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There is near-endless number of pornographic images, videos and adult entertainments available online. No matter for study & work productivity or physical and mental health, giving your kids, the employees, even yourself unfettered access to the inappropriate and sexually explicit sites is dangerous.

To strip out time-wasting, erotic sites, we’d better install a piece of porn blocker software to overcome porn addiction, like Covenant Eyes. The post will take you through the entire evaluate of the Covenant Eyes app. Read on and check the review now.

Summary: What is the Covenant Eyes App?


  1. Help individuals, families and mates to surmount porn addiction
  2. Monitor activities on tablets, phones and computers
  3. Send an Accountability Report to your trusted friend
  4. Advocate open conversation for all of the related users


  1. Work with VPN, which greatly reduce the speed of devices
  2. The Covenant Eyes app itself is very slow
  3. Reduce battery life significantly of phones
  4. Sometime show up bugs, such as constantly deleting tabs, keeping crashes, etc.


Covenant Eyes is the accountability software or the porn addiction quitting app that focuses on avoiding pornography and monitoring activity online. It will send a report to your friend, family, or accountability partner in an effort to remain pure minds and guard your own heart while surfing the Internet.


Covenant Eyes Review

Pricing Options

Account Personal Family Group
Subscription/Per Month $11.99 $15.99 $15.99
Per Additional Users/Per Month $2 Free Free
Filtering for Per Person/Per Month $1.5 $1.5 $1.5
Devices Unlimited Unlimited Unlimited
Partners Unlimited Unlimited Unlimited

Supporting Devices

  Mac Windows iOS Android/ Kindle Fire
Devices OS 10.4 or later XP, Vista, 7, 8, 10 or later iOS 9 or later Android 5.1.1 or later
Internet Accountability Yes Yes Yes Yes
Filtering Yes Yes In-app only No
Customer Support Yes Yes Yes Yes
Uninstall Notification Yes Yes No Yes

Notable Features

  • Multiple usernames on one account

The account Administrator can manage the services for each member- add filtering, assign Accountability Partner, assign Filter Guardian, etc. The selected Accountability Partner will receive Accountability Reports and the invited Filter Guardian will be responsible for Filter settings.

Multiple usernames on one account

  • Force Safe Search

Covenant Eyes app automatically turns on Safe Search in Google and Bing on your devices. Also, this porn blocking app can force safe search in the browser apps like Facebook, Twitter, etc. that embed in Bing and Google search.

  • Block/Allow lists

From Filtering, you can add any site to Blocked Sites and Allowed Sites. If you don’t want you kids to waste time on YouTube, video games, Reddit, or other distracting sites while they are studying, you are able to add these sites to Blocked Sites by entering URLs. The added sites can be removed at any time.

But if you are not a Filter Guardian, the “Manage Users” option from my account “MENU” will be grey. You should choose “My Profile” option instead to go to the Filtering tab.

Block/Allow lists

  • Filter Sensitivity Level

Filters are set up according to the age of the users. That means it will decide the appropriateness of certain contents for different ages. There are six sensitivity levels, including Restricted, Everyone (E), Youth (Y), Teen (T), Mature Teen (MT) and Mature (M).

Filter Sensitivity Level

  • Blocked time

Covenant Eyes app allows you to choose the time (start time, end time) and day (Monday to Sunday) to block websites. You can view the current restrictions, modify or delete the rule. But this feature is only available on computer.

Blocked time

  • YouTube Restricted

Filter Guardians can tick the YouTube Restricted option, which would block YouTube videos in YouTube app and all browsers. Just navigate to “Manage Users” > choose one user > click on the gear icon> tick the check box under “YouTube Restricted> restart your devices. By contrast to blocked time, this features is only available for iOS and Android devices.

YouTube Restricted

How Does Covenant Eyes Work?

  1. Sign up an account for personal or family.
  2. Download the browsers and install Covenant Eyes app to all your devices.
  3. Login it, and then add new users to your account.
  4. Assign an Accountability Partner and Filter Guardian.
  5. Manage basic settings for better inappropriate contents blocking and supervising.
  6. Having a healthy and temperate online time.

FAQ about Covenant Eyes App

  • Download and install Covenant Eyes
Platform Computer iOS Android
Covenant Eyes Download Online App Store Online, Google Play, Amazon app store
Covenant Eyes Install Steps on computer Steps on iOS Steps on Android

Tip: If you don’t have an Uninstall Code, the porn addiction app won’t be uninstalled. And your Accountability Partner will know your operation as well once the Uninstalled Code was generated.

  • Covenant Eyes VS Net Nanny
  Covenant Eyes Net Nanny Winner
Price  $143.88 per year/ personal plan $39.99 per year/ single license Net Nanny
Refund 30-day money back guarantee 14-day money back guarantee Covenant Eyes
Device Support Windows, Mac, iOS, Android, Kindle Fire Windows, Mac, iOS, Android Covenant Eyes
Main Features
  • Internet filter
  • Block websites
  • Send reports
  • Set time scedule
  • ...
  • Internet filter
  • Block bad contents
  • Time management
  • Alerts and reporting
  • ...

It's hard for me to judge which porn blocker software is better, as everyone has disparate demands on it. Just choose the most suitable one for yourself or your families.

  • What is the relationship with VPN?

When you sign in Covenant Eyes app, you will be prompted to enable VPN service. This can help you monitor the top-level domains outside of the program. And you are not capable of using other VPNs while running Covenant Eyes porn blocking app.

Best Alternatives to Covenant Eyes App

Covenant Eyes accountability software is so expensive that you have to pay for it per month. Moreover, it’s not easy to understand for newbie and hard to find the free trial. If you only desire to block porn, tempting websites or adult contents online, why not install a simple, cheap and practical porn blocker software as instead.

Covenant Eyes App Alternative

Cisdem AppCrypt is one of the few parental control programs that designed specifically for Mac and Windows users. It can password protect personal app and block harmful websites based on categories like gambling, pornographic, violent, drugs, etc. You can configure this Covenant Eyes App alternative to be active at a certain day and certain time. Once detected fail attempts to access encrypted apps or blocked websites, AppCrypt will keep track of them.

Features of Cisdem porn blocker software:

  • Protect certain intimate apps
  • Add any website to blacklist/ whitelist
  • Set block duration
  • Monitor failed attempts
  • Show status on menu bar
  • Exist locked apps when Mac goes to sleep
  • Change password at any time
  • Create a custom hot key

Free Download macOS 10.12 or later Free Download Windows 11/10/8/7

How to use Covenant Eyes App alternative

Step 1. Create password. Install Cisdem AppCrypt, and open it. A window will turn up requiring you to fill in the password. Please configure you own password which is used to unlocked blocked apps and websites.

Step 2. Lock apps. The Covenant Eyes app alternative will locked four system tools by default. You can remove them and add the important, distractive applications to the software.

Step 3. Block websites. Click Web Block in the main window. Add the URLs of unwanted websites to block.

Tip: For porn addicts, you can ask your families to block porn websites and do not tell you the password. As for parents, you are able to improve the studying efficiency of kids and help them maintain healthy Internet habits.

Step 4. Reset the preferences. You can customize settings in Preferences if needed. What’s more, there is a “Schedule” feature for you to choose accurate day and time to block apps and websites.


Hopefully, the article about Covenant Eyes review has been of value to you. This accountability porn blocker software limits and supervises sex addicts to access the bad temptations, pornography, and unsuitable content available online. If you are considering an easy-to-use, helpful and cheap parental control software or blocker, have a look at Cisdem AppCrypt, Self Control for Study app, etc.

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