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Rosa Reyes
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Cisdem AppCrypt can be used to selectively lock applications and block websites on Mac. To make your kids allocate reasonably study and entertainment time and get away from online danger, help your employees work more focused and efficient, protect your privacy-related applications, it is recommended to get started to use Cisdem AppCrypt on your Mac. There are five parts below to help you to use the program easily and quickly.


Part 1 Download & Install

1. You can download the installation package of Cisdem AppCrypt from the below link.

Free Download

2. Install Cisdem AppCrypt with the downloaded package.

Double-click the dmg file.

Drag the Cisdem AppCrypt icon to Applications folder.

Part 2  Activation (Optional)

After installing the program, you are free to use it in 3 days, and after that you need to activate it for further use.

1. Go to Lauchpad or Applications folder, double click Cisdem AppCrypt to run the program, then click "Activate" > "Activate Now" in trial time limit reminder pop-up window in the top right corner.

2. Copy-n-paste the license code into the pop-up window, click Activate.

Part 3 Application Operating

Part 3.1 How to set your password?

Run the program, a pop-up window will be showing, just enter your password to submit.

Tips: We recommend you ticking "Launch at System Startup" option to protect your Mac better, also do not forget to tick "I have read and I understand this warning", otherwise you can not click the submit button (submit button will be grey).

Part 3.2 How to block apps?

To ensure AppCrypt works more safely and efficiently, Cisdem AppCrypt automatically locks 3 security apps (System Preferences, Terminal and Activity Monitor), you are allowed to remove these 3 security apps as your requirement, but it is not recommended. To add more apps to be locked, you can do as follows:

Go to main window of Cisdem AppCrypt, click "Add App"

select the application you want to add, and then click "Open"

If you want to remove the added apps, just select the target applications, click "Remove App".

After adding the app in the list, you will be asked to enter the password when you want to access this app.

You can enter the password and click OK to access it, or click Cancel to quit it. For the situation you forgot the password you set before, you can do as follows to reset your password:

Please use the email you used to place this order to send your order information to to get a secret code. After getting that code, click , enter the secret code in blank space and click , and then it will bring you to the window to set your new password.

Part 3.3 How to block websites?

Nowadays, the Internet is really useful for us, but it also brings us some harmful information, so it becomes important to block some websites to protect you from spam. It is so easy to block websites with Cisdem AppCrypt, just go to main window of Cisdem AppCrypt, click "WebBlock", then you are allowed to add websites in the following two ways:

1. Manually enter the domain name of the website and then click ;

Tips: The default prefix of the website is https://, if you need to enter a webiste with http:// prefix, you will need to enter the entire websites like "" instead of "".

2. Click  , select one category in the drop-down list, and then the defaulted websites under this category will be automatically added in the list.

If you want to remove the blocked websites, there are three ways as shown below:

1. To remove single website, you can click to select the target website, then click  at the front of the website to remove it;

2. To batch remove websites, you can press and hold Command key on your keyboard, then select the target websites, press "Delete" on your keyboard or right click to select "Remove";

3. To clear all the websites you added in the list, you can right click to select "Clear" or press Command+A to highlight all the added websites, and then press "Delete" on your keyboard.

Block list: When you select this option, it means that only websites added in the list are blocked, other websites are still valid to access.

Allow list: When you select this option, it means that only websites added in the list are allowed to access, other websites cannot.

Cisdem AppCrypt is compatible with 5 browsers, Google Chrome, Safari, Opera, Microsoft Edge and Brave. When the first time you add the block website on Cisdem AppCrypt, pop-up windows will be showing to ask authorization from web browser, please all click "OK"

If you accidently clicked "Don't Allow", you can also set it from here: System Preferences > Security & Privacy > Privacy > Automation, tick the browser name you allow Cisdem AppCrypt to access to.


Part 3.4 How to copy the settings from one Mac to another?

When you need to transfer to a new Mac, or you have multiple Macs and you want to block same apps and websites with same schedule on all your Macs, there is an easy way to help you do this.

Step 1 After setting up the blocked apps/websites and schedule on one of your Mac, go to the main window of Cisdem AppCrypt, click Menu > Export Configure to export  a file with extension .acconf.

Step 2 Go to install Cisdem AppCrypt on your other Macs, and transfer the exported .acconf file to these Macs. Click Menu > Import Configure and select the .acconf file to import it.

Tips: Through the .acconf file, it can help you to transfer the locked apps, blocked websites and schedules to another Mac, but the password and authorization are not included.


Part 4 Preferences

If you want to customize your general settings, change your password or add schedule time, you can set it in Preferences by clicking Menu > Preferences as shown below.

Part 4.1 General

1. Show status on Menu bar: If you do not want to show the Cisdem AppCrypt icon on the menu bar, you can cancel tick of this option, and when you need to access the main window of Cisdem AppCrypt, you can go to the Applications folder and double click Cisdem AppCrypt.

2. Launch at system startup: If you tick this option, Cisdem AppCrypt will run when the system starts, it is recommended to tick it to better protect your private information.

3. Capture photo with failed attempt: If you tick this option, Cisdem AppCrypt will take a photo to record the person who was entered wrong password to open the locked app. Please notice that it is unticked by default.

Tips: If your macOS is 10.14 or later, when you open Cisdem AppCrypt, a pop-up window will be showing as below, please click "OK", otherwise the picture you have taken will be showing black.

If you mistakely clicked "Don't Allow", you can go to System Preferences > Security & Privacy > Privacy > Camera, tick Cisdem AppCrypt to allow it to access the camera.

4. Custom locking screen background image: If you checked this option, then you will be allowed to upload your favourite image as the background of the locking interface. Otherwise, the background of the locking interface will be displayed as the default background.

5. Enable automatic lock when app is deactivated: If you checked this option, Cisdem AppCrypt will automatically lock the blocked app after the app is deactivated for a few minuites, and you are allowed to set a specific number of minitues by yourself, the minimum number it allows is 1 and the maximum minute is unlimited. Please notice that this option is unchecked by default.

6. Enable automatic lock after leaving your Mac:  If you checked this option, Cisdem AppCrypt will automatically lock the blocked apps after your Mac is deactivated for a few minuites, and you are allowed to set a specific number of minitues by yourself, the minimum number it allows is 1 and the maximum minute is unlimited. Please notice that this option is checked by default.

7. Shortcut: You are allowed to set shortcut keys to quicly disable/enble the webblocker and access the main window. Just click , press the shortcut keys on your keyboard when it displays 


Part 4.2 Password

When you want to change your password to a new one, you can select the Password section on the Preferences window, you will be asked to input your current password firstly, and then you will be able to input your new password, click  when it is done.

Part 4.3 Schedule

Cisdem AppCrypt can lock certain apps and block certain websites at certain times, you can follow the steps below to set schedules with the blocked apps and websites.

Step 1 Go to Schedule section on Preferences Window, select the target apps/websites, click 

Step 2 Click  to select the valid days to access the blocked apps/websites, and then manually enter the specific valid time or click  to adjust the valid time to access the blocked apps/websites 


1. If you want to delete the added schedules, just select the target schedule, click  behind the schedule time.

2. If you want to apply the schedule to all the blocked apps and websites, just click  when the schedule settings are done.

3. If you want to cancel the schedule of all the locked apps and blocked websites, just need to turn off the "Enable schedule" switch, then the locked apps and blocked websites will be locked & blocked all the time.


Part 5 Update Application

We always suggest users can keep using the latest version of the program.

When you launch Cisdem AppCrypt, Cisdem will auto check for updates.

Also, you can Click Menu on the main window, then click Check for Update to manually update it.



Rosa Reyes
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Rosa has worked in Mac software industry for more than eight years. She believes that the purpose of software is to make life better and work more productively. In addition to writing, Rosa is also an avid runner.

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