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How to Find and Delete Duplicate Music Files on Mac

How to delete duplicate music files all at one time? I use different music players to download and play music on my Mac. And there must be many duplicate music files. How can I find and remove all duplicate songs on my Mac?

We all love to play music on our Mac. While building our music collections, it is natural that we might end up with some duplicate songs in the music library. For the most part, ridding your library of duplicate tracks is pretty painless and time consuming. Luckily, you can locate and delete duplicate music files from iTunes or use a duplicate music files finder to remove them for freeing up Mac space and improving the experience of playing music on Mac. So this article falls into two parts:

Part 1. Find and remove duplicate songs from iTunes

Part 2. Find and remove duplicate music files on Mac

Find and remove duplicate songs from iTunes

iTunes is a fantastic music manager, however, one problem persists, that of duplicated audio files. Sometimes iTunes get multiple copies of the same song, or even two copies of the whole album. Duplicated files in iTunes are annoying because they waste space, make searching more complicated, and sometimes you end up playing the same song repeatedly. Luckily, it also provides the ability to check for duplicate music files, as follows:

  1. Locate all duplicate songs in iTunes. Open the iTunes app and click on Library, then choose Music. From the menu at the top of your Mac screen, choose View > Show Duplicate Items. Or hold the Alt or Option key and choose "View > Show Exact Duplicate Items".
  2. Select the duplicates that you want to delete. You can sort duplicates by name or artist to group items together, then use other columns to decide which duplicate to remove. Or press Command+A to highlight all duplicate songs in the list.
  3. Delete duplicate songs from iTunes. You can right click on the list and select “Delete” to remove selected duplicate songs from iTunes.

Find and remove duplicate music files on Mac

Even though you can manually remove duplicate songs from iTunes, but there are still some duplicate music files stored in your Mac folder. This is where Cisdem DuplicateFinder comes in. Cisdem DuplicateFinder is one of the best duplicate file finder which can help you find and delete Mac duplicate files including music file, video, photos, etc. You can download free trial of Cisdem DuplicateFinder and follow below steps to locate and delete duplicate music files from Mac.

  1. Add folders to scan duplicate music files. To get started, launch Cisdem DuplicateFinder on Mac and take a look around. Drag and drop Mac folders to scan for duplicates. Or click “+” button to add your Mac folders. Then click on the "Scan" button to begin the scanning process.

    In Preference, you can set to skip packages and filter scanning duplicates by file size. You can also choose one of the two ways to remove duplicate music files: Move duplicate files to Trash, Delete duplicate files permanently.

  2. Shows results and preview duplicate music files. Give this duplicate music remover a bit of time to scan your folder. After scan, all the duplicates will be listed. In the list of duplicates, you can preview each music duplicate to figure out which tracks you want to keep.
  3. Select and remove unwanted duplicate music files. For safety, by default this app will keep at least one instance file of the duplicates after removing them. You can also select duplicates manually or select all duplicates by clicking “Select All” button. Then click Delete button, the app will automatically remove duplicate songs and the wasted disk space will be reclaimed.

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