Top 4 Best Contacts Cleaner for Mac, iPhone and Android

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If you never go to clean up Mac contacts or the duplicate contacts from iPhone & Android, redundant contacts would fill your address book. To make your contacts more neat and efficient, you have to get rid of useless ones. In this tutorial, we will recommend 4 best duplicate contacts cleaner for Mac, iPhone, and Android.

You Know Your Contacts are Messy

Want to call your client and only to find two different numbers for him? Then, which one is the right? Well, with our business and connection network growing, the phone or Mac contacts gets in a mess along: more duplicate phone number, and duplicate emails, and more errors accumulated. Here below is a situation I have ever met:

- Lucy, I’m back in NYC!

- Who is that? Is that David? When can I see you? It’s really important! I miss you so much!

- Oh, sorry. It’s Robert…

- Which Robert?

The reason for it is that I have two contacts named Lucy in my contact list. It was so embarrassing! Quite a few times it happens to be a very annoyance to meet those duplicate contacts when we need it emergently. Here below are some signs to remind you to clean up Mac contacts or duplicate phone contacts:

  • You spent more time finding the right contact number than sending an email.
  • You only know a few hundred people, but you have over 1,000 in your Mac or phone address book.
  • You have more junk contacts than actual contacts.
  • People have to wait for a long time when asking you to send them a contact info.

Best Contacts Cleaner for Mac

Tips: Before cleaning up duplicate contacts on Mac, you are able to make some preparations. Go to collect and create a consolidated contact list from Facebook, Google Gmail, Linkedin, OutLook, iPhone or other back up devices. You can also export them and save in CSV or vCard file format. And then, drag and import the vCard file to Mac OS X Contacts, so that you can start to clean up Mac contacts easily.

#One. Cisdem ContactsMate

Cisdem ContactsMate is an all-in-one contact cleaner for Mac. It allows you to analyzes, scan, detect, reports, and fixes dozens of problems from Mac Contacts. Not only does it support more abundant functions when compared to Mac Contact app, but also offer an easy way to clean up Mac contacts.

More importantly, this Mac contacts cleaner utilizes the Mac OS X built-in contact database. It’s able to sync with iCloud and any other service OS X Contacts supports (e.g. Google Contacts). In like manner, any contacts imported into Cisdem contacts cleaner Mac will be synced to Mac Contacts app as well.

The prominent features of Cisdem ContactsMate:

  • Manage all contacts by combining them into one single source
  • Import contacts from vCard and CSV
  • Edit contacts with name, tags, phone, company and so on
  • Tag contacts in various groups
  • Keep your contacts synchronized (with Facebook, Exchange, Twitter, etc.), safe and up to date
  • Clean up Mac contacts, Google contacts, iCloud duplicate contacts, etc.
  • Export contacts to Excel, Numbers, TXT, HTML, CSV, vCard, etc.
  • Export single contact, multiple contacts or a group of contacts
  • Support Mac OS X 10.7+, including macOS 10.13 High Sierra, macOS 10.14 Mojave and macOS 10.15 Catalina

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Step 1Sync Contacts to Mac Contacts Cleaner

The first time you run this contact cleaner Mac, it will ask you to allow access to sync with your Contacts. You need to choose "ok", and then your Contacts will be synced to Cisdem ContactsMate, that means, all of contacts databases from OS X Contacts app are displayed on this app.

Meanwhile, if you want to clean up contacts from other sources, like Google, iCloud, Linkedin, Vimeo, etc. you should:

  1. Click the “Add Account” button. It will bring up the Internet Accounts window.
  2. Choose one of the sources to log in.cisdem contacts cleaner mac screenshot 1
Step 2Start Cleaning Up Your Mac Contacts

Firstly, Pre-set the Screen Conditions for Cleaning

Go to top menu toolbar, and click the "Cisdem ContactsMate” > “Preferences”, the preference window pops up. You can check “Select All” option to ask this contacts cleaner for Mac to help you find out the problems in your contacts.

cisdem contacts cleaner mac screenshot 2

Secondly, Scan Problem Contacts

Return to the main interface, and click on the "Scan" button. It will quickly scan and detect those problematic contacts, and show you the results in the below window.

At the left hand, it lists you all the duplicates contacts details, duplicate phone numbers and incomplete contacts, unusual titles, space, etc.

cisdem contacts cleaner mac screenshot 3

Thirdly, Clean Duplicates and Fix Errors

When you click each problematic contact, its details will be displayed on the right panel. You can feel free to edit, merge, remove, and ignore the errors.

This Mac contacts cleaner does sensible things by cleaning up duplicated contacts, fields and removing unwanted data. Its easy-to-use interface and comprehensive features, ensuring you to clean up Mac contacts effectively, detect and fix contacts that are in wrong formats or with fragmented info.

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#Two. Use the Built-in Mac Address Book to Remove Duplicates

The Built-in Address Book on Mac is a computerized address book included with Apple Inc.'s macOS and OS X. It is specialized in organizing all of your contacts information. You can use it to load all of your contacts in every place, like iCloud, Exchange, Google, FaceBook, etc., and create and rich contacts with full information and notes. It is also a simple duplicate contact remover. I would introduce how to use it to remove and clean up duplicate contacts.

For more details about Learn how to create contacts and add Smart Groups to your Address Book, click “Learn about Address Book”.

Step 1. Launch the Contacts app on your Mac.

Step 2. Go to the top Menu bar of the Contacts. Click "Card", and a dropdown list appears.

Step 3. Click "Look for Duplicates", and it will quickly find out that duplicated information.

Step 4. And you will see results as below. Click the blue button “Merge” to merge them into one.

clean up mac contacts- mac Contacts app

There are some limits of the Contacts app which can't offer you the best way to remove duplicates contacts. Below are some disadvantages.

  1. Except looking for duplicates, the built-in Contacts can't help you finish more advanced cleaning tasks, such as, scanning and detecting those incomplete name, empty name, invalid characters, unusual title, etc.
  2. It can't show you the duplicated contacts details and conditions, where are the duplicates and errors, and how to fix it.

The above mentioned Cisdem ContactsMate is one of the best duplicate contact remover tools to remedy what Contacts can't do.

More Tips on Contact Cleanup for Mac

  1. It's important to clean up Mac contacts regularly, especially when we back from some gatherings, business conferences or parties, it would be much beneficial to your social network.
  2. For the sake of caution, before you clean up your Mac contacts, it’s a good idea to back up your contacts, so that you won’t lose anything you may need by mistake.
  3. Also, don't forget to clean your Mac hard drive so as to free more spaces and speedy the Mac running. After we've cleaned up our contacts, the smooth experience may drive some of us to make further cleaning throughout our Mac. Go through your computer and delete other duplicate files, junk files, old files and applications that we do not need any more to free up our Mac space to the most. Besides, we'd better keep at least 20% of our hard drive free.

How to Clean up Contacts on Phone?

#One. Contacts cleaner for iPhone

iPhone Contacts app doesn’t support to merge duplicate contacts, but you can try the best contacts cleaner to remove unneeded contacts from the iPhone address book. Cleanup Duplicate Contacts is a lightning iPhone contacts cleaner. It merges duplicates, offers a particular report and organizes address book with different contact sources, like Gmail and iCloud.

  1. Install and launch Cleanup Duplicate Contacts on your iOS device.
  2. Let the app access your iPhone Contacts and allow the notifications.
  3. Tap on “Analyze”, it will start to scan your address book and show you the duplicates.
  4. Tap on “Review Duplicate” > choose one of the filters > tap on “Merge”.

clean up contacts iphone

#Two. Contacts cleaner for Android

Contacts Optimizer helps you filter contacts by numbers and photos. It can edit, create, delete and move contacts to other accounts. When starting to clean up contacts, this Android contacts cleaner will scan the whole phonebook and recommend optimizations.

  1. Get the Contacts Optimizer installed on your Android, and open it.
  2. Select an account to be cleaned up.
  3. Tap and hold to check contacts.
  4. Tap to find duplicates.
  5. Tap on “Delete duplicates”.

clean up contacts android


To keep your address book well organized and get rid of unnecessary contacts, you should make good use of the best contacts cleaner for Mac and phone above. As a Mac user, I always need to clean up Mac contacts. So Cisdem ContactsMate is helpful for me to merge, back up, and bulk fix problematic contacts.

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