How to convert and rip DVD to AVI on Mac?

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A password protected DVD disc will not allow you to burn the video into disc. And DVD video replies on the special DVD player. That is to say, when you want to watch the DVD movie, you have to take a DVD player or make it attached to your TV. If you have a long distance trip, the DVD player may be powered off. What a pity thing! If you convert DVD to AVI, this problem will be solved easily. Therefore this article intends to introduce the best DVD to AVI converter, and show you how to rip DVD to AVI on Mac easily.

Why Need Convert and Rip DVD to AVI?

AVI is also named Audio Video Interleaved which is a multimedia container format introduced by Microsoft as part of its video for Windows software. As technology development, most AVI files also are accepted by popular devices. So AVI format has become the common video file formats. Why AVI format is popular for the user? I think the following reasons will come to the first:

  1. AVI with smaller in size, saving 25% space.
  2. Rip DVD to AVI can save DVD from damage.
  3. Rip DVD to AVI can save batteries after copy from DVD.
  4. Rip DVD to AVI can provide pretty good video quality.
  5. AVI has been accepting by most of the device, you could play DVD movie with any player.

Do you have any ideas about how to rip and convert a DVD movie to AVI on Mac with high quality? If you do not, let me tell you two ways.

How to Convert and Rip DVD to AVI on Mac with VLC?

VLC is a free and open resource to convert DVD to AVI. It supports Mac and Windows. As a free DVD ripper, it is a welcomed software for most users. At first, VLC was only a video player. Then it merged the technology of FFmpeg and can compress, rip DVD video. Today, the technology of ripping DVD has developed and I believe it will be satisfied with your request.

Easy Steps to Rip DVD to AVI on Mac

Step 1: Download VLC on your Mac and install it. At the same time, insert the DVD video you want to into your Mac. Click on “media” at the top left corner of the VLC, then choose “Convert/ Save...” button.

Step 2: After you click the “Convert/ Save” button, you will notice an interface as an image. Then click “Disc”, add DVD video into it. At this part, you could check the DVD and select the starting position by choosing the title and only record a specific chapter on the DVD.

Step 3: Choose the format you want and select the destination to save - Click “Browse”.

Step 4: Rip you DVD video. After you have done those steps, you could click “save” to rip your DVD.

VLC is an open resource. When we come to quality of the video, we always meet some buffering and breezing. That is not a good experience for ripping DVD. What is more, VLC sometimes shut down when it is running.

How to Convert DVD to AVI on Mac via Cisdem Video Converter

Cisdem Video Converter is the all-in-one solution for ripping DVD video entertainment. With 120+ output formats, She could rip DVD movies to any popular formats you want. It has no imaging losing, buffering and breezing. What is more, Cisdem DVD to AVI converter has other functions, like make any format video conversion, download YouTube videos, sharing video with one-click. With 30X faster-ripping speed, Cisdem Video Converter will save you lots of time. It is a professional DVD ripper: highest speed, highest quality, most stable software, so let me show you how to rip DVD to AVI with it.

Free Download

Cisdem DVD to AVI ripper download On Mac Just Click Here Right Now >>

Step 1. Free download Cisdem Video Converter into your Mac and install it.

Click “Free Download” button, then you can download it into your Mac. Double click Cisdem Video Converter and open it. You will notice three interface: conversion interface, downloading interface, sharing interface. Stay at conversion interface.

Step 2. Insert your DVD disc.

When you insert DVD into Mac, you could open the DVD movie. Then drag and drop DVD movies into Cisdem Video Converter.

Step 3. Edit your DVD movie.

A professional DVD must have professional editing function. Cisdem Video Converter can crop, trim, add effects, watermarks, subtitles & audio and 3D effects. Just click , you can finish these functions.

Step 4. Select the output format.

When comes to this step, you have to notice that: Although AVI is a popular format, It has little difference in different devices. So you must be sure which the device will play the video before you rip DVD. Cisdem Video Converter can support “General Video”, “4K Video”, “Apple Device”, “Mobile Phone” and so on.

Step 5. Convert DVD to AVI on Mac

After all preparation, you could click and rip them.

Comparison: Why Cisdem Video Converter is a professional DVD ripper?


Cisdem Video Converter VLC

Support all output video formats

With 120+ popular formats, you could choose any formats you want

Limited with no more than 15 formats supporting

Rip DVD to any devices

Yes No

Support different video conversion

Yes Limited function

Download video from the most popular video streaming sites

Yes No

Share videos

Yes No


With 30X faster speed, it is very fast. And save your time

Rip encrypted or copy-protected DVD Yes No
The quality of output video

Highest quality without loss, buffering, breezing

Always loss some images or has buffering

Powerful edit function

Can crop, trim, add effects, watermarks, subtitles & audio and 3D effects and so on


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