How to Print a Secured PDF Document with Ease?

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You are just about to read or print a PDF document, which is urgently in need of. However, the PDF file turns out to be owner-password encrypted and it doesn’t allow you to print at all.

Fortunately, receiving and printings a password protected PDF, even not knowing what the password is not a tricky problem anymore. With a PDF Password Remover, you will be able to print a secured PDF document with ease.

Print A Secured PDF with Adobe (Only Works When You Know the PDF Password)

If you have installed Adobe Acrobat, you can use Adobe to print the secured PDF document, but you have to know the PDF password. Otherwise, you won’t be able to remove the printing security with Adobe.

  1. Open the password protected PDF with Adobe.
  2. Choose the Secure icon, then select “Remove Security” from the drop-down list.print a secured pdf with adobe acrobat
  3. Input the permission password to remove the security.
  4. Go to “Print” and print the secured PDF document with Adobe.

Print A Secured PDF with Desktop PDF Password Remover (Works Even When You Forgot the Password)

If you have multiple secured PDF for printing, or if you have forgotten the owner password, you can first turn to a PDF Password Remover, which is created to remove any restrictions from PDF fast and easily. Then use Adobe or other PDF Reader to print the secured PDFs.

For Mac Users

Cisdem PDF Password Remover for Mac is designed to remove restrictions on any secured PDF document, it can instantly remove owner password protection from PDF documents and allows users to print protected PDF files, copy text on clipboard, edit or change document, assemble document, page extraction, sign, comment and copy for accessibility etc. Also, it allows users to directly crack the PDF if you have forgotten the open password.

Free Download

  1. Run the Program and Import PDF Files.
    Drag PDF files to the program directly. The batch decrypt feature will enable you to add multiple secured PDF files at a time. If you want to delete a file from the app, you need to highlight it and click delete on the main interface. If you need to remove them all, please click clear.print a secured pdf on mac 01
  2. Remove PDF Security.
    Once all the PDF files imported, click "Remove", you will get an equivalent PDF without password, and the secured pdf is unlocked for free printing now!print a secured pdf on mac 02
  3. Start to Print Secured PDF File.
    Open your PDF tools, Adobe or other PDF Readers, send the unprotected files for printing.

If there is a lock icon appearing with your PDF, it indicates your PDF is user password protected from opening. Click the lock icon, either enter the user password if you know or directly decrypt the password if you forgot it. Remember to tweak the settings as it guides to cut the time for decryption.

how to print a secured PDF with Cisdem, with user password

For Windows Users

Lighten PDF Password Remover, a Windows application to remove any restrictions on protected PDFs, so that you can copy, print and edit the secured PDF. If there is an open password protecting your PDF and you know the open password, you can also remove open password protections to open and view the locked PDF with ease.

  1. Click “Add Filed” to import single or multiple secured PDFs into the program.
  2. Choose the output folder.
  3. Click “Start” to unlock password protected PDFs.print a secured pdf on windows
  4. Go to Adobe or other PDF Reader, print the secured PDF document on Windows.

Print A Secured PDF Online Free (Only for Non-Private PDFs)

If you don’t need to print secured PDF very often, or you just work on secured PDFs not containing private or sensitive contents, you can use an online PDF Password Remover to remove the printing securities.

  1. Go to Smallpdf-Unlock PDF, drop the PDF file into the program, also you can import files from Dropbox and Google Drive.
  2. Click “Unlock PDF”.
  3. Download the PDF File with password protection removed.print a secured pdf online
  4. Go to PDF Reader to print the secured PDF document.

Final Words

Though online PDF Unlocker provides free service to unlock PDF, but for the reason of information safety and unlocking speed, a desktop PDF Password Remover will be a better choice. 

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