6 Ways to Download Facebook Live Video Easily (Yours and Others)

Rosa Reyes
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This article talks about how to download Facebook live videos 2022. Facebook live streaming service, launched in 2016, has surged in popularity and aroused the interest of the audience. It’s a great service for both personal & business users to easily live stream content. One in five videos on Facebook is a live broadcast.

Today, buckle in, and let’s get started by answering the following questions: Can I download my own Facebook live videos, how can I download someone else’s Facebook live videos, or even how can I download someone else’s Facebook live videos from a private Facebook group with ease?


How to Find Facebook Live Videos?

When a user finishes streaming, Facebook will finish recording the stream and allow the user to publish the recorded live stream to the user’s profile or page. It’s possible to find someone else’s old Facebook live videos and playlist if that user has chosen to publish the recorded live video.

*Note: It's just one of the ways to find old Facebook live videos.

Step 1. Click Watch in the sidebar on the left, which will lead you to the page https://www.facebook.com/watch/live/.

Step 2. Click Live in the sidebar. You will be presented with different categories of popular live videos streamed right now. You can also search for specific videos or topics.

Facebook live videos

Step 3. Open a live video, and click the broadcaster's account in the upper right part of the page.

Facebook account

Step 4. Click Videos in the left sidebar. Navigate to the All Videos section. If the Facebook user/broadcaster has the habit of publishing recorded live videos, then you can find them there.

All Videos section

Tip to get a Facebook live video URL

Simply copy the video URL directly in the address bar. Alternatively, right-click the video, select Show video URL and copy the URL that appears.

show video URL of live stream

How to Download Someone Else's Facebook Live Video 2022?

Among the methods to save Facebook live video, the best choice is to use desktop software, which can provide high-quality download, batch download, and other useful features you may need. Besides, it will help you to download Facebook live video to computer or mobile phone according to your needs. This part will show you how to download Facebook live video of someone else’s or your own in the best quality available.

#1 Using Desktop Apps

Cisdem Video Converter (Mac, Windows)

Despite the name, this app can also download online videos from more than 1000 websites such as Facebook, Livestream, YouTube, Vlive, and Instagram. Furthermore, it is pretty easy to get the video by simply copying and pasting the URL of the video.

Cisdem Video Converter can download any videos, including the live ones and private ones, from your and someone else’s Facebook pages and profiles. One of the great things about this app is its support for high-quality download. Let's take Facebook 4K live streaming for example. The best quality you can get is 720p if you use other download methods. With Cisdem Video Converter, the downloaded video is in 4K 2160p.


  1. Quickly download any Facebook videos, including the live ones
  2. Can download Facebook live video to MP4, MP3, and other common formats
  3. Provide the highest quality available such as 1080p and 4K
  4. Allow batch download
  5. Download videos from YouTube and 1000+ other sites
  6. Easy to use with clear and intuitive interface
  7. Offer other features such as conversion, compression, editing, etc.
  8. Can also convert the downloaded Facebook videos to MKV, MOV, AVI, and other 300+ digital audio and video formats

Below are the instructions on how to download someone else's Facebook live videos on Mac or Windows via this tool.

Step 1Switch to the “download” tab

Download and install Cisdem Video Converter on your computer. Launch it.

Free Download   Free Download

Click the icon to turn into the third interface.

download interface

Step 2Add Facebook live video URL

Copy and paste the URL of a Facebook live video to the bottom field.

Step 3Hit the download icon

Click the download icon icon, and it will immediately start saving the video in the highest resolution available.

*Note: To batch download Facebook live videos, just add multiple videos to the list or click "File > Imput URLs..." in the top menu bar to add more URLs of the videos. And the software will process all Facebook videos at once.

download facebook live video mac

Tip to convert Facebook live video to other formats

Click the tick icon icon to open the folder where the downloaded Facebook live videos are stored. Drag them to the first interface.

Click the format button. This will pop up the target format panel. Choose desired formats for Facebook videos and click conversion icon.

convert facebook live video

Facebook Video Downloader (Windows)

Facebook Video Downloader, developed by Tomabo, is another good choice for Windows computer users. As the name suggests, it is designed to be a Facebook video downloader. In addition, it also supports hundreds of other social media and video sharing sites. Coming with a simple, user-friendly interface, it allows you to download Facebook live videos in bulk with ease.


  1. Download live videos and other videos from Facebook and more sites
  2. Allow batch download
  3. Provide high quality and high speed
  4. Can also convert downloaded video to MOV, AVI, MP3, etc.

Step 1. Get the app installed on your computer. Open it.

Step 2. From the address bar, copy the video URL. Click the Add URL button, and a dialog box will appear. Paste the URL.

Step 3. Choose the resolution and format you need. Select a location on your hard drive to save the downloaded video.

Step 4. Click Start to launch the process of downloading Facebook live videos to your computer. And you can see the download process in the program interface.

#2 Using Online Tool to Download Facebook Live Videos


  1. Easy and handy to use
  2. No need to install anything
  3. Work on multiple platforms
  4. Can also save others’ Facebook videos or other media websites’ videos


  1. Can’t provide the best quality
  2. Can’t deal with private videos
  3. Sometimes fail to work
  4. Need powerful internet support
  5. Offer no editing features
  6. Have a size limit on downloaded videos

The biggest advantage of this method is convenience. If you only download one or two live videos from time to time, you can choose to do it online. Web-based tools can’t download in bulk, nor are they able to download 4K or 1080p videos.

Step 1. Go to savefrom.net.

Step 2. Copy and paste a video URL. Then, wait for it to analyze the URL automatically.

Step 3. Click Download MP4, which will lead you to a new page. Click the three dots icon in the bottom left corner.

Step 4. Click Download.

Besides, sometimes the new page may fail to be opened, but it causes no influence on downloading Facebook live videos to your computer. The downloaded video will appear in the bottom interface, click the drop-up icon to choose open it directly or show it in Finder.

download videos

#3 Using iOS or Android Apps


  1. Easy to use
  2. No need to copy and paste Facebook live video URL
  3. Can do batch download


  1. Need to download and install apps
  2. Unable to download in the highest quality

Video Downloader for Facebook (Android)

Rated 4.6 out of 5 on Google Play, this Android app is able to quickly download a Facebook live video. It only takes a few simple steps. However, unlike most video downloader tools, this Facebook live video downloader doesn’t support other sites. Note that the free version contains ads.

Step 1. Get this app and install it on your Android device.

Step 2. Tap Browse Facebook and log in to your account.

Step 3. Browse and find the Facebook live video you need to save to your phone. Tap the video.

Step 4. In the dialog box, tap the DOWNLOAD option.

MyMedia - File Manager (iOS)

iOS app like MyMedia makes it easy to save Facebook live recorded video to iPhone and iPad. Before getting started, you need to go to the App Store to and install the app and then launch it.

Step 1. Find the live video you are going to download. Tap the share button and copy the video link.

Step 2. Tap the Browser tap in the app and go to online tools like savefrom.net.

Step 3. Paste the link you’ve copied. Tap Download. Edit the video name if needed.

Step 4. Go to the Media tab, tap the name of the video, and select the Save to Camera Roll option.

#4 Download Facebook Live Video via Browser Extensions or Add-ons


  1. No copying and pasting of URL
  2. Can download multiple Facebook live videos all at once
  3. Have no time or size limit
  4. Work on all operating system


  1. Can’t save video in the highest resolution
  2. Sometimes can’t detect and save video

There are tons of Chrome or Firefox extensions that can help us save time and energy in many ways. The Flash Video Downloader is one of them. Available in English, Español, and other four languages, it’s easy to install. After being installed, it will add an icon on your browser toolbar.

Step 1. Open a live video.

Step 2. Click the extension icon on the toolbar. It will detect and automatically add the video to the download list.

Step 3. Click the arrow down icon, and you will be redirected to a new website.

Step 4. Click the Download button.

How to Download Your Facebook Live Video without Any Tool?


  1. Easy to do
  2. No need to use any tools
  3. Can save your Facebook live videos from profile and page


  1. Only work with your own Facebook live videos
  2. Can only download in quality lower than the original video’s

In the past, it was possible to make Facebook live video downloadable by replacing the “www” in the video URL with “m”, but this trick doesn’t work anymore. Now Facebook makes it easy to save your own live recorded videos to computer. You don’t need to install any software or use any web-based tools.

How to download Facebook live videos from your profile

Step 1. Go to your Facebook profile page. From the menu bar, select More > Videos.

Step 2. Hover your mouse over the video thumbnail, and a tiny edit icon will show up. Click the icon.

Step 3. Click Download HD or Download SD according to your need.

Note: You may not be able to download the best quality even if you select Download HD. To get the original quality, you can use the desktop software recommended above.

How to download Facebook live videos from your page

Step 1. Go to your Facebook page. Make sure that you log in as admin or page owner.

Step 2. In the left column, click Videos. Open a video.

Step 3. Click the three dots button in the upper right corner. Click the Download Video option. If you can’t find this option, click Edit Video instead. In the editing window, click the gear icon and select Download SD.

How to Download Facebook Live Videos from a Private Facebook Group

Facebook groups consist of two different types, public groups and private groups. As the name shows, public groups’ contents are open to everyone, and you can join immediately if you want. But the content of private groups is protected by the system, you can send a join request and then waiting for the administrator’s checking to join, or you can also join it by being invited by a member from the group.

It is easy for you to download Facebook live videos from a public Facebook group by using the solutions provided above. However, if you want to download a video from a Facebook private group, the situation will be thorny. The easiest solution is to send a join group request to the administrator to ask to join the group. After joining the group, you can apply the above mentioned ways to download videos from Facebook private groups.

Alternatively, there is an easier way for you to directly download Facebook videos without any software. This solution works on any browser. Let’s take Google Chrome as an example.

Step 1 After joining a Facebook private group, click Media in the top line of the group menu, then move to Videos to select a video that you want.

Step 2 Click the video to open it, click the three dots in the top right corner of the video and then click Copy link.

Step 3 Paste the copied URL into the new tap, leave it and change www into mbasic. Once done, click Enter to access to the new link.

Step 4 Now, right-click anywhere on the video, and select Open Link in New Tap to start to play the video in a new window.

Step 5 Right-click anywhere of the video again and click Save videos as in the popped-up message window. Then, it will pop up a new window for you to set the storage name and destination. Finally, click Save and the video will show up on your device after downloading.

download facebook live videos from a private facebook group

Common Ways to Repurpose Your Facebook Live Videos

  • Upload them to other platforms such as Facebook, Vimeo, etc.
  • Upload to them your own blog or website rather than just embedding Facebook link
  • Store on your hard drive for backup and future uses
  • Share your videos in different ways such as emailing them to your newsletter subscribers

Facebook makes itself a great place to broadcast live video. Each video is the one and only one and could be one of the best videos you ever record. It is always a good idea to keep a version of your video locally. If you want to use the live video for other purposes but don’t have the original file, you can download it. Facebook does allow users to download their own live videos. However, the quality will be lower than the original one. In such cases, you can use desktop software such as Cisdem Video Converter, which won’t cause damage to the quality of the original video.

Also, when it comes to downloading someone else’s live videos for offline watching, you also need the help of third-party software or tools.

To Wrap up

Hopefully, these methods on how to download Facebook live video can be helpful to you. If a Facebook live stream video is meaningful or important to you, you can download it using one of the methods, in case the broadcaster removed it. Among the 6 methods mentioned in this article, the first 4 methods can be used to download both someone else’s Facebook live stream videos and your own ones.

Which method do you prefer to download someone else’s Facebook live video? How would you like to reuse your live videos? Just share your thoughts and ideas by leaving a comment below.

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Rosa has worked in Mac software industry for more than eight years. She believes that the purpose of software is to make life better and work more productively. In addition to writing, Rosa is also an avid runner.

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