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How to convert vCard to CSV on Mac Contacts?

Sometimes, we need to export our contact from Apple Contacts for better backup or sync. We can directly use Contacts to finish this progress. But Apple Contacts only supports to export contact to vCard file, CSV file is not supported. How to convert vCard to CSV on Mac? You can have the aid of three vCard to CSV Mac converter. Or you can have a powerful Mac contact manager, it will give you a will help us. Before share the steps of vCard to CSV Mac, let us get something about exporting contact to vCard first.

There may be some users don’t know how to export contacts to vCard file on Mac, so I will share the detailed steps of exporting contact to vCard for Mac users below.

How to export contacts on Mac?

1. At first, you need to open the “Applications” menu.

2. Then you need to select “Contacts”.

3. At the contact list, you need to select “export (e.g., All Contacts)”.

4. Click the “Contacts menu”, then you need to select “File”> “Export”> “Export vCard...”.

5. Last, you should give your file a descriptive name, and also should select the location where you would like to save it.

How to convert vCard to CSV Mac by using three vCard to CSV Mac converter?

If you want to convert vCard to CSV Mac directly, you need to have aid of third vCard to CSV Mac converter. No matter online converter or offline converter, it will help you to do that. You can input “vCard to CSV Mac converter” in the Google search bar to get results. I will not recommend any converter for you since I don’t use any of those. And I don’t which one is useful, you can select a suitable one by yourself.

How to convert vCard to CSV Mac by using powerful Mac contact manager?

As for me, the most convenient way to convert vCard to CSV Mac is using a powerful Mac contact manager. Moreover, what this application can do is more that, I can use it to export my contacts to multiple formats, including CSV, vCard, TXT, Docx, HTML, Excel, Numbers, and Pages.

Cisdem ContactsMate isn’t a vCard to CSV Mac converter, but with it, you can directly export your contact to multiple formats. It is more convenient, right? Actually, just as its name implies, Cisdem ContactsMate is a fresh start for Mac users as it can analyzes, reports, and fixes dozens of problems with OS X Contacts. With this application, you can manage and backup OS X Contacts in one place. In addition, once you set connection between your Contacts with Cisdem ContactsMate, you don’t need to go to Contacts ant more. You can finish any operation by Cisdem ContactsMate. It is so cool. The detailed steps of how to use it will be shown below.

Step 1. Free download Cisdem ContactsMate and launch it on your Mac.

Cisdem allows every user to free download ContactsMates, just click the “Free Download” button below, it will start to download. Then you need to launch it on your Mac to continue to the next step.

Download Cisdem ContactsMate for Mac >>

Step 2. Sync with OS X Contacts.

After preparation work, you need to set a connection between Contacts and Cisdem ContactsMate. When you run Cisdem ContactsMate, it will ask you, you need to click “OK” to set it. Then it will sync with OS X Contacts.

Step 3. Export Contacts to CSV.

If you have no questionable contacts need to amend, you can directly export your Contacts. Click “Export All” button, and then select the “Export Format” as “Save to CSV”. At last, click “Save”.

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