How to Convert vCard to CSV on Mac Contacts

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Sometimes, we need to export our contacts from Mac Contacts for better backup or sync. But Mac Contacts only supports exporting contact to vCard aka VCF (Virtual Contact File). CSV file is not supported. Then how to convert vCard/vcf to CSV on Mac? vCard to CSV converter software can help you out. The particulars as well as the steps on how to convert vCard to CSV on Mac will be announced in the following. Furthermore, there is an easier way to export contacts to CSV directly that I’d like to recommend to you. 

An Easier Way to Export Contacts to CSV on Mac 

As a Mac user, we usually tend to use the build-in application(Contacts) to realize our requirement. But on account of the default vCard file can’t be managed, we have to seek help from the vCard to CSV converter in addition. Then we can manage our contacts freely. Is there any way can export contacts address book to CSV easier? Here I recommend Cisdem ContactsMate. As an intelligent and user-friendly contacts manager. It not only support to convert vCard to CSV on Mac, more remarkable is it can directly export your contacts address book to CSV.
What you can get from Cisdem ContactsMate
Export Forms Supported Import Forms Supported Other Outstanding Features
Export contacts address book to CSV,vCard, TXT, DOCX, HTML, Excel, Numbers and Pages. Import contacts from Google, iCloud, Exchange, Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, etc.. Easily view, add, edit, group, tag and manage contacts. Find out any problem existed in your contacts. As it can detect, analyze, report and fix dozens of problems intelligently.  Accomplish any operation by Cisdem ContactsMate because it can sync all contacts in one place.

Below are the detailed steps of how it works.

Step 1Free download Cisdem ContactsMate and launch it on your Mac.

Cisdem allows every user to free download ContactsMates. After you click the “Free Download” button below, it will start downloading. Then you need to launch it on your Mac to continue to the next step.

Free Download

Download Cisdem ContactsMate for Mac >>

Step 2Sync with your Contacts App.

You will be required to set a connection between Contacts and Cisdem ContactsMate. When you run Cisdem ContactsMate, a message (as shown below) will pop up. Click OK. Then it will sync with your macOS/OS X Contacts.

Step 3Export contacts to CSV.

A: If you have no questionable contacts need to amend, you can directly export your Contacts. Click “Export All” button, and then select the “Export Format” as “Save to CSV”. At last, click “Save”. 

B: If you want to improve your contacts, you can 

  • Click “import” to Import contacts from your local Mac
  • Click “Add Account” to import contacts from Google, Facebook, Twitter, etc..
  • Click “Scan” to locate and fix the duplicate, incorrect or incomplete information in batch
  • Click “Edit” to alter the contacts’ information. Like phone number, address, email etc..

Then go on with the steps that A mentioned.

Free to Convert vCard/vcf to CSV on Mac

If you prefer a free way, you can use a free converter to convert vCard to csv. Before this, let’s learn how to export the contacts address book to vCard on Mac firstly.

Step 1Export Contacts to vCard on Mac

Open the “Applications”> “Contacts” . Select the contact list you need to export (e.g., All Contacts)”. And then Click “File”> “Export”> “Export vCard...”.Then give your file a descriptive name. Select the location where you would like to save it.

export vcard mac

Step 2Convert vCard to CSV on Mac With Online Free Converter

Go to

Click “Choose File” to open and choose the VCF file from your Mac. Select CSV as the output format and click “convert” button.

Kindly noted, this free online converter only support vcf file no more than 8 MB. After my test of various free vCard to CSV converter, this one is relatively easy to use. As I know, most of the free converter has too much various limits and some are not easy to use even exported as messy code.


The two methods to convert vCard/VCF to CSV on Mac I introduced in this guide are the most common choices among Mac users. Although the online converter is free, there are too many limitation and unstable factors. If there are quite a few vCard files that you need to convert, and you care about the efficiency and better contacts management, software like Cisdem ContactsMate is a better choice. 

Free Download


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