How to Block Safari on Mac or Set Time Limit on Safari

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The Safari web browser is included with Mac computers. Many people want to know how to block Safari on Mac. Blocking access to Safari can help keep your Safari bookmarks, history and other information private. Also, you can set time limits on Safari by blocking Safari during certain times. This article will show you how to do the blocking easily. 

Method 1. How to block Safari on Mac in an easy way

I would like to disable opening Safari on my Mac. I don’t want to delete or modify it in any way. I only want to prevent myself from opening the application itself. Is there any way to stop Safari from opening? ― Asked by a MacBook Pro user

The easiest way to block Safari on MacBook Pro, MacBook Air or iMac etc. is to use Cisdem AppCrypt, the best app and website blocker for macOS. With this tool, you can easily control access to Safari for Mac.

AppCrypt main features:

  • Block Safari and other apps with password
  • Record failed attempts to open blocked apps with date, time and photo
  • Block websites with password on Safari, Google Chrome and other browsers
  • Let you block websites by category
  • Offer a schedule feature to block apps and websites at certain times
  • Easy to use
  • Hard to bypass
  • Help with privacy protection, parental controls and productivity etc.
  • Support macOS 10.12 or later

Steps: How to block Safari on Mac

1. Download AppCrypt and install it.

Free Download

2. When you first open the tool, set a password.

a message asking users to set a password

3. In the menu bar, click its icon and choose Open Main Window.

clicking AppCrypt’s icon in the menu bar brings an option to open main window

4. Enter the password, and you are in the main window. Click Add App.

the main window displaying the Add App button and other buttons

5. Select the Safari app and click Open.

select the Safari app to block Safari on Mac

Now Safari is blocked on Mac with password. When you or others such as your child try to open Safari, it won’t open, and the “Safari is locked” message will appear.

Mac screen displaying an message saying Safari is locked

If one enters the correct password and then click OK, Safari will open successfully.

To unblock Safari on Mac, enter the password to open AppCrypt’s main window, select Safari and then click Remove App.


Tip 1. Put time limit on Safari by blocking access to Safari during certain hours

With AppCrypt, you can easily block (or password protect) Safari. The same tool also allows you to set time limit on Safari. In the main window, choose Menu > Preferences. Under the Schedule tab, select Safari, click Add Schedule and start setting up.

Clicking Add Schedule allows users to schedule blocking of Safari

Tip 2. Block Safari websites on Mac

Click Web Block in the main window. Add specific websites to block. Or, click the Import dropdown menu and select a category of websites to block.

the Import dropdown menu providing categories of websites to block

Method 2. How to block Safari on Mac during downtime on Screen Time

If your Mac is running macOS 10.15 Catalina or later, Screen Time is available to help you restrict Safari access. Screen Time is a set of tools included with Mac.

1. On your Mac, go to System Preferences and choose Screen Time.

2. Click Downtime on the left.

3. Click Turn On to turn it on.

4. Set up the downtime schedule(s) based on your needs.

a set of Downtime settings to set up downtime schedules

5. Click Always Allowed on the left.

6. From the Always Allowed list, deselect the box next to the Safari app.

During downtime, the Safari app, which is blocked, will dim. If you or some else tries to use Safari, the Time Limit warning will show up. But the Ignore Limit option makes it easy to bypass the blocking.

Want to block Safari more effectively? You can select the box next to Block At Downtime in Step 4. This option is available only if you have set a Screen Time passcode. Note that enabling Block At Downtime will block your Mac during downtime.

Bonus tips

Now you know how to block or lock Safari on Mac. This part shares some tips that may be helpful.

Tip 1. How to block websites on Safari on Mac

1. Download and install AppCrypt.

Free Download

2. Set a password.

3. Click Open Main Window and enter the password.

4. In the main window, click Web Block.

5. Add the URL of a website (such as to block. Or, you can block a category of websites.

the Web Block window displaying a URL field for users to add a website to block

As you can see, AppCrypt can not only block Safari on a Mac but also restrict websites on Safari.

Tip 2. How to block ads on Safari Mac

1. On your Mac, open App Store.

2. Search for AdGuard for Safari. Install it.

3. Relaunch the Safari app.

the AdGuard icon appearing next to the Smart Search field of Safari

Now the AdGuard icon should appear next to the Smart Search field. And it should start blocking Safari ads. The blocking applies to both the normal and private browsing modes.

Tip 3. How to block pop ups on safari on Mac

1. Open Safari on Mac. Go to Preferences.

2. Go to the Websites tab.

3. Select Pop-up Windows on the left.

the dropdown menu showing three options regarding blocking pop-up windows on Safari for Mac

4. From the When visiting other websites dropdown menu, choose Block and Notify or Block.

You can allow pop-up windows on certain websites if needed.

Tip 4. How to get rid of Safari on Mac

With Method 1, you can password protect Safari on Mac to block Safari use. Some people may also want to know how to delete Safari on Mac.

The fact is that there is no legitimate way to uninstall Safari for Mac. And it’s recommended not to delete any pre-installed apps. If you want to not use Safari on Mac, just stop using it or block access to it.


By blocking the Safari app, you can prevent other people from seeing your browsing history or changing your settings. Or, you can schedule blocking during certain hours to prevent yourself or your children from spending too much time browsing the web with Safari. This article mainly talks about how to block Safari on Mac. I hope it can help you stop access to Safari or set a time limit on it.

Rosa Reyes
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Rosa has worked in Mac software industry for more than eight years. She believes that the purpose of software is to make life better and work more productively. In addition to writing, Rosa is also an avid runner.

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