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Spring Cleaning: How to Clean Contacts on Mac (macOS Sierra Included)?

Finally, here comes the spring! It's not only a season for the blossoming of local poplar and willow trees, but also the best time for spring cleaning - and I'm not just talking about cleaning out your closet or desk, it is necessary to start on contacts spring cleaning with the best contacts cleaner for Mac.

You Know Your Contacts are Messy

Wanna call your client and only to find two different numbers for him? Then, which one is the right? Well, with our business and connection network growing, the Mac contacts address book gets in a mess along: more duplicate phone number, and duplicate emails, and more errors accumulated. Here below is a situation I have ever met:

- Lucy, I’m back in NYC!

- Who is that? Is that David? When can I see you? It’s really important! I miss you so much!

- Oh, sorry. It’s Robert…

- Which Robert?

The reason for it is that I have two contacts named Lucy in my contact list. It was so embarrassing! Quite a few times it happens to be very annoyance to meet those duplicate contacts when we need it emergently. Here below are some signs to remind you of a spring cleaning for your contacts:

  • You spent more time finding the right contact number than sending an email.
  • You only know a few hundred people, but your have over 1,000 in your Mac address book.
  • You have more junk contacts than actual contacts.
  • People have to wait for a long tine when asking you to send them a contact info.

It's Time to Remove Duplicate Contacts

If we never go to clean up them, we would always get troubled by this problem every time. So, don’t hesitate to clean up contacts, it deserves making your contacts more neat and efficient. Here below are two popular duplicate contact remover tools for Mac to help you easily clean and remove duplicate contacts on Mac.

First of all, let's make some preparations. Before we go to clean duplicate contacts, we need to collect and create a consolidated contact list from FaceBook, Google Gmail, Linkedin, OutLook, iPhone and other back up devices. You can also export them and save in CSV or vCard file format. And then, drag and import the vCard file to Mac OS X Contacts, so that you can start doing contacts spring cleaning on Mac.

Use the Built-in Mac Address Book to Remove Duplicates

The Built-in Address Book on Mac is a computerized address book included with Apple Inc.'s OS X. It is specialized in organizing all of your contacts information. You can use it to load all of your contacts in every place, like iCloud, Exchange, Google, FaceBook, etc., and create and rich contacts with full information and notes. It is also a simple duplicate contact remover. I would introduce how to use it to remove duplicate contacts.

For more details about Learn how to create contacts and add Smart Groups to your Address Book, click “Learn about Address Book”.

Step 1 Launch the OS X Contacts on your Mac.

Step 2 Start to Clean Duplicate Contacts

Go to top Menu bar of the Contacts.
Firstly, Click “Card”, a dropdown list appears.
Secondly, Choose to click “Look for Duplicates”, it would quickly find out those duplicated information.
Thirdly, And you will see results as below, and you can click the blue button “Merge” them into one.

Conclusion:There are some limits of OS X Contacts which can't offer you the best way to remove duplicates contacts. 

  1. Except of looking for duplicates, the built-in Contacts can't help you finish more advanced cleaning tasks, such as, scan and detect those incomplete name, empty name, invalid characters, unusual title, etc.
  2. It can't show you the duplicated contacts details and conditions, where are the duplicates and errors, and how to fix it.

So, I'd like to recommend Cisdem ContactsMate, the best duplicate contact remover to remedy what Contacts can't do.

Use Cisdem ContactsMate to Deep-Remove Duplicate Contacts

Cisdem ContactsMate is an all-in-one contacts manager for Mac, not only includes all contacts basic features as OS X Contacts (backup create, edit, group contacts), but also offers an easy way to clean up contacts on Mac that Contacts doesn't have. You are able to analyzes, scan, detect, reports, and fixes dozens of problems from OS X Contacts.

More importantly, Cisdem ContactsMate utilizes the Mac OS X built-in contact database, it is able to sync with iCloud and any other service OS X Contacts supports (e.g. Google Contacts). So, anything entered into ContactManager will also sync in OS X Contacts.

  • Price: $19.99
  • System Supported: 10.7+, including macOS Sierra.
  • OutPut Formats Supported: CSV, vCard, TXT, Docx, HTML, Excel, Numbers, etc

Free Trial Version for Downloading

Step 1 Automatically Sync with OS X Contacts

The first time you run this contacts manager on Mac, it will ask you to allow access to sync with your Contacts. You need to choose "ok", and then your Contacts will be synced to Cisdem ContactsMate, that means, all of contacts databases from OS X Contacts are displayed on Cisdem ContactsMate.

Step 2 Start to Clean Duplicate Contacts and More Errors

Firstly, Pre-set the Screen Conditions for Cleaning

Go to top menu toolbar, and click the "Cisdem ContactsMate” > “Preferences”, the preference window pops up. You can click and choose from 13 Screen Conditions as you like to ask it to help you find out the problems in your contacts.

Secondly, Scan Problem Contacts

Click the button "Scan", it can quickly scan and detect those problem contacts, and show you the results in the below window.

At the left hand, it shows you all the duplicates contacts details, duplicate pone number and incomplete contacts, unusual title, space, etc.

Thirdly, Clean Duplicates and Fix Errors

Click the problem contacts, its details are displayed on the right. You can choose to edit, merge, remove, ignore the errors.

For example, click the one of duplicate contacts, and then it shows the Problem, Solution, Details for you to process. You can choose Merge contacts, Delete this contact, Delete the duplicate contacts, Ignore.

Conclusion: Cisdem ContactsMate does sensible things with duplicated contacts and fields and removing unwanted data through an easy to use interface. It can not only remove duplicate contacts effectively, but also detect and fix contacts that are in wrong formats or with fragmented info. Therefore it is a comprehensive tool for mac address book spring cleaning.

More Tips on Spring Cleaning for Mac

  1. Clean our contacts regularly is very important, especially when we back from some gatherings, business conferences or parties, it would be much beneficial to your social network.
  2. Don't forget to clean Mac hard drive so as to free more spaces and speedy the Mac running. After we've cleaned up our contacts, the smooth experience may drive some of us to make further spring cleaning throughout our Mac. Go through your computer and delete other duplicate files, junk files, old files and applications that we do not need any more to free up our Mac space to the most. Besides, we'd better keep at least 20% of our hard drive free.

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