4 Awesome Ways to Download CNN Video Easily and Quickly

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CNN (Cable News Network) is well-known as the one of the vital news sites that provides 24-hour news coverage. It is a multinational news channel and website, which consistently broadcasts the newest or exploding events around the world. It is a great approach for people to get their concerned domestic issue or know international situation timely and accurately.

However, it will be a little thorny for people to save, edit or stream the desired video from overwhelming news, because CNN doesn’t provide a direct download function, just like YouTube. If you are wondering how to download CNN video in high quality on computer, below shows 4 different ways to help you obtain your favorite video from countless CNN news videos.


What if CNN Video not Playing on Chrome?

The problem of “cnn videos will not play in chrome” always comes closely in the related information of CNN videos. So, we shows the effective solutions below, allowing people to play CNN videos smoothly not only on Chrome, but also on other browsers.

1. Check WiFi connection

The Internet has great influence on playing CNN video smoothly because the Internet sets strictly limitation on the passable information. Otherwise, the video will buffer. In this case, the first thing is to check your connected Internet speed. If the speed is slow, close the unused background programs or reduce the connected devices.

2. Check Chrome (or other browsers you’re using)

You can also try to clear the cache, cookies and browsing history data on your Chrome browser, which may also affect your experience. If needed, check your Chrome and update it to the newest version. It may fix the related bug to solve your video issue and improve your experience with the best settings.

3. Download CNN news videos for offline enjoyment without limitation

If all solutions make no sense, just download the video, so that you want watch them offline smoothly. The offline videos not only allows you to watch them anywhere and anytime without buffering, but also doesn’t contain ads.

Thus, if you are interested, keep on reading the article and it introduces 4 totally different methods for people to choose.


Method 1. Download CNN Video with the Best CNN Download App

Cisdem Video Converter showcases ultimate excellent performance in downloading videos from websites, which can download videos from over 1000 websites in a few clicks with the simple URL, CNN undoubtedly included. It is able to download CNN video to 1080P or higher resolution effortlessly. With the support of multi-core processor, it can download multiple videos at the same time.

Except for working as a powerful video downloader, it can be also worked as a preeminent converter, making it possible to turn the downloaded CNN videos easily into any video or audio format with flexible customization features, because it supports 600+ videos and audios, including presets for third-party devices.


  1. Batch download CNN videos in high quality with efficiency speed
  2. Save CNN video in any format based on personal needs
  3. Edit, enhance or personalize the downloaded video
  4. Easy to use with the clear interface


  1. A paid service

Steps on how to download videos from CNN via Cisdem:

1. Download the application

Download and install the latest version of Cisdem CNN video downloader on your computer.

Free Download macOS 10.12 or later

Run it, click to enter into the download interface.

cisdem interface2. Copy and paste the URL of a CNN video

Open a browser and visit CNN site, open a news that contains the video you need, and copy the URL.

copy the link

Back to Cisdem, paste the URL into the bottom box for adding URL, click "+" or "enter" key to analyze the video.

paste the url

Note: as it supports bulk processing, you can repeat the copy-n-paste process to add more videos for downloading.

add more videos

3. Start the download process

Click Download icon to save all videos to your computer. Once finished, you can directly enjoy the downloaded video by clicking the play icon on the video thumbnail.

batch download cnn videos with cisdem

Tips: Convert CNN video to other format

If you want to make the downloaded video to other formats, click to find them on your local folder, drag and drop them to the first tab for converting. Then, click the Format button to choose any video or audio format based on your needs. Besides, it prepares according settings for you to edit the file external appearance and configure the internal encoding settings. Once done, click Convert icon to make your desired video.

convert the downloaded cnn video to other format

Method 2. Free Download CNN Video with Chrome Extension

If you don’t want to install troublesome software on your computer, using CNN video download extension is also an effective solution, which can accomplish the download on the CNN site, free you from switching between different applications.

Video Downloader Professional is a powerful video downloader Chrome extension that capable of downloading videos from many websites. It is easy to use and can download CNN 1080P videos, giving people great visual enjoyment.


  1. Just work on Chrome browser, and no URL is required
  2. Easy to master for people
  3. Can also work on Firefox


  1. Can’t download videos from YouTube, Instagram, Dailymotion, Vk and Tiktok any more because of the restriction
  2. Unstable speed due to the connected internet

Steps on how to download CNN from Video with Video Downloader Professional:

  1. Open Google Chrome, search for “Video Downloader Professional” on the Chrome web store.
  2. Install it and pin the icon on the top toolbox of extension.
    install the chrome extension
  3. Move to CNN site, open a news that includes the video you want to save.
  4. Play the video. Once the extension detects the downloadable videos, a red dot will appear on the green download icon. At this moment, click the icon, which will show you several download options.
    download cnn videos chrome extension
  5. Click the “Download” button to start to download CNN video to MP4 on your local device. Note: Normally, choose the one with the largest size. Because the small sizes only shows you the segment of the whole video or the video without sound.


Method 3. Download CNN Video Free with Online Downloader

Reliable online CNN video downloader is also a trustworthy approach, which requires no additional software installation too. There are various online service that makes CNN video download effortlessly and easily.

Through numerous testings, we all agree that Experts Tool is an excellent online tool to grab CNN news videos relying on its high quality, quickly processing speed and completely free element. Except for working as a all-in-one video downloader, this useful tool can also help users to make math converters and check the real date, internet speed and IP address.


  1. Support downloading videos from 100+ websites
  2. Allow to download the video cover separately
  3. Work on all browsers and devices
  4. Easy to use and free


  1. Can only download to MP4 without selectable quality options
  2. Can’t batch download videos
  3. Have ads on the page

Steps on how to download video from CNN online free with Experts Tool:

  1. Open a browser, visit https://www.expertstool.com/cnn-video-downloader/.
  2. Move to CNN website, open a news that contains your desired video, and copy the URL.
  3. Paste the copied link to the empty field for adding URL, click “Download” button to analyze the video.
    paste the url
  4. After a while, it shows you the video with playback control bar. Click the “three-dot” icon and then choose “Download” button to save the video.
    download cnn video online free


Method 4. How to Download CNN Video Without any Tool

In addition, it is workable to download CNN news videos directly with no help of any third-party tool or software. The biggest advantage of this way is totally free. It can only save the video in original format and quality, and the download process needs to be operated one by one. If you know nothing about source code, just consider other methods.


  1. Free
  2. Don’t need to install any tool


  1. Need to manually perform the task one by one
  2. Can’t change the output format and quality
  3. Offer no extra feature

Steps on how to download video from CNN free without any tool:

  1. Open CNN site, open a video news that you wish to save.
  2. Make sure the video is playing, right-click on anywhere of the page and choose “View Page Source” option on the popped-up window.
    open "view source page" window
  3. On the source page, press “command + F” key on your keyboard to activate the search function, input “mp4” and press “enter” to find the link end with “.mp4” extension.
  4. Now, copy the link that starts from “https”, and paste it into a new tab on the window.
  5. Then, a playing video will be displayed. Move to the bottom right corner, click the “three dots” icon and then select “Download”.
    download cnn video using "view page source" information


Final Words

Briefly speaking, the latter three ways can download CNN videos for free, but only a single video can be downloaded at a time, with no optional format or quality. Whereas, only the first way is equipped with all-rounded functionality, ultimate performance and versatile output formats for the public to make bulk downloads, allowing people to get the most crystal-like videos in the shortest time. Just choose the most suitable one according to your condition.

Megan Charles
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Megan has an impressive deal of experience with Mac software and has the ability to explain tech stuff in a simplified, straightforward and easy to understand way.

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