How to Convert FLV to MP4 on Mac Hassle-Free?

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Do you watch TV shows, movies or other videos on the Internet very often? Have you ever wanted to import these flash videos in your mobile device for offline watching? That is the reason we are going talk about converting FLV to MP4 on mac today, keep reading and several feasible solutions and video converter for mac are offered here in details.

What is FLV and Why Convert FLV to MP4?

Flash video, also abbreviated as flv, is a container file format to store and distribute digital video content through Adobe Flash Player on Internet. There are 2 types of flash video: FLV and F4V(new type of flv), we can generally describe their relationship as equivalent to that of .doc and docx.

Reasons of why FLV is going popular to deliver video content online can be categorized as follows:

  • It can be used to deliver different video contents, movies, TV shows, presentation, animation, advertisement, etc.
  • It is web-friendly in file size, for easy uploading and downloading
  • It is easily accessible on the web

However, the major disadvantage lies in its relative lower compatibility with our mobile devices. While, MP4 format as one of the most popular format to be used on different programs and devices(Apple Products,Android devices, etc) makes the conversion between flv and mp4 common.

Why Open Source is Losing Ground on FLV-MP4 conversion?

Yes, there are open sources for helping to convert FLV to MP4 on mac, they are free and once won great popularity among users. But things change, users are demanding more on functions and results, let’s just check how open source is losing ground to its competitors.

  Input Format Output Format Conversion Quality Process Speed Batch Conversion Extended Feature

Cisdem Video Converter

Virtually All Video and Audio Formats Virtually All Video and Audio Formats High Fast Yes Play Videos,Download Youtube Resources, Rip DVD, Share, Edit
VCL Media Player Virtually All Video and Audio Formats MP4(M4V),Webm, TS,Ogg, ASF, MP3,FLAC, CD Medium Medium No Play Videos
Handbrake Virtually All Video and Audio Formats MKV, MP4 Medium Medium No Limited Editing Features

If you still want to have a go on these open source, go ahead with the steps listed as in the 3rd part, or you can just have a try on the recommendation: Cisdem Video Converter for Mac.

Hassle-Free Solution to Convert FLV to MP4 mac

Convert FLV to MP4 on mac may compromise the video quality, in order to perform the conversion hassle-free, we need an expert to remove all these quality issues technically.

Cisdem Video Converter for Mac can do this for you. With a combination of features, such as converting virtually any videos and audios into different formats, ripping DVD or extracting audio from DVD, downloading Youtube videos and music, even uploading videos to Youtube for sharing and edit, Cisdem Video Converter works as the most dedicated assistant to help you with your video problems.

Free Download

  1. Once you have launched the program on your mac, add single or multiple flv files into the program.

convert flv to mp4 with cisdem video converter 01

  1. Click on the blue format icon to open the output library, choose MP4 under General Video as output format. Or if you are converting flv to mp4 for playing on mobile device, choose the adequate device menu.

convert flv to mp4 on mac with cisdem 02

  1. Click the Convert button to start the conversion. The status bar will indicate an instant conversion.

convert flv to mp4 on mac with cisdem 03

The most important reason why Cisdem Video Converter mentioned here is for its high maintaining the original video quality.

Open Source to Convert FLV to MP4 Mac

In case that you are not doing FLV to MP4 conversion on mac very often, we recommend 2 open sources to do the conversion. You may be familiar with these 2 tools, VCL Media Player and Handbrake, basing on the top ranking appear among Google results.

#Convert FLV to MP4 mac with VCL Media Player

VCL Media Player is open to all the people who want to play multimedia files, it also enables users to convert and stream videos with limited supported formats.

  1. Run the program, go to File>Convert/Stream

convert flv to mp4 with vcl01

  1. Drag and drop a FLV file into the program

convert flv to mp4 with vcl 02

  1. Select MP4 as the output format under “Choose the Profile”

convert flv to mp4 with vcl03

  1. "Save as File" and choose output destination to start the conversion.

As you may have noticed, the FLV file is converted into m4v format in default by VCL Media Player, even though you have chose the output as MP4. Actually, M4V is a division of MP4, sharing lots in common with MP4. M4V is designed for Apple products and opened in iTunes by default, which means if you want to play flv resources on Apple device, you can go with this flv-m4v conversion.

#Convert FLV to MP4 mac with Handbrake

HandBrake is a tool for converting various videos to MKV and MP4 with limited editing features(adjust video, audio, add subtitles, import chapters,etc).

  1. Run the program on your mac and go to “Open Source” to import files

convert flv to mp4 with handbrake

  1. Choose the output as MP4 and select output folder. It may process a little slow, wait for patient.

convert flv to mp4 on mac with handbrake 02

Final Thought

No matter which way you choose to convert flv to mp4 on mac, make sure if they can meet your basic needs on video conversions, a one-in-all video converter for mac is always the one saving time and efforts.

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