How to Open Password Protected PDF Without Password Effortlessly

Jose Henline
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Open password protection is a highly secure and effective way to against unauthorized access to files. Once a password is set on a PDF file, the PDF will be reachable only to those who have the correct password.

However, it is often the case that you accidentally lose or forget your password, and part of you may be struggling for a solution. To save you time and effort, we have picked out workable ways from numerous choices, helping you to open password protected PDF without password effortlessly.


Some Facts to Know Before Opening Password Protected PDF

Before going ahead with the methods for opening a password protected PDF without password, it is necessary for you to know some facts about password protection. 

Why use an open password to protect a PDF file?

Open password, as its name suggests, is a password used to prevent the opening of a file. When you’re going to send PDF documents that contains confidential and sensitive information, it is critical to ensure that only authorized people can access the files, as they could cause damage if they fall into the wrong hands. Therefore, people usually set open passwords to keep the important information safe and secure.


Is it possible to open a password protected PDF without password?

Yes, it is possible to open a password protected PDF without password. Although PDF passwords offer a degree of security, they are not completely immune to password cracking techniques. With the aid of a PDF password cracker, you will have a great chance of opening a password protected PDF when you don’t know the right password. But please note that only people with permission can use specialized tools to open PDF files, or it could even be illegal.


How to Open Password Protected PDF Without Password on Windows and Mac

As mentioned above, a PDF password cracker can make a password protected PDF accessible, with no password provided. In a crowd of choices, Cisdem PDF Password Remover stands out due to its powerful brute force ability and ease of use. 

A Brief Review of Cisdem PDF Password Remover

For who: People who have a protected PDF file with password protection that is no longer needed, or who often forget or lose the password.

For what: This software is designed to crack the lost and forgotten passwords imposed on PDF files, and also remove these passwords from the PDFs, so you have no need to enter any password when opening the file next time. 

How it works: The program works by trying out every possible combination of characters based on clues provided by the user about the original password, such as length, numbers, letters, etc. No matter how complex the password is, it can discover the right password with a high success rate.

How long it takes: The decryption time depends on the complexity of the password and the accuracy of the information you offered. For regular passwords, it cracks within seconds, while for long and complex passwords with various elements, it takes longer time.

Outstanding points: The process of cracking and removing passwords won’t damage the quality of PDF files, all information and data in PDF files will stay safe and secure. Besides, for your convenience, it allows you to remove passwords from multiple PDF files in one go.


Step-by-Step Guide on How to Open Password Protected PDF Without Password 

  1. Download and install Cisdem PDF Password Remover.
    Free Download Windows 11/10/8/7 Free Download macOS 10.13 or later
  2. Run the program, drag and drop password protected PDF files into it, or add them by clicking Add Files at the password protected pdf cisdem01
  3. The open password protected PDFs will be marked with a lock icon on the right once they are added into the password protected pdf cisdem02
  4. Hit the Lock icon, and choose Forgot?.open password protected pdf cisdem03
  5. Enter the possible password length range and check the characters that the password may include. open password protected pdf cisdem04
  6. When you finished, continue with Decrypt to start the decryption.
  7. Once the program has successfully cracked the password, the lock icon will disappear. Click Remove to get rid of the open password password protected pdf cisdem05
  8. Find your unlocked PDF in the output folder, now you can open it in any PDF viewer without typing the password.


Want to Open Password Protected PDF Without Password Online?

An increasing number of people are dying for an online way to open password protected PDF without password, as it seems quite convenient regardless of the device used, on computer or in mobile. However, to your disappointment, after testing a variety of popular online tools, we came to the following conclusions:

  • Most online tools can only crack the permission password. When it comes to the protected PDF with open password, they usually don’t work. If you want to remove open passwords from PDF files, you have to enter the password protected pdf online01
  • A few online tools can crack open passwords, but it takes a lot of time even for simple passwords. Moreover, the success rate is very low. 


How to Open a Password Protected PDF Without Password Online Free

If you are still interested in online PDF password crackers, here we have found a tool dedicated to recovering a document open password, that is LostMyPass. This tool offers a free service for weak passwords, and is successful in about 22% of all cases. For strongly encrypted PDF files, it would take thousands of years and fail to find the correct password.

  1. Go to LostMyPass website.
  2. Drop the open password protected PDF (less than 100MB) into the program. Clicking the red button also password protected pdf online03
  3. Wait for the process to recover the password protected pdf cisdem05
  4. When finishing the process, the program will show you the recovered password on the password protected pdf cisdem04
  5. Download your unlocked file and you can open it directly without password.


Can We Open Password Protected PDF Using Google Chrome/Drive/Gmail?

Google Chrome, Google Drive and Gmail are said to be able to open password protected PDF. But in our test, we found that Google Chrome and Gmail require a password to open the protected PDF file. 

Google Drive has a built-in feature to convert PDF to Word format, but when we uploaded the open password protected PDF and opened it with Google Docs, the program kept loading all the time. 

So we can’t open password protected PDF using Google Chrome/Drive/Gmail without password.


Use Cisdem to Open Password Protected PDF Without Password

When searching for how to open password protected PDF on the Internet, there are multiple ways shown in the results. But disappointingly, most of them are not workable, either require a password or fail to crack passwords. Only Cisdem PDF Password Remover can do an excellent job of cracking and removing the passwords from PDF documents without password. If you are the person who have forgotten or lost the password, or don’t need the password protection any more, download this software, and you will gain huge convenience from it.
Free Download Windows 11/10/8/7 Free Download macOS 10.13 or later

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