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Cisdem AppCrypt is a stand-alone program, which can lock Apps and block websites on your Mac. To make your social accounts and mailbox securely, to make your kids focus on study, it is necessary to get started to use Cisdem AppCrypt on your Mac. There are five parts below to help you to use the program easily and quickly.


Part 1 Download & Install

1. You can download the installation package of Cisdem AppCrypt from the below link.

Free Download


2. Install Cisdem AppCrypt with the downloaded package.

Double-click the dmg file.

Drag the Cisdem AppCrypt icon to Applications folder.

Part 2  Activation

After installing the program, you need to activate the program if you want to use the full version feature.

1. Go to Lauchpad or Applications folder, double click Cisdem AppCrypt to run the program, and then click the key icon on the top right corner.

2. Copy-n-paste the license code into the popped-up window, click Activate.

Part 3 Application Operating

Part 3.1 How to set your password?

Run the program after activated, a pop-up window will be showing, just enter your password to submit.

Tips: We suggest you ticking “Launch at System Startup” option to protect your Mac better, also do not forget to tick “I have read and I understand this warning”, or you cannot click the submit button (submit button will be grey).

Part 3.2 How to lock/unlock Apps?

Go to main window of Cisdem AppCrypt, click Add App, select the applications you want to lock, click Add

If you want to unlock Apps, just select the target app, click Remove App

Part 3.3 How to block/unblock websites?

Go to main window of Cisdem AppCrypt, click WebBlock, then click add button  to enter the domain name of the websites you want to block, such as “”

If you want to remove the blocked websites, just select the target website, then click Minus button 

Blocklist: When you select this option, it means that only website "" has been blocked, other website is valid to access to.

Allowlist: When you select this option, it means that only website "" is allowed to access to, other websites cannot.

Tips: When the first time you add the block website on Cisdem AppCrypt, two pop-up windows will be showing to ask authorization from web browser, please both click "OK"


Part 4 Preferences

If you want to change your password or do some personal changes, you could click Menu at the top right corner, click Preferences


Part 4.1 General

1. Show status on Menu bar: If you do not want to show the Cisdem AppCrypt icon on the menu bar, you could cancel tick of this option, but you have to set the shortcut instead, then you are able to open main window or enable/disable the WebBlock by pressing the shortcut key.

2. Launch at system startup: If you tick this option, Cisdem AppCrypt will run when the system starts, to secure your computer information, it is suggested to be ticked.

3. Capture photo with failed attempt: If you tick this option, Cisdem AppCrypt will take a photo to record the person who was entered wrong password to open the locked app.

Tips: If your macOS is 10.14 or later, when you open Cisdem AppCrypt, a pop-up window will be showing as below, please click "OK", Or the picture you have taken will be showing black.

If you mistakely clicked "Don't Allow", you could go to System Preferences-Security & Privacy-Privacy, tick Cisdem AppCrypt to allow it to access the camera.

4. Quit all protected apps when Mac goes to sleep: If you tick this option, except the apps is currently being used, all the locked apps will be quitted when Mac goes to sleep.


Part 4.2 Password

When you want to change your password to a new one, you could select the Password section on the Preferences window, input your current password, and then input your new password, click OK.

Part 4.3 Schedule

For example, if you want to control Activity Monitor to be locked on weekdays, unlock on weekends, you could do as below:

Step 1 Go to Schedule section on Preferences Window, select “Activity Monitor”, click 

Step 2 Click button + to add a schedule, then tick Sat and Sun, cancel the tick of Mon to Fri, you could also select the specific time if you need, click OK.

Tips: If you want to apply the schedule to all the apps and websites, just tick the option "Apply to All", then click OK.

Tips: If you want to cancel the schedule of all the locked apps and blocked websites, you could slide off "Enable schedule", then the apps and websites will be locked & blocked all the time.


Part 5 Update Application

When you want to check if your current version is the latest one, you can follow the steps below to update it.

Step 1 Click Menu on the main window, then click Check for Update

Step 2 Click Install Update to update it.


    Cisdem AppCrypt

Lock Apps and block website to become more productive and keep your data private on Mac.


Free Download      Buy Now


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