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If you’ve deleted something that shouldn’t have deleted in windows, you’ve probably used Recuva to get the lost files back, the very best data recovery software that help you to get back your valuable data without having to pay expensive recovery charges.

Unfortunately Recuva developers have not provided a way to download Recuva for Mac. And people still search “Recuva for Mac”. So, is there any free, easy to use data recovery software that offers the same functionality of Recuva?

The short answer is "no," but that’s no reason to despair. There are many different programs like Recuva, which can recover files on Mac, but not all of them can substitute for the original Recuva and be a real “Recuva for Mac”.

Just like you, Recuva’s Fast, effective and free impress me deeply, it’s really a gem in the software world. As I now use a Mac, I am also hunting for the Recuva for Mac, and in my search I used most of the data recovery software on the market.

In the test, a very handy data recovery wizard takes all the guesswork out of finding a Recuva for Mac alternative. It offers almost the same functionality of Recuva - restore your files, which have been accidentally deleted from your computer including files accidentally deleted and emptied from the trash or lost data from memory cards, USB drives, cameras, or external devices, etc.

If you are in an urgent need for a “Recuva for Mac” program, make Cisdem Data Recovery that one program. I highly recommend it. It even features a Deep Scan like Recuva that can look for deleted files buried in your drive long time ago.

Why Choose Cisdem Data Recovery the Best Alternative to Recuva for Mac

Cisdem Data Recovery is outstanding in recovering photos, videos, audios, documents, email, archives and other files from Mac and external device.

To make it easier for you to get the points that why you should choose Cisdem Data Recovery as a “Recuva for Mac”, I made the following table, which is a comparison of Recuva and this Recuva for Mac alternative.

Recuva VS Recuva for Mac Alternative

Product Recuva Cisdem Data Recovery
Supported OS Windows 2000 and later MacOS 10.9 and later
Support all file types
Supported all devices
Free and Pro version
Different Recovery Modes
Estimate time during scanning
Preview file before recovery
Selectively recover data
Recover file in original quality
Free upgrade service
Technical support
Clear Interface

As we can see from the table above, Cisdem Data Recovery can perform almost same functions on Mac as Recuva in Windows. It is even better than Recuva. Its innovative algorithms and different recovery modes enable users to perform data recovery much easier and more quickly than Recuva.

By choosing its "Advanced Data Recovery" mode, the entire drive will be scanned deeply at a fast speed and all files will be found no matter how long you have deleted them. Other than that, it allows you to preview all found files before recovery and recover them in their original quality.

Cisdem Data Recovery has helped me recover tons of precious photos and important documents. It is a lifesaver and I want to highly recommend it for its powerful features, fast recovery speed and easy-to-use interface. Below are the features that make Cisdem Data Recovery an excellent Recuva replacement.

Free Download Cisdem Data Recovery for Mac

Effective File Recovery and High Accuracy

Same as Recuva, Cisdem Data Recovery has great abilities to get lost data back under different data loss situations like mistaken deletion, formation, virus attack, factory reset, etc. The accuracy of the results exceeds the average recovery rate of other similar apps and that’s what makes it a better Recuva replacement for Mac.

Support Many Formats of File Types

Recuva recovers many file types including photos, videos, emails, documents, archives, audios, etc. So does Cisdem Data Recovery. Furthermore, this alternative to Recuva for Mac can recover more than 300 formats of file.

Find Files You Want More Quickly

There are some features that make Cisdem Data Recovery a more attractive data recovery program than Recuva. Cisdem Data Recovery offers 5 recovery modes, including Basic, Trash, Formatted Drive, External Drive and Advanced mode. Basic mode recovers recently deleted files at extremely fast speed, while Advanced mode scans your device deeply and can dig out more files.

Preview before Recovery and Selectively Recover

Both Recuva and Cisdem Data Recovery allow users to preview files before recovery. This helps you decide which one to recover. And they also allow you to selectively recover the data you want.

Fully compatible with macOS

This Recuva for Mac app runs perfectly on macOS 10.12 and later.

Support All Storage Devices

Cisdem Data Recovery supports recovering lost files from internal hard drive and external devices including digital camera, USB drive, memory card, iPod, MP3 player, external HDD and SSD, etc.

High Reputations and Reviews

Just like Recuva, Cisdem Data Recovery also received high reputations for its powerful abilities to recover lost and deleted files.

Softpedia - "It features a straightforward and user-friendly interface that makes the 3 step recovery process seem like a breeze..."

Techguru - "This is a good data recovery software for Mac. Keep this software handy, you never know when you will need this..."

Free Technical Support and Lifetime Upgrade

Cisdem Data Recovery provides you the free email technical support to ensure smooth usage of this Mac data recovery tool. And it also offers free lifetime updates and free trial to easily find and preview the deleted files. You cannot enjoy these benefits with Recuva, but you can now with Cisdem Data Recovery. Download it for free now and start to perform emergency data recovery on your Mac computer.

Free Download Cisdem Data Recovery for Mac

How to Use Best Recuva for Mac Alternative?

Step1. Choose a recovery mode.

Open Cisdem Data Recovery, and you'll see the main window as follows. Choose a recovery mode to restore all the lost data on you Mac drive. If you want to recover recently deleted files, please choose “Basic Data Recovery”; if you want to dig lost files as many as possible, try "Advanced Data Recovery". Still, you can try other modes.

Step2. Scan Mac partition or external storage device.

In the window appears, you can choose the drive from which you want to recover lost data and click the “Scan” button to begin scanning lost data on it. The scan will take you a little longer than Quick Scan. But you can also shorten the time by clicking the gear like button to set the target file type that you want to recover.

Step3. Preview and recover lost files with Recuva for Mac.

After scanning, you’ll see a list of the recovered files in tree view, you can preview them one by one and click “Recover” to begin restoring all deleted files on Mac.

Here is the YouTube video guide:

Other Alternatives to Recuva for Mac I Tested

I also tested other alternatives to Recuva for Mac. These Mac data recovery tools can recover kinds of files from different storage devices, but not all of them perform very well and can substitute for the Recuva. Here is a list of the data recovery tools that I used:

In my test, most of these Mac data recovery tools are handy for users except MiniTool Mac Data Recovery. Unlike Recuva, its interface can get a little overwhelming, especially for beginners. It does a good job in recovering raw files. So if you want to recover from damaged or lost partition, MiniTool Mac Data Recovery worth a try.

And tools like Wondershare Data Recovery and Apower Data Recovery for Mac spent much more time than Cisdem Data Recovery when scanning my 500GB hard drive. To my disappointed, Wondershare Data Recovery found nothing in Quick Scan and didn’t perform well as advertised. Although it found many files in Deep Scan, but 99% of the files were not what I need.

More importantly, if you are running macOS 10.13, don’t consider Apower Data Recovery for Mac. This Recuva for Mac alternative is not compatible with macOS 10.13. God knows when the newer version would be released that is available on macOS High Sierra.

If you are not afraid to drop more dollars in the name of data recovery, you can try alternatives like Disk Drill, Stellar Phoenix Mac Data Recovery and Do Your Data Recovery. When you are looking for an all in one disk tool except for hard drive data recovery, Disk Drill can be a good option.

But if you only want to get the valuable data back, it is advised that you pay for these expensive data recovery only when Cisdem Data Recovery can’t find the lost data for you. Otherwise, you would be overcharged for the data you can get back.

To sum up, it’s not 100% guaranteed that you can recover all lost files on Mac with the help of “Recuva for Mac” tools or professional data recovery service. The best way to avoid data loss is to backup your files regularly. You can backup files to Time Machine, cloud or external drive, etc.

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