How to Convert vCard to CSV on Mac: 3 Easy Ways

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This article talks about how to convert vCard to CSV on Mac. Sometimes, we need to export contacts from the Mac Contacts app to CSV for backup or other purposes. The Contacts app can only export contacts to vCard aka VCF (Virtual Contact File). It doesn’t support CSV as an export format, so we need to convert VCF to CSV on Mac. Here you will find three efficient ways to do the conversion using the best vCard to CSV converters for Mac.

The easiest way to convert vCard to CSV on Mac

You can use Cisdem ContactsMate to easily convert VCF to CSV on Mac, individually or in batch. Also, it can directly export contacts from Mac Contacts to CSV, Excel and other common formats. In such a case, no conversion will be needed.

Designed to meet your contact management needs, this contact manager for Mac can:

  • Convert VCF/vCard to CSV, Excel and 5 other formats
  • Directly export Mac contacts to CSV, Excel and more
  • Directly export contacts from Gmail, iCloud, Outlook, etc. to CSV and 7 other formats
  • Find and delete/merge duplicate contacts in Mac Contacts, iCloud, Outlook, Google, etc.
  • Allow you to easily view, edit, add, group, tag and manage contacts
  • Offer other features such as 1-Click Backup & Restore

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Below are some instructions on how to use this vCard to CSV converter for Mac.

Scenario 1. Export contacts from Mac Contacts directly to CSV

How do I export Mac contacts to CSV spreadsheet?

Step 1. Download and install ContactsMate on your Mac. When you open the app for the first time, it will ask for permission to access your Mac Contacts. Click OK. It will automatically sync with the Contacts app.

Step 2. In the app, select the contacts you want to convert to CSV. Click Export in the toolbar at the top of the interface.

contacts synced to ContactsMate

Step 3. In the dialog box that appears, click the Options button in the bottom left corner. From the Format dropdown list, select CSV. Click Save.

export contacts as CSV

Scenario 2. (Batch) convert vCard to CSV on Mac in 3 easy steps

Here's a scenario. There are lots of vCard files on your Mac, and you want to convert them to CSV in bulk.

Step 1. Open ContactsMate. Click Import in the toolbar to import VCF files.

Step 2. Select all the contacts that you want to convert to CSV. Click Export.

Step 3. Click Options. To convert VCF to CSV on Mac, select CSV as the output format. To convert vCard to Excel, just choose the option Excel. Click Save.

batch convert VCF to CSV

Now you can open the CSV file using spreadsheet software like Excel and check the conversion result.


Before exporting vCard to CSV, there are some things that you can do with this VCF to CSV converter for macOS.

  • Edit Select a contact and click the Edit button to make it editable. Click OK to save the change(s).
  • Import contacts If needed, click Add Account to import contacts from sources such as Google.
  • Merge duplicates (if any) Click Scan to look for duplicate contacts and then remove/merge duplicates with the deduplication function.

manage contacts

2 other methods for vCard to CSV conversion

Method 1. Use online vCard to CSV converters

If you want to convert VCF to CSV online, there are some web-based apps you can use. To get started, let’s talk about how to export contacts from Mac Contacts or Address Book.

Step 1. Open Contacts on Mac. Select the contact list you need to export, say, ALL Contacts. From the menu bar at the top of your screen, select File > Export > Export vCard.

export contacts to vCard

Step 2. Give your file a descriptive name. Select the location where you’d like to save it. Click Save.

Step 3. To convert vCard to CSV online, you can use a free tool called vCard to LDIF/CSV Converter. Open an Internet browser on your Mac, and go to

Step 4. Click Choose File to open and choose the VCF file from your Mac. Note that don’t upload a vCard file that is bigger than 8 MB.

Step 5. Select CSV as the output format. Select the options Add header line and vCard with e-mail only if needed.

vcard to ldif/csv converter

Step 6. Click the convert button.

While this method is free and handy to use, there is one major drawback. When you open the exported CSV file, you will find the contacts listed there. However, the first name, last name, email address, mobile phone and other information will be all in one column, which can causes inconvenience.

Method 2. Use Google Contacts to Convert VCF to CSV on Mac

Here’s another method to convert VCF exported from Mac Contacts or other sources to CSV on Mac.

Step 1. Sign in to Google Contacts with your Google Account.

Step 2. In the left column, click the More dropdown menu and click Import. Upload a vCard file and click Import. The imported contacts will be automatically labeled based on the date of import.

Step 3. Select More > Export. Click the triangle icon. Select a label.

Step 4. Select Google CSV and click Export.

convert VCF to CSV on Mac using Google Contacts

This is how you can use Google Contacts as a VCF to CSV converter for Mac. It’s also applicable to other platforms such as Windows and Android.

On a side note: If one is looking for a way to convert ABBU to CSV, here's a tip. (ABBU is the file type used by Address Book, the predecessor of Contacts.) Import ABBU to Contacts first and then use the recommended converters to do the job.


Above are the three common ways to convert vCard to CSV on Mac. In addition to the vCard to CSV converter for Mac mentioned above, there are also other similar online or desktop tools available such as AB2CSV. An online converter can be enough for an occasional need for conversion. If you are finding an efficient way to manage contacts across platforms and devices, professional software like ContactsMate will be useful.

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