Best 5 ways to Block Websites on Windows 10 Chrome, Firefox & Edge

Norah Hayes
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The Internet brings us convenience but also risks. Parents may be worried about their children being exposed to harmful content online. Some websites are designed to be addictive and attract us to waste a lot of time or even a whole day on them, such as some games sites, video sites, and social media. Trying to find out how to block a website on Windows 10 for productivity, online safety, or reducing screen time? This article will tell you 5 easy ways to do this.


The easiest way to block websites in Windows 10

Cisdem AppCrypt is an app that allows you to block websites, lock apps, and set time limits. It works on Windows 11/10/8/7 (64-bit only). It provides several useful features for blocking websites on Windows 10:

  • Block specific websites/webpages. With AppCrypt, you can add specific sites to the block list. It also lets you block a specific webpage without blocking the entire website.
  • Block categories of websites. It lets you block websites based on 11 categories, including social media, porn sites, games sites, etc.
  • Block websites by keywords. AppCrypt also includes useful keyword filtering, which allows you to block websites containing specific keywords in their URLs.
  • Whitelist a website. Its whitelist mode lets you block access to all websites except one or a few you trusted.
  • Set time limits on specific sites. With this tool, you can also limit the amount of time you or your kids can spend on a distracting site but not block it completely.

The blocking works on all popular browsers on your Windows PC, including Chrome, Firefox, Edge, Brave and Opera. Below I’ll show you how to block websites on Windows 10 via AppCrypt:

1. Download and install Cisdem AppCrypt on your Windows PC.

Free Download Windows 11/10/8/7

2. Launch it. Set a password. Click Submit.

set a password

3. Click its icon on the task bar.

4. Enter the password to access this tool.

enter the password

5. Now you are in the main window.

Go to the Web Block tab. A window will pop up reminding you to install extensions for different browsers. Click Install next to the extensions that you want to block access to websites on.

install extensions

6. To block a specific website on Windows 10, type in the URL that you want to block into the top URL field. Click Add.

To block categories of sites, click the Import button. Select a category, like Games Sites, Social Sites, etc.

Or, add the keyword you wish to block and click the Add button.

add sites to block

Now the websites are all blocked on your Windows 10 PC.

website is blocked

To remove a blocked website from the block list. Access to AppCrypt with the password. Click this site from the block list. Press the Delete key.

To unblock all blocked websites temporarily, you can click AppCrypt’s icon on the task bar. Choose Disable Web Block. Or quit it. Both options require the password.

unblock websites

Tip 1: How to block websites on Windows 10 during certain hours?

Do you always get distracted while working or learning online? This Windows website blocker’s Schedule feature may help you. It let you block websites at certain times, such as your working hours, to help you stay focused at work. After adding all distracting websites to the block list, click the Schedule button on the tool bar. Then set the time you want to block these websites.

You can also add schedule to a specific website. For example, to block access to the YouTube site on Windows PC at certain times, first add to the block list. Then click on this site. Click the clock icon that appears. Enable Custom Schedule. Set the blocking time.

schedule feature

Tip 2: How to block all websites on Windows 10 except a few?

It’s possible to block all websites except a few allowed websites using AppCrypt. Go to the Web Block tab. Enable “Block all websites” on the bottom left corner. Then add websites you want to allow under the "Always Allow" section. This is an effective way to help you reduce distractions.

Always Allow list


How to block a website on Windows 10 through extensions

Most web browsers support extensions. You can filter unwanted websites on a browser on Windows 10 through installing extension. The trouble is that an extension might be available only on a browser, so you need to find the website blocking extensions for different browsers. And install them one by one to each browser in order to block the website on your computer completely. In addition, extensions are easy to be removed. Below I will tell you how to block websites on Windows 10 through adding extensions to our commonly used browsers Chrome, Firefox and Edge.

How to block a website on Windows 10 Chrome browser

Chrome is the most widely used browser on PC by far. Many users are looking for ways to block websites on Google Chrome. There are many great extensions for Chrome can help you. BlockSite is a well-known one.

It offers 3 basic features for blocking websites:

  • Block all popular adult websites on Chrome with 1-click.
  • Add up to 3 specific websites/keywords to the block list for free.
  • Set up blocking schedule.

Below are steps:

1. Open the Chrome browser on your PC. Go to Chrome Web Store.

2. Search for BlockSite. Select the one developed by BlockSite LP.

block websites and stay focused

3. Tap on Add to Chrome > Add extension.

add to chrome

4. Tap the Extensions icon next to the address bar. Select BlockSite. Tap Settings.

5. Select Block Sites from the left column.

6. Tap Add to Block List in the middle of the window. Add the websites or keywords you want to block to the list.

If you wish to keep adult websites away from your Chrome, tap Categories. Click the plus icon next to Adult.

Tip: Some useful features of BlockSite’s premium version

BlockSite’s free version can meet the basic needs of most users. You can also purchase its premium version to get more advanced features, which costs $3.99 per month (a bit pricey in my opinion).

For example, in the premium version, you are able to add an unlimited number of websites to the block list, while in the free version only 3 sites are allowed.

Additionally, the premium version offers the password protection feature. It allows you to set password for blocked websites. Click the Extensions icon on the upper right corner of your browser window. Select BlockSite. Click the Settings icon. Choose Password Protection on the left sidebar. Enable the “Require password to access blocked sites” option. Then set a password.

How to block a website on Windows 10 Mozilla Firefox

Firefox extensions, also known as Firefox Add-ons, can be used to add some custom features to your Firefox browser, like blocking websites.

Block Site by Ray is one designed for this. With it, you can:

  • Block unwanted domains/websites on Firefox.
  • Allow access to only certain websites on Firefox.
  • Block sites based on time and date.

Here’s how:

1. Open the Firefox browser on your Windows PC. Go to ADD-ONS for Firefox website.

2. Search for Block Site by Ray.

3. Add it to Firefox.

add to Firefox

4. Open the website you don’t want to allow access.

5. Right-click anywhere on the page. Tap on Block this Page.

choose Block this Page

How to block a website on Windows 10 Microsoft Edge

Edge browser is a recommended by Microsoft and easy to use. It also supports restricting sites through BlockSite extension. Here’s how:

1. Click on the three-dot icon on the top-right corner of the Edge browser main window.

2. Select Extensions from the drop down menu.

edge browser extensions

3. Click on Get extensions for Microsoft Edge on the new Extensions window.

4. Search for BlockSite and click on Get at the right side.

5. A prompt window will pop up. Tap on Add extension.

add extension to edge browser

6. Go to the unwanted website on Microsoft Edge. Right-click anywhere on the page. Then click on Block this site.


Blocking websites in all browsers on Windows 10 through Hosts file

If you are the administrator of the computer, you can block a website via Hosts file. Hosts File is a system file with no extension and can be opened with Notepad. In hosts file, many common domain names and their corresponding IP mappings can be established. When the user enters a URL that they want to access in browser, the system will first look in the hosts file to see if there is a corresponding IP. If there is, it will open the corresponding web page immediately. And you can block specific websites on Windows 10 by editing the Hosts file.

This method is suitable for users who only need to block a few websites. And it’s a bit cumbersome to set up. Now let’s look at how to block websites on Windows 10 through hosts file:

1. Find Notepad on your PC and run it as administrator.

2. Click Open from File menu.

3. Find hosts file and open it. On windows, the hosts file is usually located in Local Disk(C) > Windows > System32 > drivers >etc.

open hosts file

4. Place the cursor at the bottom line. For example, to block YouTube on PC, type “”. Then press Enter to create a new line. Type “”.

You can enter multiple URLs one by one in new lines following the same format.

block youtube website via hosts file

5. Click File > Save.

Now, these websites are permanently blocked on your Windows computer and you will see a “can reach this page” message when you try to access them on any web browser.


Blocking websites in all browsers on Windows 10 with Family Safety

Microsoft Family Safety is a built-in application in Windows 10. The administrator can change the settings to control family member’s online activities. Family Safety can be a good parental control tool. With it, you are able to:

  • Know what websites you child visited and get a weekly report.
  • View the time your child uses the device and the time spent in each application.
  • Filter inappropriate websites and adult contents.
  • Block access to specific websites permanently.

But one thing you need to pay attention is that you need to create a Microsoft account for your child, and ensure that he can only log in to this account. Here is the steps on how to block websites on Windows 10 with Microsoft Family Safety:

Create a Microsoft account for child:

1. Click on the Start menu of your PC. Select Settings > Account > Family & other users.

2. Click the plus icon next to Add a family member.

3. At the pop-up Microsoft account window, click on Create one for child. Then click Next.

create account for child

4. Enter your child’s email, click Next.

5. Create a password for the account. Click Next again.

6. Enter some of your child’s personal information including name, country/region and birth date.

7. Click Close.

8. Then you can see your child’s account you just created has been added to your family group. Sign in your child’s account with the password you previously set. Click Sign in.

9. Click Skip for now when it asks you to set up face recognization.

10. Click Next. Set up a PIN and you child can use it to sign into the computer.

11. Click Accept on the next window.

12. Click the Start menu on the bottom left corner of the screen.

13. Click Settings > Accounts > Manage my Microsoft account.

14. Go to the Family tab. Under the Manage permissions, turn on the 3 options: Let organizers in your family see your devices, Let organizers in your family see your activity, and Let organizers in your family see your location.

Block inappropriate websites on child’s account:

1. Sign in your own Microsoft account.

2. Find your child’s account on the Family & other users page.

3. Under your child’s name, click Manage family settings online.

4. Click Activities. Turn on Activity reporting and Email weekly reports to me.

5. To prevent your child from accessing inappropriate sites on Windows 10, click on Content restrictions. Go to the Web Browsing section. Enable the Block inappropriate websites option.

6. To stop him/she from accessing certain websites, enter the unwanted websites to Always blocked section.

always blocked


Blocking websites on Windows 10 through router’s URL filter

Some parents worry about their children seeing harmful content online, or being addicted to certain inappropriate websites. Fortunately, most routers have built-in URL filter and enables you to:

  • Block specific URLs on your Windows PC and other devices.
  • Stop users from accessing inappropriate content or harmful websites.
  • Create whitelist for specific URLs and block all others.

Adding a website to router’s black list will prohibit all devices in the local area network from accessing this website. However, if you take the device out of the LAN range, the blocking will not work. Below are steps on how to block websites on Windows 10 through router:

1. First, open a browser and enter the router's IP address. Different routers have different IP addresses. You can see it on the back of the router. Such as,, or

2. Then enter your username and password to log in.

3. Access router’s Settings page and go to the URL Filter section. Sometimes it’s named as Website Filtering, Parental Controls, Web Filter or something similar.

Some routers will have advanced features to filter websites. For example, the Asus router and Huawei router offer 2 blocking modes: Black List and White List. TP-Link Wi-Fi router lets you block websites by domain names or IP addresses. It also enables you to block websites by keywords.

4. Enter the URL you want to restrict to the block list.

router block access to websites

5. Then save the setting.



Q1: How to allow access to only one or a few on Windows 10?

Computer built-in settings do not have this feature. But some third-party website blockers allow you to do this. For example, in Cisdem AppCrypt main window, there is a Block all websites button and an Exceptions button. You can use these 2 buttons to allow access to only certain websites on your Windows PC.

Q2: Can I allow access to only certain websites during certain times?

Yes. You can use Cisdem AppCrypt to allow access to certain websites at certain times through its Schedule feature: First, rnable the Block all websites button. Then click on Schedule on the tool bar. Set time. Click the Exceptions button on the bottom right corner. Add sites you allow access to the Always Allow list. Then during the time you set, all websites will be inaccessible except those you enter in the allowed list.

Additionally, some routers also have the Schedule feature. Let you set up a white list and create a schedule for it.

Q3: My child has 2 devices. And how can I block websites on one device but not the other?

In this case, you can install a website blocker on the device that you want to set restrictions on. Note that the website blocker must be based on computer but not on the user account. Also, you can use the Hosts file method.

Q4: How to filter all inappropriate websites on Windows 10?

Several of the web filters I mentioned in this article provide the feature to block websites by categories on Windows 10. And you can select the categories to block that you consider being inappropriate or not safe, like adult sites, games sites, etc.

Q5: How do I block specific websites in a specific browser on Windows PC?

The best way to block websites in a specific browser is to download and install a web filter extension. You can find extensions for different browsers in Part 2 of this article.



There’re many reasons to block websites. Blocking distracting websites can help you be more productive. Blocking malicious websites can protect your online security. If you are a parent, it’s necessary to pay attention to your child’s online behavior and block some harmful websites on his/her devices. After reading this article, I believe you have known how to block websites on Windows 10. Which method is your preferred one?

Norah Hayes
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Norah Hayes likes to share her tips on how to improve focus and stay motivated at work. She believes it is essential to eliminate all online distractions during work hours.

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