Best Duplicate Video Finders for Mac and Windows

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Is there such a thing as a duplicate video finder that will search duplicate videos based on video/movie comparisons of files rather than just the file size? I have hundreds of duplicate or similar videos on my Mac, they take up much space, how can I find and remove these duplicate videos from a large set of videos of varying formats? – Asked by a video editor

Duplicate videos could eat up your precious hard drive space, often without you even knowing it. They can occur when you import videos from your camera, iPhone, etc. to computer, failing to remember that you’ve already had them somewhere on your hard drive, among other causes.

Duplicate video files, just like other types of duplicate files, are totally useless in most cases. The best thing to do is to find and delete them with the help of a duplicate video finder for Mac or PC.

Stop duplicate videos from swallowing up your hard drive space

Videos tend to be much bigger in size when compared with other types of files such as images and music files. A 3-minute MPEG-4 1080p video can take up around 42 MB space. A 20-minute MKV video in 2160p can have a file size of more than 2GB, which is huge. Given the same numbers of duplicates, duplicate videos will waste far much more storage space than other types of duplicates.

By deleting duplicate videos with duplicate video finder for Mac or other operating systems, one can free up a significant amount of hard drive space. A good duplicate video file remover can effectively and efficiently find all duplicate videos and get them eliminated all at once.

Best duplicate video finders for Mac and Windows

#1 Cisdem Duplicate Finder | Mac

Cisdem Duplicate Finder for Mac is an easy-to-use and powerful duplicate file finder for Mac. It can work as an excellent duplicate video finder for Mac and supports MP4, AVI, MOV, FLV, WMV, MKV and other video formats.

It uses the MD5 value check-sum algorithm to identify duplicate videos, duplicate photos, music files, archives and other types of files from your Mac as well as external storage devices. True duplicates can be found regardless of file name and location.

Also, this duplicate video finder provides real-time scanning results, presents pie chart overview of detected duplicates and allows users to exclude folders, subfolders, files and extensions from scanning. There are also other minor features to provide more customization and flexibility.

This duplicate video file finder is compatible with OS X 10.10 and later, including macOS 10.14 Mojave. It currently only has a Mac version.

Free Download

Download Cisdem Duplicate File Finder for Mac to clean up duplicate videos!

#2 Easy Duplicate File Finder | Mac & Windows

Easy Duplicate Finder is a great tool to find and remove duplicate videos, photos, documents, MP3 files, archives and Outlook emails. With flexible file scan settings and an intuitive interface, this duplicate file finder lets users locate and remove duplicate videos or other files in three simple steps. All you need to do is to add folders, run a scan and remove the unwanted duplicates in one click.

While the scan can be a bit slow sometimes, this duplicate video finder does a good job of accurately detecting the duplicate files on Mac or Windows thanks to the advanced file comparison algorithms it uses.

Download Easy Duplicate File Finder to remove duplicate videos!

#3 Gemini 2 | Mac

Gemini 2 searches for and removes duplicate videos, audios, images, documents, folders, and etc. exclusively on Mac. It can also clean iTunes and Photo (iPhoto) libraries. Coming with an incomparably intuitive and beautiful interface, it uses unique rapid algorithms which contribute to the high scanning speed.

Just like Cisdem Duplicate Finder for Mac, Gemini 2 also supports external hard drives. This video duplicate finder for Mac can help you find duplicate videos or other files, and only a few clicks are needed. Its built-in file preview mode makes selection easy. During scanning, this app can take lots of system resources, which is a minor downside but definitely not a deal breaker. All in all it’s a rather decent duplicate file finder.

Download Gemini for Mac to find and delete duplicate videos!

#4 The Duplicate Finder | Mac

Designed to find and eliminate files that are hogging space on your hard drive, The Duplicate Finder is fast and effective, with precise performance. This duplicate file finder for Mac uses SHA-1 Checksum to compare files and can instantly detect duplicate videos as well as other kinds of files. You can use the duplicate video finder to quickly find unnecessary duplicate videos and songs, filter and sorts the duplicate files and get them removed. Use the preview feature before you perform deletion and make sure that non-duplicate files won’t be removed.

Download The Duplicate Finder for Mac to get rid of duplicate videos!

#5 Duplicate Video Search | Windows

Just as the name suggests, this software program only deals with video files. Duplicate Video Search can effectively find and remove duplicate videos on Windows 10, 8, 7, Vista and XP. It supports popular video formats including MP4, AVI, MKV, FLV, WMV and more.

The detected duplicate videos are shown with thumbnail images to give users to a visual overview. For each video, this duplicate video finder will provide information such as duration, date of last modification, resolution, etc. to help users make better decision of which videos to delete. Users can choose to delete the duplicates directly or move them to another folder.

duplicate video search

Get Duplicate Video Search to find duplicate video files on Windows

#6 Duplicate Files Finder | Mac

Duplicate Files Finder can be a very easy-to-use duplicate video finder for Mac. It’s quite easy for everybody to use with a simple and elegant interface. You can use it to effortlessly identify and clear duplicates files in folders under Downloads, Music, Movies, and Pictures on your Mac. There is no need to drag and drop files. All you need to do is click the Downloads or other buttons on the interface of this app. You can also add folders to scan by clicking the big folder icon in the lower left corner. With this duplicate video finder, the annoying duplicates will never bother you on your hard drive.

Download Duplicate Files Finder for Mac!

Best duplicate video finder freeware

There are also duplicate videos finder freeware tools available. Free Duplicate File Finder is the best of them. It currently doesn’t have a Mac version.

The byte-by-byte comparison method allows you to find the duplicate videos on your computer with accuracy and effectiveness. In addition to videos, this duplicate file finder also supports pictures, songs and other types of files. If you want to find and delete the duplicate videos on your external hard drive, this tool can also help you out.

free duplicate file finder

It also offers a few useful features for the sake of safety and effectiveness. For example, you can protect files in your important folders from being deleted by accident. You can also exclude folders from scanning.

Comparison: which duplicate video finder is the best?

The duplicate video finders mentioned above are able to find and remove duplicate videos for you. They all come with their shares of pros and cons. How do you choose the one that suits you best? There are a few factors to consider, such as speed, versatility, price, etc. Here’s a comparison of these duplicate video file finders, which can help you make better decision.

Duplicate Video Finder OS Comparing Modes Price Pros Cons
Cisdem Duplicate Finder Mac Advanced MD5 value checksum algorithm $19.99

Fast and accurately find duplicate videos, pictures, iTunes duplicates, etc.

Multiple scan modes and removal options

Only available for Mac
Easy Duplicate File Finder Windows & Mac CRC32 checksum or filenames $39.95

Detect duplicate video, music, image files with accuracy

Various options for dealing with duplicates

Interface not user-friendly as stated
Gemini 2 Mac No explanation $19.95

Use lots of memory during scanning

Possible risk of deleting files accidentally

Use lots of memory during scanning

Run slow when scanning large files

The Duplicate Finder Mac SHA-1 Checksum $9.99

Easy to use with a simple interface

Identify duplicate videos and songs

Scanning can be slow

Possibility of deleting non-duplicates

Duplicate Video Search Windows Video fingerprinting technology $29.95

Effectively find duplicate video files with high speed

Support various video formats

Only deal with video files
Duplicate Files Finder Mac No explanation $1.99 Scan your Downloads, Music, Movies and Pictures files

Low speed


Free Duplicate File Finder Windows Byte-by-byte and SHA-1 Free

Find duplicate files with accuracy and effectiveness

Only available for Windows


Duplicate videos can be a big hard drive space eater. It’s always a good idea to get rid of them. We tested the most popular duplicate video finders for Mac and PC. Some of them are able to identify duplicate files of various types including videos, photos and so on. Some are designed for the only purpose of finding and removing duplicate videos. They vary in scanning speed, interface design, price, etc. If you are a PC user, Easy Duplicate File Finder can be a choice. When it comes to the best duplicate video finder for Mac, we pick Cisdem Duplicate Finder due to its high speed, accuracy and versatility.

Free Download

Download the free trial of Cisdem Duplicate Finder for Mac now!

Which duplicate video finder do you prefer? What do you expect from a good duplicate file finder? Welcome to leave a comment below.

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