Best Duplicate Video Finders for Mac and Windows

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Is there such a thing as a duplicate video finder that will search duplicate videos based on video/movie comparisons of files rather than just the file size? I have hundreds of duplicate or similar videos on my Mac, they take up much space, how can I find and remove these duplicate videos from a large set of videos of varying formats? – Asked by a video editor

Duplicate videos eat up your precious hard drive space, often without you even knowing their existence. They could result from transferring, backing up or copying videos for particular purposes. By finding and deleting duplicate videos with a duplicate video finder for Mac or Windows, you can easily free up hard drive space.

How to find and delete these duplicate Videos that take up your disk space?

Videos and movies tend to be much bigger in size when compared with other types of files such as images and documents. A 3-minute MPEG-4 1080p video can take up around 42 MB space. A 20-minute MKV video in 2160p can have a file size of over 2GB, which is huge. Given the same numbers of duplicates, duplicate videos will waste far much more storage space than other types of duplicates.

To find and delete duplicate videos we need to get a good duplicate video file which can quickly and accurately find all duplicate videos even if there are in a different format, name, resolution, size, etc. Also, the best duplicate video file finder should help one easily get them eliminated all at once. So below we have test and choosed the top 8 best duplicate video finders for you based on their ability to scan for duplicate video files and how easy to use the app to delete the duplicate video.

Top 8 best duplicate video finders

#1 Cisdem Duplicate Finder for Mac

Supported OS: Mac OS X 10.10: Yosemite and later, including macOS 10.15 Catalina

Cisdem Duplicate Finder for Mac is an easy-to-use and powerful duplicate file finder. With support for all common video formats such as MP4, AVI, MOV, FLV, WMV and MKV, it can work as a great duplicate video finder, allowing you to:

  • Find duplicate videos by content even in a different format.
  • Find duplicate videos by filename, and figure out whether they are in the same size or file content.
  • Find the duplicate video in iTunes.
  • Find duplicate videos in Photos app.

This app can also find and remove duplicate photos, audios, documents, archives and other types of duplicate files.

Free Download

overview feature

It uses the MD5 value check-sum algorithm and can compare files byte by byte. Therefore, it can quickly find true duplicate files regardless of filename. The default Scan Method is Scan by File Content. If you need to find duplicate videos by name rather than by content, you can change it in settings.

In addition to your Mac’s internal hard drive, it also supports external hard drive, SD card, USB flash drive and other storage devices.

This duplicate video finder for Mac offers high customization and flexibility, letting you have control over the scan and removal process. There are multiple scan methods, scan filtering options, preview modes and removal options. For example, you can get the scan to exclude specific video formats or folders. It's also easy to set the minimum and maximum file size. To do so, click the gear icon settings icon in the top right corner before you hit the Scan button.

set minimum and maximum file size

exclude folder

Features like Auto-Select and one-click deletion make it super easy to delete duplicate video files.

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How to Delete Duplicate Video with Cisdem Duplicate File Finder

Step 1. Download and install Cisdem Duplicate Finder for Mac. Launch it. A free trial is offered.

Step 2. Click the add icon to add folders or drives to scan for duplicate videos. If needed, click the gear (settings) icon in the upper right corner to customize scan and removal settings. Click Scan.

add folders to scan for duplicate videos

Step 3. When the duplicate video finder finishes scanning, go to the Videos tab where you will find groups of duplicate videos. You can use the second preview mode to preview and compare videos.

the best duplicate video finder for Mac

Step 4. By default, this duplicate video file finder will auto-select duplicates for you to delete. You just need to click the Delete button. There are other selection options available such as Select Newest.

Tip: To remove duplicate video files in Apple Photos, just add the Photos library to scan. The library folder is located at ~/Pictures/Photos Library.photoslibrary/.

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#2 Easy Duplicate Finder

Supported OS: Windows 10 and earlier; Mac OS X 10.6 and later

Just like the best duplicate video finder featured above, Easy Duplicate Finder also supports various types of files including videos, images and music.

With flexible file scan settings and an intuitive interface, this duplicate file finder lets users locate and remove duplicate MP4 and other duplicate videos in four steps. All you need to do is to get the app, add folders, run a scan and delete unwanted duplicates. There is also a preview feature. If you feel like previewing the video files before selecting them for deletion, you can do it without leaving the app. Just click a file, and the built-in media player will appear.

While the scan can be a bit slow sometimes, this app to find duplicate videos does a good job of detecting identical video content on Windows PC and Mac thanks to the advanced file comparison algorithms it uses.

use Easy Duplicate Finder to find duplicate videos

Download Easy Duplicate Finder to remove duplicate videos

#3 Gemini 2

Supported OS: macOS 10.10 and higher

This Mac-only duplicate video finder can look for and remove duplicate video files, audio files, pictures and documents from internal and external hard drives. It also finds duplicates in Photos library.

Coming with an incomparably beautiful user interface, it uses a smart algorithm to quickly look for and identify the similarity between video files. Once the scan is finishes, click Review Results to preview duplicates. This Mac duplicate video finder offers two preview modes.

During scanning, this Mac app can take lots of system resources, which is a minor downside but definitely not a deal breaker. All in all, it’s a rather decent duplicate video content finder.

use Gemini 2 to find duplicate video files on Mac

Download Gemini 2 to find and delete duplicate video files

#4 Duplicate Video Search

Supported OS: Windows 10, 8, 7, Vista and XP

The fourth ranked tool on our list of the best duplicate video finders in 2018 was The Duplicate Finder, a macOS app. It’s not available anymore, so the 2019 update removes it from the list.

Duplicate Video Search only deals with video files, just as the name suggests. It supports ten video formats such as MP4, AVI, MKV, FLV and WMV.

In the left column, you can find groups of duplicate videos and movies with thumbnail images. For each file, this app will provide information such as duration, date of last modification and resolution.

You can customize settings in the left column. There, you can find:

  • Video format filters
  • Video reading options
  • Video indexing options
  • Matching options

This Windows duplicate video file finder will automatically select the low quality copies, helping you decide which should be removed. You can delete the selected duplicates directly or move them to a folder on your PC.

use Duplicate Video Search to find duplicate video files on Windows PC

Download Duplicate Video Search to get rid of duplicate videos on Windows

#5 Tidy Up

Supported OS: macOS 10.12.0 or greater

Tidy Up supports various video formats and can be a good duplicate video finder for Mac users. You can also use it to look for duplicate images and music files.

This duplicate file finder for Mac comes in two modes: Simple mode and Advanced mode. It offers an array of settings and options. The interface can be a bit overwhelming to new users. Here’s a brief guide to walk you through the process of finding video duplicates using this duplicate video file finder for Mac.

In the left column, click the add button to add a folder. Turn on the Simple mode. Click Other Files. Under Duplicates, select Movie files. Click Search. Once the duplicate video content finder finishes searching, click Show Result. Now you can sort, preview, mark and remove duplicate videos from your Mac.

find duplicate videos using Tidy Up

Download Tidy Up to look for duplicate video files

Best free duplicate video file finders

There are also freeware tools available including the open source ones such as GDuplicateFinder.

#6 Auslogics Duplicate File Finder

Supported OS: Windows 10, 8.1, 8, 7, Vista and XP

As one of the best free duplicate file finders for Windows, it is good at duplicate video search on Windows PC. In addition to video content, it also supports images, audio files, archives and applications.

The user interface is simple and easy to understand. After adding folders or subfolders, you can select which types of duplicate files should be searched. Select Look for these file types only > Video files. Click Search. Now you are able to sort and preview groups of duplicate videos and movies. Click the dropdown menu and select a removal option. There’s Rescue Center feature, allowing you to easily restore deleted duplicates.

use Auslogics Duplicate File Finder to find duplicate videos on Windows

#7 Free Duplicate File Finder

Supported OS: Windows 10, 8.1, 8, 7, Vista and XP

Ashisoft Free Duplicate File Finder uses byte-by-byte comparison method to detect the duplicate videos on your computer with accuracy and effectiveness. In addition to videos, this freeware tool also supports pictures and songs. If you want to get rid of the duplicate videos on your external hard drive, it can also help.

This free duplicate video finder also provides useful features to improve safety and effectiveness. For example, you can protect files in your important folders from being deleted by accident. You can also exclude folders from scanning.

find video duplicates on PC

#8 dupeGuru

Supported OS: Windows, Linux and OS X

This cross-platform duplicate file finder is good at finding duplicate videos, audios and pictures. Thanks to the simple intuitive interface, it’s very easy to use even for new users.

Click the add button in the lower left corner and add a folder or subfolder, click Scan. Once the process is finished, the Results window will show up, listing groups of video duplicates. This duplicate file finder freeware doesn’t have a preview feature. Double-click a video or movie to open it with the associated app on your computer. Mark unwanted duplicates, click the gear icon in the upper left corner, and select a removal option.

If you are new to this free, open-source duplicate video finder, here's a tip. The Results window will list all dupes. There could be a rather long list of files, which could be a bit overwhelming and inconvenient to deal with. In such a case, navigate to the Filter search box in the top right corner and type in a video format, say, MP4. Hit the Return key. There will only be MP4 videos in the Results window. Now you can easily sort them by filename, size or similarity and quickly do the selection and removal.

Note that dupeGuru is discontinued. There could be compatibility issues.

dupeGuru duplicate video finder

Comparison: which duplicate video finder is the best?

The tools mentioned above are able to search for and delete duplicate videos for you. They all come with their set of advantages. How do you choose the one that suits you best? There are a few factors to consider, such as performance, versatility and price. Here’s a comparison of these duplicate video file finders, which hopefully can help you make decision.

  OS Algorithm Price Pros Cons
Cisdem Duplicate Finder for Mac Mac MD5 value checksum algorithm $29.99 for lifetime license Support for videos, music, photos, docs, etc., support for Photos, multiple scan filters/preview modes/removal options, Auto Select & one-click deletion Not compatible with OS older than OS X 10.10
Easy Duplicate Finder Windows & Mac CRC32 checksum or filenames $39.95 for 1 year Supports videos, audios & images, multiple options to remove duplicates A bit expensive
Gemini 2 Mac Unrevealed $19.95 Multiple supported file types including videos, support for Photos app Uses lots of memory during scanning
Duplicate Video Search Windows Video fingerprinting technology $29.95 for home license Support for common video formats, useful filtering and setting options Only work with videos
Tidy Up Mac Unrevealed $29.99 Multiple supported file types, useful filters, 2 scan modes Not user-friendly
Auslogics Duplicate File Finder Windows Unrevealed Free Freeware, various compatible file types, Rescue Center feature Bundled with other apps
Free Duplicate File Finder Windows Byte-by-byte and SHA-1 Free Freeware, support for videos, images and music Inconvenient subfolder scanning
dupeGuru Windows, Linux & Mac Fuzzy matching algorithm Free Freeware, various supported file types including videos, 3 scan types No preview feature, being discontinued


Duplicate videos can be a big hard drive space eater. It’s always a good idea to get rid of them. We tested the most popular duplicate video file finders for Mac and PC. Some of them are able to identify duplicate files of various types such as videos, photos and songs. Some are designed for the only purpose of finding and removing video duplicates. They vary in usability, performance, versatility, price, etc. If you are a PC user, Easy Duplicate File Finder can be a choice. When it comes to the best duplicate video finder for Mac, we pick Cisdem Duplicate Finder due to its ease of use, versatility and high customization.

Which tool do you prefer? What do you expect from a good duplicate file finder? Welcome to leave a comment below.

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