How to Scan Multiple Pages into One PDF (4 Solutions)

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We always need read several pages of newspapers, prospectus, documents, reports, etc. on work or study. If scanning all pages into one PDF, we will be more convenient to read them with original format on any device. Then, how to scan multiple pages into one PDF on Mac and Windows? Here are the solutions:

Keep reading for more details about how to scan multiple pages to one PDF.

How to Scan Multiple Pages into One PDF with Epson Scanner?

1. Open Epson scanner and place your documents on it.

2. Choose the scan mode to Professional Mode or Home Mode.

How to scan multiple pages into one PDF using scanner 1

3. Preview the pages if necessary.

4. Click the Scan button and a File Save Setting window will pop out.

5. Customize PDF settings and click OK.

6. All pages on the Automatic Document Feeder (ADF) will be scanned automatically.

How to scan multiple pages into one PDF using scanner 2

Except scanners with an automatic document feeder, most of them make it complicated to scan multiple pages into one PDF directly. Moreover, the operation of various systems and models differ greatly. You need spend much time learning and digesting the instructions.

Scan Multiple Pages into One PDF with Adobe Acrobat DC

Adobe Acrobat DC, a leading program to deal with PDF, provides you with a plethora of features and capabilities. Actually, it includes two products: Acrobat Pro DC and Acrobat Standard DC.

Pro version allows you to create, convert, sign, send, and manage PDF documents on both Mac and Windows. While the Standard one owns fewer functions and only works on Windows. But it also allows you to scan multiple pages into one PDF.

Acrobat supports Windows Image Acquisition (WIA) drivers and TWAIN scanner drivers on Windows. As for Mac, it supports Image Capture (ICA) and TWAIN.

  1. Connect the scanner to your Windows computer and feed the document pages to it.
  2. Launch the Adobe Acrobat DC software.
  3. Navigate to Tools > Create PDF > Scanner > use Default settings or choose a predefined scan setting.
  4. Click on the gear icon. You will be able to change individual settings, such as Pages, Color Mode, Resolution, Quality and more. Be sure to tick “Prompt to scan more pages” options.
  5. Click Scan button. If prompted to scan multiple pages, just choose Scan More Pages, Scan Reverse Sides or Scan Is Complete, finally hit on OK.

How to scan multiple pages into one PDF on Windows Adobe

These are steps for Windows users, if you want to scan multiple pages into PDF on Mac, you should go to Tools > Create PDF > Scanner > Next, and start to customize the settings.

How to scan multiple pages into one PDF on Mac Adobe

Although Adobe Acrobat DC is powerful, the annual plan for Pro/Standard version respectively are $179.88/year and $155.88 /year. It’s too expensive to purchase over a long period of time unless applying to business accrual or enterprise.

How to Scan Multiple Pages into One PDF via OCR Tool Only?

That scanning multiple pages into one PDF is the easiest and most effective way. You only need take photos of document pages> import captured image to the OCR tool > convert and merge them into one PDF. You don't need to buy any external scanners.

Cisdem PDF OCR Converter for Mac might not as popular as Adobe Acrobat DC in handling PDF files, but it’s more refined and cost-effective. High efficiency and simplicity make this software a must have for users scanning multiple pages into one PDF on Mac. The software equally contains a number of other practical features, like OCR scanning, converting PDF & images, creating & merging PDF, encryption, etc.

Step 1Install PDF Combiner on Mac

Download the program, launch the built-in setup wizard, and drag the combiner icon to the "Applications" folder. Subsequently, Cisdem PDF OCR Converter will be installed on Mac.

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Step 2Add Multiple Scanned Pages

There are two tabs on the main interface. “Converter” tab is for the conversion from PDF or image to other document formats. And “Creator” tab is exactly what we need to use for merging files.

Drag and drop several scanned files such as JPEG, PNG, TIFF, BMP, PDF, etc. to “Creator” tab of the program. Or you can click “+” button at the lower left corner to import multiple files.

combine scanned pages into one pdf

Step 3Merge Multiple PDF Files

You can specify the page range of PDF files: all pages or partial pages. And then turn on merge button at the bottom.

Before merging files, you are capable of encrypting combined files with password. Click icon to enter into the security window, set your preferred password and verify it > set page size and quality > click on OK. The software will automatically create password protected merged files.

Last but not at least, click “Convert” button to scan multiple pages into one PDF.

combine scanned pages into one pdf

Scan Pages into PDFs, then Merge Them with Free Combiner

Both Mac and Windows come with built-in scanning software that works with scanners. After scanning one page, you will be prompted to save or continue to scan, just choose to continue, so that you will be able to scan multiple pages.

So you can scan multiple pages to PDFs or images with scanner software first, and next merge them using some PDF tools.

In the First Place, Scan Multiple Pages as PDFs or Images

Scan Multiple Pages on Mac

  1. Connect your scanner to Mac via USB cable or Wi-Fi.
  2. Place your pages in the scanner.
  3. Launch Image Capture app, and choose your scanner.
  4. From the right side, you can set parameter, rename the pages, select saved destination and choose PDF, JPEG, TIFF, PNG, etc. as output formats.
  5. Click “Scan” button.

Scan Multiple Pages on Windows

  1. Connect scanner to your Windows PC.
  2. Put your pages in the scanner.
  3. Open Fax and Scan app, and click “New Scan” at the upper left corner, a “New Scan” window will pop out.
  4. Edit profile, source, paper size, color format and choose PDF or image as output type.
  5. Click “Scan” button to start handling the process.

How to Scan Multiple Pages into One PDF on Mac? (Merge PDFs)

Preview is the default app that comes preinstalled on the Mac. It helps you view various documents in a quick way. And it offers several pretty serviceable editing and markup features. Here shows how to scan multiple pages into one PDF with preview.

Situation One: Combine Two Scanned Pages

  1. Open a scanned PDF in Preview.
  2. If your sidebar is hidden, go to View > Thumbnails to let the thumbnails appear in the sidebar.
  3. Select a page thumbnail where you want to insert other files, and navigate to Edit > Insert > Page from File
  4. Add another scanned file > click Open > Choose File > Export to merge two PDF files in Preview.

Situation Two: Combine Parts of Scanned Pages

  1. Repeat the first two steps of situation one.
  2. Hold Command key to drag other scanned pages into the original PDF document. You can move the pages anywhere in the sidebar.
  3. To save the merged PDF file, you should choose File > Export as PDF.

How to Scan Multiple Pages into One PDF on Windows? (Merge PDFs)

PDFtk is a graphical tool that makes PDF merging as simple as possible. You can use it either in CLI or GUI mode. There are free and paid versions available now. The Pro version costs $3.99, which can easily split, merge, watermark, rotate, stamp and secure PDF pages and documents. And this version is able to scan multiple pages into one PDF on Windows XP, Vista, Windows 7 and Windows 8.

  1. Run the application, and click “Add PDF” button to import multiple pages to the workspace.
  2. Order the added pages via drag-and-drop. They will be copied and merged to create your new PDF.
  3. If necessary, set page ranges and customize output PDF file.
  4. Click on “Create PDF” button to scan multiple pages into one PDF. Before that, you can choose “Open New PDF in Viewer” or “Show Location of New PDF”.

How to Scan Multiple Pages into One PDF Online? (Merge PDFs)

#1. iLovePDF

iLovePDF is an easy-to-understand web app that performs a number of actions on PDF files. It offers a toolkit to merge, split, compress and convert PDF from or to Word, Excel and PowerPoint. You can watermark PDF, add page numbers, rotate PDF and unlock PDF as well.

Step 1. Select PDF files from desktop, Google Drive or Dropbox. Or drop multiple scanned PDF files to the designated filed.

Step 2. Click “MERGE PDF” button to get one single PDF from multiple pages.


  • The time of merging process is relatively long
  • No matter merge, split, or compress PDF, the sizes of uploaded files are limited. You have to register or even pay to acquire larger sizes.
  • The active time of download link is only 1 hour

#2. Sejda PDF

Sejda PDF is a highly streamlined management tool that focuses on PDF combining function. Additional features like compressing, editing, extracting and splitting are also supported. You can use a host of functionalities in browser or download the application on desktop or smartphone.

Step 1. The first step is a bit similar to iLovePDF. The extra part is that you can upload both image & PDF files.

Step 2. Hit “More options”, then, you can set Pages, Bookmarks, Table of Contents and Form Fields.

Step 3. Combine scanned multiple pages into single PDF in one click.


  • Only be used on 3 PDFs every hour
  • Can’t merge PDFs larger than 50 MB
  • Limited to PDFs of no than 200 pages

#3. FoxyUtils

FoxyUtils is another top solution to scan multiple pages into one PDF online. It takes files of scanned PDF & image or other formats, and combines them all into one PDF file. Besides, this online PDF toolkit can edit, merge, split, protect, measure, etc. PDF files, so I think it must appear on the recommend list.

Step 1. Browse your scanned images or PDFs from computer or drag them to FoxyUtils workspace.

Step 2. Merge multiple pages into PDF by pressing the “Merge PDF” button.


  • Only perform 5 operations in a day
  • The general uploaded file size is 30 MB. You can register to up to 50 MB. Even the paid account has size limits.

Other Web Services to Scan Multiple Pages into One PDF:


Merging scanned pages online is free and handy, but everything has two sides. Online PDF joiner ineluctably bring some obvious drawbacks:

  1. Most of the times, merged images or PDFs are not encoded properly.
  2. Large file uploads are not supported. It just wants you to upgrade and pay for larger size.
  3. The scanned pages uploaded by the user on his server are not private.


That’s all for how to scan multiple pages into one PDF on Mac and Windows. Cisdem PDF Converter OCR is arguably the winner of them. As a dedicated application, it costs less than Adobe Acrobat DC, has more features than preview (even more robust than Windows combiner PDFtk), and safer than free online PDF joiners.

Which approach you’ll take to merge PDF into one is completely up to you. We just more inclined to use a piece of dependable software to merge multiple PDF files, especially for those large-size and very important scanning pages.

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