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Top 5 PDF Password Crackers Online Review for Mac

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When you get a password protected PDF file but you don’t get its password, or you forget the password of your PDF, how to edit, copy, annotate, and print it? If you have one or two little size PDF files, PDF password cracker online will be a perfect choice. 

When you are looking for a PDF password cracker online in Google, you will get a large quantity of results, and you will have to test them to verify whether it is useful or not. That will waste you too much time. So, I will do this for you and list top 5 PDF password crackers online here in this article.

#1 PDFCrack!

The first one is “PDFCrack!”. This online PDF password cracker allows users to add protected PDF files from Mac or Dropbox. 

top 5 PDF Password Cracker online01

Official Website:

How it works: upload your PDF file, then click “Crack!” button to start. And wait a moment, you can download your cracked PDF file from this website.

Limits: your PDF file will be saved 24 hours, or those protected PDF with sensitive information, please take a further consideration on using this online pdf cracker. Also, it doesn’t support batch crack PDF, one-by-one is the only choice.

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#2 Unlock PDF

The second one is “Unlock PDF”, it is a PDF password cracker to remove PDF password online, providing two ways to add password protected, one is choosing file from Mac, the other is dropping PDF in it.

top 5 PDF Password Cracker online02

Official Website: 

How it works: uploade your protected PDF by choosing from Mac or Drag-n-Drop. Download the cracked file once it is ready.

Limits: Still, your file will be deleted one hour after processing. Take a second thought when your file requires high confidentiality. It work slowly or even doesn’t work when your file is protected with strong encryption on your file.

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#3 Free My PDF

The third one is “Free My PDF”, another online PDF cracker to remove security from protected PDF.

top 5 PDF Password Cracker online03

Official Website 

How it works: upload your password protected PDF files to it, and click “Do it”. Then you'll get a download dialog box, where you can save the unlocked PDF.

Limits: The maximum size of PDFs allowed is up to 250mb, if your files are more than this size, find some other solutions. Also, the uploading speed really annoys me some time, even there is no status bar to show the process, you just have to wait.

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#4 Aimersoft PDF Password Remover Online

The 4th on my list is Aimersoft PDF Password Remover online. It is an easy-to-use PDF password cracker online with intuitive interface, designed to unlock protected files.

top 5 PDF Password Cracker online04

Official Website: 

How it works: This application is simpler than others. Just click the Upload button to upload the PDF file you want to unlock. Then the copying and printing restriction will be removed, you can download once ready.

Limits: It doesn’t support batch mode, and your PDF file size must be less than 5MB. Again, your cracked PDF will save 24 hours, think further about the information safety.

Also, it can’t work on those PDF protected with unknown user password, you have to supply correct user password to crack it.

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#5 PDF Unlocker

The last one is PDF Unlocker. Using this PDF password cracker online to remove a password from a protected PDF file only need a few simple steps.

top 5 PDF Password Cracker online05

Official Website:

How it works: click the "Select" button and choose the PDF file from your computer. Then, click the "unlock" button and the website will upload the file and start decrypting it. Lastly, once it is ready, click the "Download" button and get the unlocked file.

Limits: It takes some time to upload the protected file, doesn’t support batch mode.

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All of PDF password crackers online mentioned are convenient and efficient. But what the PDF password cracker online can do is limited, if the size of your PDF is out-of-range, online tool will not be able to meet your demands. In addition, there is a great risk if you use PDF password cracker online, your PDF file may be leaked. Surely, if you want to know something about some paid PDF password crackers, you can visit "the Best PDF Password Cracker for Mac”.

What is your favorite PDF password cracker online?

Please leave us a comment or share it with all of us on social media.

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