate finder supports nine video formats by default, which is enough in most cases. You can add more supported formats if needed. It offers three sets of options. You can configure options to decide how it compares and detects duplicates and near duplicates. This app is not foolproof. It’s more suitable for computer savvy people.

Duplicate Video Search

When the detection is complete, you will be presented with the sets of duplicates this app finds. In each set, all but one video is automatically selected for elimination. The automatic selection may not be that reliable when it comes to near-duplicate videos.

How to use:

1. Download Duplicate Video Search on your Windows PC.

2. Launch it. Under the “Search Folders” box, Click the “Add” button. Add folders you want to search for duplicate videos.

3. In the “Process File Types” box, make sure the video types that you need to scan are in the list.

4. Disable or enable the 3 “Video Reading Options” according to your needs. Adjust other settings if necessary, or simply keep the default settings.

5. Click “Search”.

6. When the scan is complete, it will show you all found duplicate videos as a list of thumbnails, and displays resolution, duration, size in the Summary column.

7. This duplicate video finder also automatically selects videos that it believes are duplicates. You can also manually check the boxes next to the video files that you wish to delete.

8. Remove the selected videos to the Recycle Bin by clicking the Delete button on the top tool bar.


  1. Find videos that are the same or not exactly the same.
  2. Support enough video formats.
  3. Provide an automatic selection feature.
  4. Very customizable.


  1. A bit hard to use.
  2. Can be slow.


#3 dupeGuru

Compatibility: Windows 7 or later; macOS 10.12 or later

Our take: Good for finding and removing duplicate files including duplicate videos

dupeGuru supports videos and some other common files types like images and audios. It has three modes: Standard, Music and Picture, each with several file comparison methods. To make sure that it accurately looks for duplicate videos, you need to choose the Standard mode and then the Contents method.


Despite being free, this open source duplicate video finder is efficient to use. With it, both the identification and removal of duplicate videos can be easy and quick. It doesn’t provide a built-in video preview feature but you can double-click on the video file name to play it using the default application.

However, some features/options can be somewhat hidden. For example, to turn on automatic selection, you need to go to the Mark menu. To remove selected items, you need to go to the Actions dropdown menu. Additionally, dupeGuru only lets you select or deselect videos it considers to be duplicates, while the original videos cannot be selected or deleted.

How to use:

1. Download and install dupeGuru on your computer.

2. Open it. Select “Standard mode”. Select “Content” as the scan type.

3. Click the plus icon on the bottom right corner. Add folders to scan.

4. This step is optional. Click “More Options”. Exclude video files smaller/larger than a specific size from scanning.

5. Click “Scan”.

6. Click the “Mark” button. Select “Mark All” from the drop down menu. This will mark all duplicate videos for you.

7. Then go to the “Actions” menu. Choose “Send Marked to Recycle Bin”.


  1. Free and open source.
  2. Support various file types.
  3. Provide automatic selection.
  4. Offer a portable version for Windows users.


  1. No built-in video preview.


#4 Photos

Compatibility: macOS 13 or later

Our take: Good for detecting duplicate videos and photos in Photos on Mac.

Developed by Apple, Photos is a photo management app included with macOS, which allows users to view and manage photos and videos. The Photos app in macOS 13 or later has a duplicate detection feature. This feature is completely automatic and not customizable and works in the background.

It may take some time for the macOS to analyze your Photos library and find duplicate videos. If you can’t see duplicate videos there, one possibility is that none of your videos has a duplicate. Another possibility is that Photos hasn’t finished detecting duplicates. In such a case, you have to wait. There is nothing else that you can do. You may have to wait for hours, days or even longer.

It offers 2 options for you to deal with duplicates: merge or delete. If you choose to merge, Mac will automatically keep the one with the best quality of all the duplicate videos and includes all the metadata.

How to use:

1. Open the Photos app on your Mac.

2. Select “Duplicates” from the left sidebar.

3. Click “Filter By” on the upper right corner. Choose “Videos”.

4. Then you can view all the found duplicate videos on your Photos library. Each set of duplicate videos has a “Merge” option, and you can click Merge to automatically get rid of all but one video. You can also manually select videos to delete.


  1. Free to use.
  2. Built-in to Mac.
  3. Work automatically.
  4. Support videos and images.


  1. Not available in earlier macOS versions.
  2. Not customizable at all.
  3. Require you to delete duplicate videos set by set.


#5 Duplicate Video Remover Free

Compatibility: Windows XP or later

Our take: Good for looking for duplicate video files

Duplicate Video Remover Free is a decent free duplicate video finder. But it’s not a that good duplicate video remover.

This app is a little bit customizable, but sticking to the default settings is enough to identify the duplicate copies of your videos. It also supports searching your iTunes library for duplicate videos.

The Search result tab will display all the found duplicate videos. To remove them, you need to go through all the videos and manually select the unwanted ones for removal. There is a Select automatically button, but it is not available in the free version. And the Selection button is also useless, which only helps select all, deselect all, or invert selection. The built-in video preview also doesn’t work at all. Another annoying thing is that ads always popping up when it performs scans, moves files, and deletes files.

How to use:

1. Download and install Duplicate Video Remover Free on your PC.

2. Select “Strong duplicate” as the comparison type.

3. Check the box next to “Video files” under File type.

4. Click the “Add folder” button. Add folders to scan. Or click “Add iTunes library” to start iTunes on your PC and search for duplicate videos in it.

5. Click the “Start” button at the bottom.

6. Select unwanted video files by hand.

7. Click “Action”. Then click “Remove”.

8. Close the pop-up ads window. Confirm the deletion.


  1. Free to use.
  2. Very easy-to-understand user interface.


  1. Require you to manually select duplicates to remove.
  2. No built-in video preview.
  3. Contain ads.


Comparison of these 5 video duplicate finders

Below is a comparison of these duplicate video finders and similar video finders to help you decide which tool best fits you needs.

  Cisdem Duplicate Finder Duplicate Video Search dupeGuru Photos Duplicate Video Remover Free
Support Windows, Mac Windows Windows, Mac Mac Windows
Find duplicate videos Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes
Find near-duplicate videos No Yes No No No
Find other duplicate files Yes No Yes Yes No
Auto-select duplicates for deletion Yes Yes Yes No No
Ease of use Excellent Good Good Fair Fair



Why are there duplicate videos on my computer?

They can accumulate on your computer for various reasons, such as copying videos to another folder, importing or downloading the same videos to your computer twice or more, etc. Compressing, converting or editing videos can lead to near-duplicate videos. Generally, you only need to keep one copy or version of a particular video on your computer.

Knowing the reasons may help you avoid duplicate videos.

How do you get rid of duplicate videos?

You can do it manually or using dedicated software. If there aren’t many video files on your computer, looking for them by hand is feasible. If there are tons of videos, using software is the best choice.



Duplicate videos can be a big storage space eater because videos usually take much more space than other types of files. Luckily, a duplicate video finder can help you get rid of them. This article talks about five apps that can help you handle duplicate videos, and the latter three are free. Some of them are basic, and some powerful. Some only work with videos, and some are more versatile. You can choose the one that best suits your needs.

Rosa Reyes
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Rosa has worked in Mac software industry for more than eight years. She believes that the purpose of software is to make life better and work more productively. In addition to writing, Rosa is also an avid runner.

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  • Florian Ebner

    Thank you for your article and it is very helpful. Mac's built-in duplicate detection feature cannot find all duplicate videos. The first utility is very good and easy to use.

    0 months ago commonReply

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  • Jody

    Thanks for sharing these recommendations! I've used a few duplicate file finders before, but never specifically for videos. Do any of these tools also help with organizing or renaming files? That's another headache I'm trying to tackle.

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    • Rosa Reyes

      As for organizing and renaming files, I don't think any of the tools on this list have those features specifically.

      0 months ago
  • Bryant L.

    I'm looking for a tool to deal with the duplicate videos in my Photos library. And I'm happy that I find one. Getting rid of them by hand one by one would just time-consuming.

    2 years ago commonReply

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  • Leon

    Thanks for the comparison, thanks to cisdem I now conclusively know that cisdem duplicate finder is the best duplicate finder....

    8 years ago commonReply

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  • Jordon

    I always edit and cut videos, so there are lots of duplicate video clips on my Mac. I don't want to check them one by one, so I need a duplicate video finder to help me find and delete duplicate videos. Thanks for recommending so many duplicate video finder for me.

    8 years ago commonReply

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  • Geoffrey

    Duplicate videos almost take up more than 50GB on my mac, i feel desire for a good duplicate video finder to clean up them, so I am here to find what I want.

    8 years ago commonReply

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